Thursday, December 30, 2010

Face Your Fear!


With a lot of turmoil surrounding me lately, I've been finding the old phobic fear returns with greater frequence; disaster thinking has become a wild horse; the bull in the china shop of my mind. Thus, I shuffled with the request that the cards 'pleae advise me how to battle the fear.' What I needed was a reminder of how to get back with my panic management program.

THEME: King of Swords

What a happy sight. The first course of action... the theme is always to 'turn and face' my fears, and so the king brings this very message to me. The arena of fear is in the realm of thought, so that is where I must make/take my stand.

GUIDE: Six of Cups

First thought: Give myself a break. The fear mongers are of my creation, thus I can go back to the time beffore they were born, and reinvent my life, and my world without the phobic fear. Think positively about that which the fears seek to trick me into believing. Uncreate what I have crated. Rewrite this part of the story.

MEDITATION: Knight of Pentacles

Another happy sight. So tried and true, and stable in his approach, the knight speaks of the fact that the mind is fertile ground. Pull up the weeds [that are the work of fear] and sow the seeds of positive thinking. Before planting my seeds, however, meditate and envision what I want to grow, then work hard [take care of myself] to see the crop of positivity begin to sprout, and finally grow into the flowers of good health, and the fruits of healing.

SHADOW CARD: Six of Swords

The foundation is now built upon succeeding in my current circumstance. This is a challenge, and it will be a difficult road to walk, because life does not stop while I am gathering my reserves.


Face my fears and stand my ground. Don't be so hard on myself and recreate my life without the phobic aspect of fear. Plant the seeds of positive thinking and envision success. All struggles are a rite of passage.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


With the thought that I know we will have to move to the apple orchard at some point, I posed the question of how soon should we move over there?

THEME: Wheel of Fortune

Considering the question, it looks like it will depend on when I FEEL we should, when I feel it is necessary. It will be a matter first of all, of how quickly we can get the place ready for us. It will also depend upon the information we get from the doctor about 'Staging.'

GUIDE: Six of Cups

Giving time, in my usual way, may suffice for now. Everything is based on need. Balance the decision between need for it, and the reality of how much more difficult it will be when the real winter weather sets in. Everything takes time. Be mindful of all aspects.

MEDITATION: The Hermit [I actually saw this card coming up]

Take time to sit and consider what is BEST. Think about all the aspects of the situation. To make a decision based on reality, there needs to be all pertinent information available.

SHADOW CARD: Eight of Wands

Remember that great energy reserves will be needed for the duration. What will be the best for all, but most important is what will allow the caregiver to be able to function at optimum throughout this time.


With information as guide, I will know when it FEELS right to move. Watch for signs from all factions and seek what is realistic and think it out carefully. Take it one day at a time. Remember, how much energy will be needed for everything.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Be Here Now


THEME: Queen of Wands

Put my best face forward. Don't be or seem over zealous, nor too dour. Keep incidentals light. Be welcoming, warm, passionate, generoug with praise especially. While being energetic, be also practical. Be nurturing, not fixing.

GUIDE: The Lovers

Be loving and supportive. Use my intuition to take the steps needed to make a house a home. Create balance.

MEDITATION: Three of Swords

While the meaning of the situation is heartbreaking, especially for my father, as well as for me, seek to live in the moment not in the future where the outcome is. Creat a normal atmosphere. Threat him normally, not like an invalid.

SHADOW CARD: The Magician

Create a magical atmosphere. Deal only with what is currently known, and strive for master of the moment, not of what lies ahead.


Maintain a normal aire. Bring love and balance to each moment. Even knowing this situation will be heartbreaking, live in the now not in the then. Bring magic to the moment.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Daily Draw


Thinking about why I don't always follow thru with plans for inner work.

THEME: The Moon

The hidden things which are camophlaged by the seen and by the darkness, are those which might be where the answer lies. There are many aspects in all of us. We are as wild as we are tame. Integration is part of the resolutioin, but integration also means giving voice to all parts; it does not mean elimination of any aspect - just the harmonious blending of all. The ripples of my actions speak of the inner realm. Look within. Understand the things I find there. Use my journal to sort through what I find. As without, so within. Can work be done in a cluttered house? If all is needed, then seek balance.

GUIDE: Six of Cups

Give yourself a 'break.' Don't be so hard on yourself. Seek also to make friends within. Find where things are at odds and strive to resolve differences. Make the inner world a happy home.

MEDITATION: Three of Pentacles

There is work to be done inside, before the inner work can successfully begin. Pay close attention to the details of the inner structure, and work to bring things to the order needed to accomplish my inner work. Mastery of the self is the key and the roadmap.

SHADOW CARD: Ten of Swords

Don't want to sabotage your work? Then don't stab yourself in the back. Find the CENTER. It isn't the 'others' which cause the block, but the voice which chides, complains, and wastes precious time. It is time to make a new beginning. End the strife, and live your life.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Peaceful Kingdom To The Rescue


I began shuffling with the question, 'what would help me manifest my dedication to my path more concisely?'

THEME: Nine of Pentacles

This is a day for appreciating what I have that I worked to manifest. Look at my life and see the goodness I have created for myself and for others. Today I celebrate myself.

GUIDE: Queen of Pentacles

Meditation of the specifics which I would like to bring into my life for greater abundance, is an important part of the process of manifesting. Find the stillness within. This is the place where that which I seek will become more apparent. Give time to myself for contemplation of my inner work.

MEDITATION: Four of Pentacles

Note what I cling to and reflect upon how it helps or hinders my work and progress. Is each thing something which I should retain? What quality causes me to let go of things which might help me, and conversely, to hold onto things which hinder my way?

SHADOW CARD: Knight of Pentacles

To move forward and live more beautifully, begin from the stillness. Stop or pause before taking action. Consider ways which will achieve the greatest inner growth and success.


Today I celebrate my life, and its goodness. Consider taking time to sit and reflect the things I must do to achieve my goals. Meditate upon the things to which I cling and why. To move forward do so from stillness; from my Center.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Way of Transmutation


THEME: Three of Pentacles

The way of mastery is to learn, but what is learned needs to be put into action. Move slowly, thoughtfully, and with great focus in each thing being done. Mindfulness is key. Become that which I am doing.

GUIDE: Page of Wands

I am reminded to begin (or continue) to truly learn about energy... to feel how energy manifests in every way. Observe where it is in my every movement, and feel it as well as just seeing it manifesting. Note its highs and lows [fluctuations], and begin to see what affects it, and what it affects and in what ways.


Consider the relationships of the elements and how they work together. Find the center of each moment when everything is in perfect balance.

SHADOW CARD: King of Wands

Control is one aspect of centering. Conservation and creation are others. Seek to find the sequences and the variations.


See the process of work and observing is part, but being is the other part. Seek balance between control and conservation, as well as creation. Be moderate.

Thinking, and feeling, and doing simply lead to BEING which is the goal.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Components of a Quest


I shuffled this morning with the thought about 'how will the Quest play out' and consequently, thinking about how to create a spread to make the moves in each day of the Quest. Do I need to? Why do I need to... which of course are all questions simply for a reading. But the first part is where my head was at while shuffling. Thus, the following cards speak to me.

THEME: Knight of Cups

The way to proceed in each day is to go with an open heart and an open mind. This is something I already seek within the time of readings. Bring this to my every moment, in every day. Begin as if each day and each moment is a new day and moment, but instead of seeing it as a matter of 'with no mistakes in it,' see it simply as a new day/moment for fresh perspectives, and for receiving information and life's events with an open mind and an open heart. Seek to accept each experience, and learn from each one.

GUIDE: The Hanged Man

This is an agreement of the theme. See things from each side; from all sides. Keep a record of the various perspectives. This will be, and in fact, is part of the journey AND the journal.


Balance and comradery - sharing the journey and my thoughts with my companions in this Quest (Alex, Dad, Journals). The Process needs witnessing

SHADOW CARD: Page of Cups

I see the young lass is insisting upon being part of this, and I've considered the message she is seeking to bring to me, and decided that she actually IS me (represents me), at least in part. I am the reason; the foundation for the Quest. This will play out because of me and all aspects will be MY creation. Perhaps, she is little girl lost?


Move forth with an open mind and an open heart. See all moments from different perspectives. Maintain balance and share with travel companions. This is founded on me and finding that inner Self is where the Paradigm Passage is. Thus, this is a search for Self. Interesting.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Good Vibrations


My thought while shuffling was "Bring me guidance for today."

THEME: King of Cups

Seek to calm myself in the midst of chaos. Enhance my inner calm, as the quote goes. Let love guide me through the moments of the day.

GUIDE: Four of Wands

Seek to be centered in the dance of life today. Stop, close my eyes, and follow my breath to bring myself back to the moment. Seek to look at times as good, and to be bulstered by what I have now, not to go astray into the land of what I have lost or fear I will lose.

MEDITATION: Six of Wands

Each moment should be a celebration of life, of the abundance I have here and now. Move forward with joy in my heart for this is what has made this moment possible.

SHADOW CARD: Ten of Cups

Even in the hard times remember what goodness I have. The connections are what allow love to flow.


Emotional Energy rules the day. The cups best emotions surround the wands celebratory energy. Make the day a party. In sequence: The King of Cups begins (the first and best of the Emotional Realm). At the other end is the Ten of Cups, the best of the suit; completeness, all that is great in this realm. The Sandwich filling is the four of wands and the six of wands. These two wands equal 10, which lead up to the 10 of Cups... The equation is the Energy of Love.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Round and Round She Goes


While shuffling, I was seeking to look at how I could more effectively control my negative emotions.

THEME: Justice

Be fair minded in relating to others. Remain balanced.

GUIDE: Page of Cups

Another visit from the Page (daughter) of Cups. Be in the moment. Live in the here and now. Release ego-past and don't live in ego-future. If negative emotions rise to the surface at 'inappropriate times' seek to keep the feelings in check, and find ways to release them later.

MEDITATION: King of Swords

Don't confuse thought with emotion. Don't let too much build up. Learn about strategy and negotiations. This is the best way to keep my feet planted firmly on the ground, and in the here and now.

SHADOW CARD: Wheel of Fortune

The foundation of the reading. As always, I stand upon the wheel, slipping and sliding through various emotions. The key is not to cling to any one of them. Experience it, learn from what it brings me, and let it go (aka move along). Intellectually, I may say something is over, but I carry it with me, unnoticed, my mind going back and gnawing on it like a dog with a bone. Don't try to be right, or I'll end up being wrong.


The wheel turns and surviving it is about not clinging to any one feeling. Be fairminded instead of seeking to be right. Learn negotiation and strategy. Live in the now, not in the then.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


With all the 'goings on' here, I shuffled thinking about what I needed to do for myself, because all my time and energy is going toward helping all the others around me.

THEME: The Hermit

With the circumstances of my life right now, The Hermit recommends I need time for myself. Find a place of peace and quiet and seek to clear my mind of mundane thoughts. While work must be done, it will be important to step back between those moments of activity and dwell in the place of sweet solitude, where the silence of the mountain top retreat allows the layers of disquiet to be stripped away. Sort of the Calgon of the Spiritual Set.

GUIDE: The World

I am guided to see that I need not head off to a cloister somewhere for this peace and serenity, because anywhere and everywhere a 'retreat' can be created. Don't be confined by traditional ideas. Find my oasis in places in which I feel peace, free, calm and happy; where my thoughts are unemcumbered by activities of daily living and can fly beyond the clouds.

MEDITATION: Knight of Wands

This about Energy Conservation. Now, about 10 hours after laying out these cards, it occurs to me how appropo it is, which I learned after I 'blew my top' at someone who doesn't need that right now, being as their infirm. But more importantly, I don't need to do that to myself either. So, it's up in the air, right now what my meditation should be, but it did get me thinking... which is a first step.

SHADOW CARD: Four of Swords

The foundation is rest, recovery, and rejuvination, which comes back into my reading from a personal reading I'd done on December 5.


Go within to the place where solitude and peace and quiet reign. The place, physically, is less important, if I can go within, perhaps on a jaunt to Jesseville, and rest and relax. A little music, some good visuals, and I'm floating away from all of this that weighs too heavily upon my mind and shoulders.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Go To The Mattresses!

What to do to become more healthy

THEME: Seven of Wands

In the effort to become more healthy (to lose weight), the theme is to fight for my health. Burn more calories than I'm taking in. Defeat the lazy habit and work hard. The gauntlet has been laid down. Pick it up and FIGHT! Make it part of my QUEST!

GUIDE: Eight of Swords

I feel bound and blinded by my defeatist attitude. But I'm not helpless. Remove the obstacle of defeatist thinking and let the fight begin.

MEDITATION: Queen of Wands

Use the tools I've been given. Learn about Energy management. Be gracious in the current position and move forward with my re-organized plans.

SHADOW CARD The Magician

It's all about learning to mast the basics. Go back to square one in my lifestyle change in eating and exercising habits. Follow the corriculum. Use the magic of my will to live.


The battle of the bulge is on! No defeatist thinking allowed in the ring. Re-organize my program, and back to the basics of mastery. My Mantra:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Inner Classroom


As I shuffled the cards this morning, I thought about how I feel removed from The Mother, because I'm 'stuck' inside (of my own volition, not being a big fan of the colder months). I was thinking about how I might 'get closer' to Nature during these months of hibernation.

THEME: The Magician

Nature exists in all things. Begin or return to the basics. Look at the aspects of Nature with self, and even list what the main (four) aspects (elements) are and what shapes they take to study and explore their realms more closely. Even on this kind of day, the air and water are at the forefront in the stormy weather outside. These are feeding the Earth and the combination of all are the parts of Energy - Nature is out there and in here.

GUIDE: Five of Wands

The conflict within is a guide to seeing how the elements bump against each other like molecules do, creating and recreating and changing the structure or fabric of the moments. This is seeing life in action. I am reminded that friction is essential to the building blocks of making life.

MEDITATION: The Hanged Man

Seeing things from various perspectives allows our understanding of the basics of life to expand. Observe everything. The classroom is life itself, everywhere and in all things.

SHADOW CARD: Page of Cups

Make note of my reactions to every moment of the day. Emotion is an integral part of my nature, as is energy, and thought, and being spiritual.


Thinking of how to bring my relationship with Nature closer, when I can't be 'out' there, allows me to study the inner world of Nature. See the struggle of inner life and connect it to the larger world, to the Wheel and its turning. New points of view will help this endeavor and keeping note of emotional reaction will give a picture of the whole process as I move through my day. I am the experiment in the working of Nature. The classroom is inside me, and in the encapsulated world of a house, as much as it is outside in the rest of the Natural world. Make the connections to learn the process.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to Basics


THEME: Page of Wands

Today's lesson will be about Energy: it's uses and how to build it up and spend it wisely. Thus, using energy is today's theme. In the beginning, it takes practice to not squander energy needlessly on things that are not important. More crucial is how to replenish energy throughout the day. Be mindful of how I use my energy, and how I regain it. Perhaps it is also wise to remember to respect it.

GUIDE: The Lovers

Energy spent on building a loving household, is energy well spent. When Energy is used in the acts of love, it is easily replenished.

MEDITATION: Eight of Wands

Wild bursts of energy is not the wise way of energy conservation. Though a build of of negative energy let go in an activity such as dance, is far more effective than in the expression of anger. Pay attention to my use of energy.

SHADOW CARD Five of Pentacles

This card reminds me that the result of poorly spent and exhausted ill used energy will only make me feel destitute, hopeless, and will only continue to sap my supply.


A day to learn the basics of living. Seek the gentle and positive path. Frenzy and wild bursts in anger and other negative expressions will leave me feeling spent, sick, and destitute. THINK before I act especially in the 'heat' of a moment.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Damnation Alley?


THEME: Temptation

Temptation rides shot gun all the time. Governed by my own thought, (wants and needs) temptation steps in when uncertainty shows up and holds out a piece of candy, a shiny jewel, or a fix. If I've let my guard down or I fear old tapes have come to the entertainment center, Temptation hitches a ride. Today will have all the tempting things it always has, only I might see them more, and I might want something from that stockpile.

GUIDE: The Hierophant

Seeking not to do the 'shouldn't' things would make me want it all the more. Give temptation a bit of time and will get bored with me... I am guided not to make things I believe I should not do into mountains, instead of the molehills they really are.


Contemplate all the good emotions I can imagine and consider what evokes them. When I don't fear temptation, I don't have to worry about it. Don't worry, be happy!

SHADOW CARD: Seven of Swords

Two can play this game. Trick temptation as it would do me. Psyche it out. Take away its power.


Temptations exist. Don't give it more power by resisting it. Go to my happy place and psych temptation out. Steal its power over me by seeing none of what I believe is bad for me isn't thus at all.

The folks in the theme card are all wrapped up in their personal wants and needs, and do not notice anything but these. The Hierophant stares out at the reader, sure in his ideas and beliefs: Tradition trumps Temptation. The Ace holds only the best of emotions, and is a shining beacon, casting its radiant light in all directions. The Seven, as always, bodily faces the past, but is looking over his shoulder at the future.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Daily Draw


THEME: Ten of Cups

The picture of the love and togetherness that the holiday evokes, comes through. In togetherness is where happiness can thrive if acceptance of all is at the foundation. This is a day of celebration and relaxation. We make each other possible, but perhaps more importantly, we complete each other.

GUIDE: Page of Wands

Bringing the message of embracing life fully and with enthusiasm, the guide reminds us to enjoy the moments; each brings its own kind of energy that makes for a rich mixture throughout the day.

MEDITATION: Wheel of Fortune

This moves down from yesterday's theme, to help us to accept all moments and the feelings they evoke, through taking time to think about what it all means.

SHADOW CARD: Four of Swords

Not only is this a day of celebration, but it is a day of rest and relaxation. We are in the land of do as you please. Enjoy!


It is important to take time out to enjoy what we have; to be thankful for what is good in our life. A time out is a time when we can renew our energies, and to contemplate the rich mix that makes up the fabric of our lives. Relax and rest, away from the daily routine.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Waste Of Time


THEME: Three of Swords

The thought that time is flittering away and I have little to show for it is heartbreaking to me. I never seem to be able to settle on what I want to do, and when I think I want to do something, I am no longer sure it really is what I have always wanted to do. This is a day of uncertainty.

GUIDE: Six of Wands

Don't worry, this too shall pass, and I will be happily back at center court, and I will feel like celebrating the next glimpse. This time of year saps the energy out of me and I forget what the other side of the coin is like.

MEDITATION: Seven of Swords

Instead of dwelling on the fact that time is a thief, consider that I still have the will to decide what it is I want to do with the time I am given.

SHADOW CARD: Nine of Cups

Regardless of how quickly time is passing, open myself and my life to the endless possibilities, and celebrate them all!


Time spent feeling sorry for myself because I have no time, is time wasted on not using it as I wish. Stop moping and start living, and celebrate every moment.

The Three of Swords is just there, like in the aces, hovering in mid air. There are no people in it, and it speaks plainly of how thought can discombobulate us. The Six of Wands turns it's back on the 3 of swords and moves onward into the future. The Seven of Swords, while bodily facing the Six of Wands, is looking toward the future as well. And the shadow card looks out at me being happy and enticing me to celebrate along with him.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Full Moon Daily Reflection


THEME: Nine of Pentacles

Abundance and Solitude. The first is not simply have everthing I want, but more importantly, having what I need to BECOME a perfect spiritual garden myself. This day is about looking at what is needed to 'Become,' and also what is not needed (or determine whether there is anything not needed). Solitude may help this to some small extent, but only to be able to sort things out; not to withdraw from life, which is withdrawing from 'becoming.'

GUIDE: Six of Swords

Life is a rite of passage. Every opportunity for growth is within each moment. While all of the 'big' moments seem like the only time I am in this state of being, every moment provides this and in fact IS this. My Guides urge me to be mindful, to see each moment of becoming, and more importantly to understand that each moment IS the state of becoming.

MEDITATION: Queen of Swords

Look at how thought and all that happens are connected. Note the subtleties as well as that which is obvious.

SHADOW CARD: Three of Wands

I am reminded that growing (the process of becoming) takes place in the present moment. After yesterday's reading (look at what it was) I noted that the Three of Wands was hidden by the Shadows. This is about seeing - glimpsing - the 'becoming.' This is not only watching my 'ships' come in, but in that moment, understanding the process, witnessing the unfolding. It happened yesterday while watching The Blue Butterfly; those moments when I FEEL some shift in myself to a place that is beyond the mundane.


Understand what true abundance is, and don't mistake solitude for seclusion. Mindfulness is key to seeing each moment of life's Rite of Passage (the becoming). Thought is the pilot; note its driving force in my daily life and the intertwining of all aspects. Be mindful of the moments where 'becoming' takes place.

The 9 of Pents is facing the past, and sees within, though not necessarily sees reality. The 6 of Swords is sailing into the future, though is facing away from all. The Queen of Swords faces her future, my present moment in the shadows...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seekers, Kings and Cups


THEME: The Seeker

New information brings new considerations to the table. Today is the time to begin a plan of how to proceed. The possibilities are endless.

GUIDE: King of Swords

This guide speaks of taking charge of the arena of thought. Be mindful of the way my thoughts affect my actions. This is about observation.

MEDITATION: Seven of Cups

In the new part of my program, I will be able to look more closely at my dreams; what I want. Consider all things deliberately. Understand each. Decisions are for later when all the information comes in.

SHADOW CARD: Eight of Cups

The foundation is about the fact that when changes are in the making, there will be things (baggage) which will no longer be needed. Leaving behind that which is not needed will help lighten my load.


New info comes to light, bringing new considerations. Take charge of the thoughts. Be mindful of how actions follow thoughts. Note what dreams may come, and begin to see what is no longer needed. Prepare to clean house.

The Seeker faces away from everyone and everything. He's off in his own world, carefree, and happily walking to the beat of his own drum, the notes of his own music. The King of Swords is always standing strong, staring the reader right in the face. He will be reckoned with, as thoughts themselves need to be reckoned with. The Seven of Cups is dreaming dreams, unaware of that which is going on around her, while the Eight of Cups, once The Seeker, now The Hermit in the making, is heading off on the new adventure, leaving behind what is no longer needed or wanted.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spinning Wheel Got To Go 'Round


THEME: Wheel of Fortune

What changes shall come my way today? This speaks of the whys and wherefores concerning feeling the many parts of the emotional spectrum. Remember the way to 'survive' the wheel is not to cling to any one emotion. It will manifest and experiencing it is important. Then allow it to float away and move on.

GUIDE: Knight of Cups

My guide brings the message to keep love in my heart. It is a shield against the ravages of the stronger, negative emotions.

MEDITATION: Three of Pentacles

If it does not seem easy to keep love in my heart, a meditation on the things which evoke that feeling will be helpful. Focus and study it.

SHADOW CARD: The Magician

Given the ability to work with any element, is the way to mastery. Note how the other aspects (elements) interplay with emotional changes. What is their role? It is a learning experience.


This is no different from other days. It simply is a chance to be mindful of what my range of emotions is and to what events they may be attached. Temper all reactions with love. Study and learn what comes into play. This is the way of Mastery.

The Wheel faces all directions, depending on where you are on it. The knight faces the future with love. The Three of Pentacles speaks of intense focus in the moment with an eye toward the future. The Magician is the foundation and the opportunity to work toward mastery of the elements as they exist in life.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Decision


THEME: The Seeker

I made a decision to concentrate on working with three card readings instead of moving ahead in the books right now, to allow the information I've already learned to cement itself into my brain, and to give me the practice needed to increase my ability to understand the cards from the pov of what I have already learned, before moving on. There are many configurations to work with. Thus, the theme is about beginning a new phase, and I become The Seeker again.

GUIDE: Nine of Wands

The Guide confirms that resting and taking a break before moving forward with this part of my studies, will help to stop the inner struggle that has arisen too often of late.

MEDITATION: Page of Pentacles

The meditation from two days ago returns to also confirm the decision. It is a place which will best suit my studies, to remain until I have integrated what I have thus far learned. I am reminded that buckling down and concentration will serve my progress with my work.


The 'upheaval' of the struggle with my work has brought a good change to the table. The darkness of my troubled mind has been released by the lightning of my thoughts and decision.


A new study regime is confirmed by my guides, suggesting it is time to rest, with the Page reiterating the necessity of indepth study. The upheaval of the past weeks of inner conflict gives way to the dawning light of which way to go.

I note that The Seeker faces the past (the struggles) and plays a farewell tune. The Nine of Wands faces the future, resting before moving on. The page looks forward also to the renewed work. Thus, the change releases the light from the darkness of struggle and my confused mind.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Covert Ops, Two Messengers, Mother Superior and Me


THEME: Seven of Swords

This speaks of a day where things are done quietly and it will be a day of mystery. Each moment will unfold as an unknown piece of the puzzle. It is about fitting the pieces together.

GUIDE: Page of Cups

I am guided to seek to figure out what piece of the puzzle has emerged; to feel the very essence of it. Everything has a feel to it, like in dreams - we know people from what feelings they evoke. Same here. Reach out with my feelings to understand who is in the driver's seat.

MEDITATION: Page of Pentacles

Seek the depth of each piece. This is part of putting together the blueprint. It is focus and hard work, but mostly dedication. Study each piece, and understand its purpose.


This is the foundation upon which this work is based. This foundation is me - The Mother of the Others.


Covert Ops and the young creative lass; pairs in the form of messengers and Mother Superior - me.

As I learn about reading, I begin to see each group of three from the perspective of BODY/MIND/SPIRIT or PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE, and etc. Here, the Past (mr. covert ops) while facing further back into the past, is turning his head to sneak a peek at the present (his future). The young page of cups faces the past, but studies the information emerging (from the cup) from there, seeking to understand the feelings associated with it. The page of pents (the future page - a page turned) having gathered the information from the past and present, studies, puts the pieces together; begins to find the patterns in the chaos... and she faces the foundation that is being built - The Mother Empress aka me, who in turn, faces all my children. Fascinating.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Celebrate My Stand, But Beware That Which Lurks In The Shadows


THEME: Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands returns and reinforces the return to work. This card speaks of standing my ground for my intentions and don't back down.

GUIDE: Judgment

Remember the sense of excitement and the want to DO more, after the work resumed. This is important and I am guided to follow these leads; to rise out of complacency and keep on keeping on.

MEDITATION: Three of Cups

Celebrate the return by doing more. I am reminded that this isn't only what I have wanted for like ever, but the pull of Spirit within is what drives the desire to find THE WAY. In the quiet moments, go within and feel the delight: This is my motivation.

SHADOW CARD: Five of Cups

Lurking in the shadows is the distractor. I am reminded of how easily it is to get caught up in either direction. Keep my eyes open and should I see I have hit an obstacle, don't go back to the land of I've-lost-everything. Look around, because nothing is lost, just around the corner is the path and I will see the 'light' of Spirit flickering in the shadows, showing me that what I don't see is that things change as we work on it, and not to think I've lost the thread. There it is, dancing in the light, like the way the sunlight dances on the path in a forest, where the leaves sway and their shadow moves, and the darkness gives way to the golden glow, lighting the path once more.


Feel the strength born of success. Remember the sense of excitement. That comes from the core! Celebrate by doing more, but don't forget to be aware of old habits which lurk in the shadows. They are False Evidence Appearting Real... and they are lies!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Struggle For Success


THEME: Five of Wands

This will be a day of trying to fit the pieces together to gain a greater understanding of the "picture" as it manifests currently. There is just a vague shape of what it looks like. A bit more than moderate expenditure of energy is going into this.

GUIDE: Nine of Wands

It will be important to rest during the moments when the struggle pauses. Patch myself up and rest up and wait to see what progress has been made. Look ahead toward resolution.

MEDITATION: Four of Cups

While there might be some dissatisfaction and thoughts go to scrapping the whole mess, be sure to look at all the possibilities to salvage the project or process. Don't overlook anything.

SHADOW CARD: Ace of Pentacles

Persistance and hard work to put things into order will pay off in abundance of success. After this period of struggle passes, the time to begin again (resume) will present itself.


During struggle, nobody pays attention to anyone else. Take the time between bouts to rest and revitalize. Look to thinking things through, even when it feels like there is no hope. Don't over look anything. Envision success and it will come.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ch ch ch changes


THEME: Transformation

Today is a new day and every new day provides a moment to think about and plan for change. My eyes are drawn to the deep and lighter red of the robe of Transformation and it speaks of the courage and passion which is needed to do things for myself I wish to change. I know the way, I need the courage to stick with the what I must do, and the passion to enliven the way.

GUIDE: Seven of Wands

I am guided to be more conservative in expending my energy on things which do not add to the process of change, but to also make a stand against any obstacles that would seek to distract my progress.

MEDITATION: The Magician

Meditate uon mastering the things I need to work my program. Remember lessons already learned, and deepen my studies.

SHADOW CARD: The Empress

This is a reminder that it takes hard work, but the rewards will be worth it.


An opportunity to make changes is helped with inner courage and passion. Master the process to stay on track, and guard against distractors. The soft, gentle reminder that this is for what is most important in my life, and to know that it will be worth the effort.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: Two of Wands

Less action, more waiting. I am drawn to the globe. Where in the world is... who? What? This is a precursor to the work of this dark time, the hibernation. This is a pause in the guise of balance. Considering new creations. Enjoy the quiet.

GUIDE: Seven of Swords

Keep your ideas to yourself - guard them until it is time to reveal the plans.

MEDITATION: Knight of Swords

Though my thoughts come and go quickly, I am reminded to be vigilant of those which leave impact. There are messages for me in them. There could be glimplses of light in them.

SHADOW CARD: Knight of Cups

Find the passion in these quiet days.
Clarified: The High Priestess Use intuition regards which way to go.


A pause as we ready ourselves for the quiet of winter. Keep ideas and plans close to the vest until all the plans have been worked out. Stay alert to messages coming in, but keep seeking to be passionate through the intuitive realm.


The theme faces left. THe guide, while facing left is looking back at the information coming in from the meditation. The shadow brings up the rear, facing right. All directions are covered. Interesting.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: Seven of Cups

A day of dreaming about how I want to manifest my emotions in a more positive way, presents itself. What dreams do I seek? What would I like to make a reality? The day is open to life's ever changing opportunities and possibilities.

GUIDE: The Queen of Pentacles

Her peace and gentle way speak of taking time to choose action and words. Be like the snail and the race will likely be won.

MEDITATION: Four of Swords

Rest is important... a rest - get away - from all the crap that my negativity likes to manufacture. Step back into my quiet, safe place to reflect on how to achieve my goals. Take a mental break from the world. Dream. Take time to witness the changes in the Natural world.

SHADOW CARD: Five of Swords

After the dream finds the desired goal, be creative in the planning process to make it a reality. Don't be afraid to go outside the box to get what I want.


Dream a little dream and take the time to think through the logistics... Enter the sanctity of Sanctuary and ponder with creative - go outside the box - to find the way that makes me happy.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: The Moon

That which is hidden. The Moon moves up from yesterday's meditation, to the theme for today. The secrets of balancing my life is glimpsed, much the way the light and face of the moon is, as a space in the clouds reveals Her sacred light. The Moon teaches me about how to give voice to both the wild and the domesticated parts of myself. Seek the harmony of the two living together.

GUIDE: Six of Wands

The Law of Attraction is the Guide's message. Delve into the how of this process evolves. If I seek success with a pure heart, then the work will bring success.

MEDITATION: Page of Swords

Listen for the messages and take time to meditate on them. Endeavor not to let them go out the other ear before I have given them some thought.


I hold the staff of life in my hand. Strive to understand its meaning and its power.


A chance to be open to the secrets of life appears. Work with the Law of Attraction, and listen for the messages borne upon the wind and within the sounds of the raining falling. Don't just hold the staf of life, understand its significance.

Daily Draw Reflection

October 25, 2010

THEME: Five of Pentacles

Building the perfect new way of living begins with taking care of myself. If my physical being is dysfunctional in any way, and I feel crippled by my fears or I turn in on myself, so I won't see the state I'm in, I'll no further in my plan for change than the threshold of my old ways. This is a day of looking at the realities, seeing that 'help' is there if I just turn around. assess what areas need to be changed. Make a start.

GUIDE: Queen of Pentacles

The guide is the gentle Queen, who reminds me that this process begins with seeing objectively, yet without making judgments about what I see. Simply note where the changes need to be made and take it slow.

MEDITATION: Queen of Swords

Meditate upon the quality of my thinking. Clear my mind of that which will not help - inner arguments (dialog) may hinder. Be honest about what I see.

SHADOW CARD: Six of Wands

Follow this prescription for a triumphant start to this process which will help me to move forward.


Making a new start requires assessing the current state of things. Be guided to be gentle in my objectivity, making no judgments and the day and process will succeed.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: The High Priestess

I was just thinking, while shuffling, that I had not seen The High Priestess in a reading for a long time. Ask and I shall receive? How interesting!

I feel a freedom in her. The kind of freedom which comes from living with mastery in both the material world and through the intuitive approach from the Spiritual world. She combines both in her approach to all she does, thus this day will be about living each moment through wisdom and knowledge born of a balance between the material and the Spiritual: a perfect blend.

GUIDE: Seven of Cups

With the theme evolving from my written words, the seven of cups brings me to the 'dreamtime' but not sleeping dreams as much as day dreaming, and fantasies about how life would be, were it perfect. Then work to create this way of living. Don't just dream about what I want, but envision how to achieve it... what steps would be taken to get from here to there.

MEDITATION: Ace of Swords

And, almost as if to demonstrate the mastery of this possibility; of this dream, the Ace of Swords flies in from yesterday's THEME, landing in the domain of this spread, which the Swords command. To achieve the things I envision above, it takes a clear mind; an uncluttered mind. Focus on the idea and work out the plan.

SHADOW CARD Eight of Cups

Just a reminder however, that while building the perfect way of living, some things must go the way of the junk heap... yes, like it or not, some things must be left behind. But we can work it out, from the song of the same name.


Learn to live in balance, in all aspects of life. Create the ideal blue print in my dreams, and use the sharpness of an uncluttered mind to build it, taking the time to clear out what is not needed in my Future World.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Herne's Full Moon Reading

Herne's Full Moon Reading
October 22, 2010
Part Two

This is a second reading for the Full Moon. Usually I do the one posted before this. But I came across this spread and have wanted to do this for quite some time.

~ ~ ~

1. Relationships The Empress - Earth
What you need to know about developing your potential in relationship to others. The Truth of my relationships be they lover/coworker/family/friend.

The truth about my relationships is easily seen in the caretaker that I am, have always been, and will always be.

2. Power of Choice The Lovers - Cups
What decision needs to be made now to fully express my potential? What will free my creativity?

All I need is LOVE... Emotions drive, and will thus free my creativity.

3. Manifesting Goals Two of Swords
What action do I need to take on the physical plane to reinforce my magical (or Tarot) work? What can I do in the mundance world to support my Spirit's desire?

Trust that even when I feel as if I can't see my path, that if I remain balanced, I will find the way to manifest my goals.

4. Creativity Knight of Wands
The Mother has given me talents, abilities and gifts. What must I do to fully express them? [If I don't like this card, it is because it shows blocks that I need to address before I can realize my full creative gifts]

As the Two of Swords suggests balance, The Knight of Wands shows where this balance must be: Jesse should be given the Reins to help re-develop my creativity.

5. Protection Two of Cups
This position shows me where to establish personal boundaries so I do not give my personal power away. What do I need to protect?

As seen from yesterday's reaction during a discussion between me and my father, I need to protect myself in relation to others. Don't allow my energy to be sapped by other people's own dysfuntion.

6. Psychic Gifts Page of Swords
How can I best develop my intuition? If this position is a Court Card, it suggests the appearance of a teacher, guide, mentor.

And so it is, that the best way to help develop my intuition is to keep working with my 'teacher,' TAROT.

7. Blessings and Spiritual Direction The Magician
The Mother wants me to celebrate the joy of being alive. What do I have to be thankful for? How can I best express the GODDESS in me?

A very interesting card. Almost from the beginning, I've loved The Magician. I actually feel delighted, thrilled, always happy to see him come into a reading. What greater blessing, then, to see Him here, in my Blessings and Spiritual Direction spot. BUT more important is that I've been working in 'Tarot For Your Self' and have chosen my three favorite cards: one represents my body, one represents my mind and one represents my Spirit. The Magician represents my body. THUS, what I see in this moment is that the celebration of being alive is celebrating who I am physically (something I have spent much of my life not doing). I am thankful for the chance to be able to begin to see my physical self in a more loving way. The best way to express the Goddess in me is to take care of myself, take care of my body. celebrate myself. This leads to following my plans for creating a sacred space for my work, thanks to the work I've done previously with The Magician.

Full Moon Reading Part One

Part One
October 22, 2010

1. What is seen with clarity so bright it can even blind you?
Four of Pentacles
Attachment to the old way; clinging to what is familiar. Starts and stops. FALSE BELIEFS APPEARING REAL aka FEAR.

2. What gets completed; closes a cycle?
Four of Swords
The period between Mabon and Samhain is filled with celebrations of the harvest, and rest periods as I reflect upon what the year has brought my way. This cycle begins to draw to a close now, ending with the last celebration on Samhain and the beginning of the New Year. It will soon be time to return to normal activity; to return fully to study, and putting the house into Winter mode.

3. What begins to fade; needs to be released
Nine of Cups

The party is winding down and will be over in a week and a three days and a return to work will commence. This will be work in which I want to be involved, on the spiritual font, and taking care of the mundane as well.

4. Myself - The Shadow Card
Four of Wands
"Life is a stage." I heard that recently listening to a talk by Marcus Katz, and as I will be regaining stronghold in my work with Tarot - my teacher - I do this with a joyous heart.

May the Light of this Herne's Full Moon shine bright upon your Hearth!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Theme For A Full Moon

Herne's Moon In Full

THEME: The Hermit - Earth

The current card which I am studying in the 'Spirit' card position (from Tarot For Yourself exercise), steps into place. This is a day of action born of Spirit awareness. The Elder, stands at the top of the path which leads to enlightenment, holding his lantern high for others to see the way. It will be a day where glimpses of 'The Light' will suddenly break through the shroud of the darkness of the unknowing ones.

GUIDE: Ten of Wands

Within the moments of light, I will see what burdens me, and weighs down my own progress. I am guided to make note of these moments that I may release what is no longer needed which I carry with me; the thoughts, dreams, worries of the past, present and future.

MEDITATION: Six of Pentacles

Find the balance in what is given and what is received. Share wisdom gleaned from the glimpses and listen for the nuggets of truth from All That Is around me.

SHADOW CARD: Five of Wands

There is a struggle to remain mindful. This takes place within self. Learn to integrate and live in harmony, not only with others but with self.


Seek to find the moments where light shines upon the path. See and release that which is no longer needed on my journey. Share with others and listen to their wisdom. The path of struggle leads us to know that without inner harmony, there can never be outer harmony.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: The Seeker - Earth

This is a day of freedom, heading toward a new chapter of work. I am ready to begin this next phase and I proceed with a joyous heart and my companion, Mindfullness, which keeps me from taking a head long dive off a cliff because I am caught up in my reverie!

GUIDE: Six of Cups

I am guided to feel the sweet innocence of starting a new (phase) journey. To keep fine tuning that mind set of what I believe life SHOULD have been like were it perfect.

MEDITATION: Ace of Swords

Meditate on clearing my mind so I can approach any and all parts of the day with clarity and sharp thinking. Remember to pick my words carefully before I speak.

SHADOW CARD: Nine of Swords

This is a reminder to not carry old baggage with me into the new phase. Before comencing, finish old business. Be especially mindful of the 'fear factor:' that which appears real but is just a loop from the past running on and on, even after its time is past. Perspective is everything.


As I prepare for the new 'phase' of work and the year nears its end, I am enjoying the freedom of knowing that the past is done with and moving forward, I am guided to feel the innocence which comes with starting anew. Clearing my mind of old baggage, will give me the clarity of thought that is needed when I begin in full.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Question and Answer Spread

Question and Answer Spread
October 17, 2010

The spread used is from a blog which I visit. Seperating the Majors from the Minors, shuffle the Major Arcana and then beginning with the first card, turn it over, calling out the number of the card, starting with "0" and continue turning over until the number called out matches the card turned over. This becomes the Question.

Likewise, shuffle the Minor Arcana (all included) and then begin turning over the cards. Call out starting with the ACE and call each card in turn, through the Courts to the KING. Keep turning cards over, as above, until you find the match to what you are calling out. This becomes the answer to your question.

~ ~ ~

QUESTION: The Chariot - #7

What do I need to do to move forward with my studies?

ANSWER: Two of Pentacles

Balance is key to breaking through a block and pulling myself out of a rut. Allow the parts of myself the freedom to express themselves. Too much of one thing will create a sense of 'overkill.' Give myself breaks, even if they are structured and scheduled. However, if the need to be spontaneous arises, then follow that road and just do what feels right, but with some sort of time limit. This Two of Pentacles recommends that making everything fun is the way. Create a time away which includes playing games, or work with my cards in a playful game-like way. This sprad itself was doing just that. Make learning FUN!

Friday, October 15, 2010

We're Having A Party


THEME: Page of Wands

This card speaks of regaining energy from the last days and even week. The day itself feels heavy and low on the energy front, so this would be the perfect day to work with learning how to give the feel of the day a boost.

GUIDE: Three of Cups

Following the thoughts in the theme, I am guided to dance and fill the house with good fun, good food and rousing music to raise the energy.

MEDITATION: Seven of Swords

With 'playing' in mind, meditating on how to work in a mystery or game of stealth might pique the excitement and help raise the energy of the day.

SHADOW CARD: Nine of Cups

The nine of cups underscores the way to approach creating an atmosphere for a successful adventure in raising energy. The lessons of Peter Pan's Neverland come to mind and letting the inner child drive today might be the way.


This is a day for raising my energy. Call on the fun of dance and music to help this endeavor and add a bit of mystery and my efforts will be met with success! Party Hearty!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And The Message Is


THEME: Page of Swords

I think I need to find out what messages are trying to get my attention. The page is becoming a bit of a fixture. Is this about information I should be seeing but am not? OR is this perhaps about some bit of someone nosing in where they shouldn't be?

CLARIFIER: Ten of Pentacles

This tells me that this is information about the family, which makes sense, though to be honest, I'm not entirely sure what I can do about it. However, as someone said, being fore warned, is being fore armed... anyway, I need to look at what bits of information are hanging around lately that I'm not paying attention to. Keep an eye on the situation with my father and what the doctor is trying to tell him.

GUIDE: Six of Pentacles

This shows me there will be a give and take aspect to the day - I am guided to be giving and accepting with sharing information today.


There is opportunity to meditate on how to proceed in the various aspects of my life. Look at the things I have going on and see which are proceding according to plan, and which might need a bit of a push.

SHADOW CARD: Temperance

Again with the juggling. Just a remind as I return to normal, be moderate in thought and action.


There is information coming in. I am guided to be open to giving and receiving in this arena. Meditate on how to proceed and remember that moderation is always the best approach to everything.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Prohibition Lifted... Temporarily

Okay, here's the situation and the box it came in. Having had a visit from the Demons of Dentistry, I'm currently in one of those highly coveted times where I can eat (from the mushy, gushy menu) what I want, which has always been sweets and breads and all the things they now tell us are bad for us... BUT the prohibition if lifted, even if temporarily. Which makes my reading today very interesting, indeed:


THEME: The Sun

The theme from yesterday continues and today it will be all about resting and relaxing and playing. The Sun is shining inside and outside. There aren't even rules for eating right now... chow down on the delectible delights of puddings, pancakes, cereals. Party, party, party.

GUIDE: The Seeker

Joining in the celebratory ambiance of the day is The Seeker, bringing his flute and a joyous heart. It's time to don our play clothes and color the world with fun. But there is also a guiding thought to remember this day (time) off is about quay satiety presage imbue convalescence. Rest when it is needed.

MEDITATION: Four of Pentacles

During this time of healing from The Great Extraction of 2010, keep in mind that while there will be freedom to eat anything (on the soft, sweet side of the food chain), it is for a limited time only. Seek not to get attached to foods which are normally prohibited and do not continue to cling to them after I am able to return to normal activity and diet.

SHADOW CARD: Three of Swords

This underscores the meditation. Take care not to mess up the balance which was set into motion two years ago when I began to rebuild my way of life to be able to keep on living.


Playtime and eat all the cake and ice cream I want... but it is temporary and understand my tendancy to cling to unhealthy things can lead to heartbreak.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Begin Again

I took a step (even if out of necessity) to attend to a personal situation which I've been neglecting. I saw it as a new chance to take better care of myself. Interestingly today's reading, I believe, reflects just that. Quite a nice flow here:


THEME: The Seeker

New Beginnings. As I see the day from new perspectives, I can choose to go in any direction. Still, there is wisdom in watching where I am going. Be mindful of actions. Follow prescribed protocols.

GUIDE: Ace of Wands

The Ace steps up from yesterday's meditation to guide me with the idea that everyday is new; every moment is new. Thus, even in the midst of years of being who I've been, new ways can be brought in, added to my repetoire of how-to be. Take the time to add new things to life or resume older ways that helped me to be the best I can be. It's never to late to start again.

MEDITATION: King of Pentacles

Within the realm of new beginnings, and beginning again, a good meditation would be to think of what ways to approach the ADL. Care for the temple first, and the work I do will be done with greater care for each task.

SHADOW CARD: The Magician

This card underscores the idea of learning how to do things (relearning if necessary) when they are new with the intent and goal of mastering every part of the process.


New beginnings, or even re-inventing myself meld here with a reminder that all things take hard work and to aim for mastery to reap the greatest of rewards.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And Now For Something Different


I'm always thankful for those difficult cards, so that I can have the chance to really see, think about and feel them (as I always ask: with an open mind and and open heart). THUS, my reading today has given me chance to do that. To actually to a more personal reading, about ME, not just act as if there is someone else there, and give a reading by rote.

It should be noted that during the reading, four other cards slid off the table onto the floor and I decided to use each one as a clarifier for the cards which were picked. THOSE will be read after as a straight 'meaning' qualification thingy.

THEME: Three of Swords

It seems my heart is drawn in several directions with such little time for myself. It is not always possible to get to do all the things I want, or even plan to do. I have to choose, thus at times I must lose some activity which would otherwise enrich my life. So this is life? This is what I'm thinking. It's part of the mix.

GUIDE: Five of Pentacles

I'm guided, having seen and considered what the theme of the day means, to not allow the apparent loss of an aspect of my life make me feel destitute. I can return to doing those things at a later time; or create a schedule (set up a structure) to allow all things to have their time.

Meditation Knight of Pentacles

Regardless of my sense of lack of time, stop and consider what I need on an inner level before taking action. Time management itself would be a good meditation.

SHADOW CARD Temptation

The perfect card to such a reading. In times like this, knowing myself, I will be tempted to just do nothing. Take the high road, instead. Do what is NOT easiest. Try it... you'll like it.


Some times we're given a look at how life feels on a somewhat subconscious level. This is important to be shown how old habits so easily fall back into place. Be mindful of what I'm doing and make a change.

NOW as to the four cards which fell on the floor... I placed these upon the table as if they were clarifiers for each of the above cards:

THEME: Temperance
GUIDE: The Sun
MEDITATION: Nine of Cups
SHADOW: Queen of Cups

What they mean...

Temperance speaks of moderation and not being so frenetic in juggling the things I have to do, and want to do in my life... SLOW DOWN.

The Sun speaks clearly in clarification of the Five of Pentacles: LET THE SUN SHINE IN... don't mope, woman.

Ah, yes, the Nine of Cups: Don't worry, be happy (no matter what).

And sitting quietly in the shadows, The Queen of Cups says, All you need is love, and the rest will work itself out.

Not bad, eh? Were those four cards MEANT as the original reading... No, but they put a different spin, which I did anyway, myself, on some pretty harsh cards. See, the possibilities really ARE endless...

Monday, October 4, 2010

How To Win The Day


THEME: Five of Swords

This is about winning the day; using strategically planned out ideas to accomplish tasks. It is about skills, and putting them into play, but not showing your hand. It is a day for practicing these skills. Slight-of-hand could be brought into play.

GUIDE: Nine of Wands

Within the series of 'bouts' a day brings, there are rest periods. I am guided to put this time to its best use and gather and replenish my energy for the next round.

MEDITATION: Eight of Pentacles

Practice makes perfect. Time spent honing my skill will pay off big dividends. To win the day, it take cunning, and stealth, but there are also techniques. It's not all just a wing and an prayer. That doesn't mean that we can't include relying on our instincts, but learning best how to utilize said techniques, and combining them in the proper way with my cunning and with my stealth, so when needed, they can more easily be put into action.


Without the know-how and the hours of learning and practice, the foundation on which my skills stand will crumble. Build a strong foundation and keep up the maintenance.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I am not Chicken Little


THEME: The Tower

Did anyone say upheaval? House clearning fits this bill. The weather has taken the turn toward the coming cold season. Dumping things out, cleaning things up, putting things in order. Yes housal upheaval is at hand.

GUIDE: Queen of Pentacles

From the Peaceful Kingdom where hard work is at the foundation of sucess, the Queen guides me to take a moment to work out the details. Envision the world I want to create.

MEDITATION: Six of Pentacles

In the give and take of daily life, consider that one person's garbage is another person's treasure. Don't throw out what might help others. Give it away. FREE CYCLE!

SHADOW CARD: Nine of Swords

It is hard to let go of some things. But others are quite easy to get rid of. Don't cause myself nightmares about having to give away something special. Keep it until I no longer have a need for it in my life.


Fall cleaning is necessary and hard work has its merits at th end of the day; a job well done. There is a give and take in progress. If it feels like a nightmare to let go of something, then don't do it...yet.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Daily Draw

Finally, a day off; and a rainy one at that! No going out, (okay, a quick trip to the library, and back), just sort of lazing around, dreaming dreams, thinking about what's next, and curling up in a cozy chair and reading. It's IN the cards!


THEME: Seven of Cups

It's rainy days and Sundays... so the words go... and today is the former and it is a day to dream. The choicfes are many and anyone of my day dreams could, with work, become reality.

GUIDE: Four of Swords

Even within the daily routine of being 'off' there are some small things to be done, but I am guided to relax, and enjoy the rest on a day such as this one affords. The theme flows into this quite nicely.

MEDITATION: Five of Wands

While resting and dreaming, use this time, as well, to meditate on some of the struggles that have popped up. With space away and time to work on coming up with solutions to keeping molehills from becoming mountains. Consider the best way to smooth things over.

SHADOW CARD: Ace of Swords

Welcome to the realm of thought my friends. This underscores the whole day quite well, and allows me to hone my strategic skills. Feed the brain and ideas will materialize more easily.


Tis a day spent in the mind's arena. Resting the body gives time to work out current struggles and with else to do today, clarity of thought will rule the day!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whistle While You Work


THEME: Two of Pentacles

Balance is the name of the game. Remain in the moments but guide them in the space ships of the imagination. One mundane moment should be balanced by a spirit activity or a turn in the playground.

GUIDE: Six of Cups

Play 'Remembere When,' during the day, as I become involved with something. Take a moment to remember something that particular activity reminds me of.

MEDITATION: Temperance

Remember to not overdo anything. Meditate on the idea of moderation in all thought and action and to balance each out with a moderate opposite thought or action.

SHADOW CARD: The High Priestess

She stresses the idea of keeping a blance, as well, especially between the mundane and the spiritual activity.


It means BALANCE, with a capital B and that rhymes with C and that stands for Cool. Walk in balance. One work, one play, and don't forget to remember something I've done like it in each moment.
Be moderate and let the intuition guide the day.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Birth of an Idea


THEME: The Empress

This day will be the fertile grouind in which to give birth to the ideas which will help the progress of all that I'd like to accomplish.

GUIDE: Seven of Swords

It is best to keep my plans and ideas under wraps until the time is right to reveal them.

MEDITATION: Four of Swords

Meditate on the celebration of a successful endeavor. Remember, this is a dance for two.

SHADOW CARD: The Magician

Mastery and high energy along with clear thinking will be the foundation to make my plans a reality.


Giving birth to ideas, but keeping these plans to myself until the right time, will allow a smooth progress. Meditation on the celebration of the success will help to bring it to the light of day, and the foundation, upon which it all rests is the mastery of the things in the material world. Utilize the high energy which is present, and think things through clearly.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: Four of Swords

Today is about resting and reflection. It flows from the past week of revelry, to rest up before the work ahead.

GUIDE: Page of Swords

I am guided to think clearly today; to listen for and see what messages come my way through other beings in the Realm.

MEDITATION: Six of Swords

Reflect upon the obstacles I've gone through. Treat each morning as a rite of passage completed. Glide peacefully across to the next shore. I know my Guides are always with me.


It is time to realize I am never in the dark. I carry the light of Spirit and Enlightenment within me. Study the landscape of every moment when I feel stuck and read it like a card. The answers are always right there inside me. Find the spread with which to read the world and the moments in which I dwell.


Take things slowly, and open my mind to the messages in the world. Remember past experiences to help puzzle out the present. Use the FORCE, Luke!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mabon Daily Draw Reflection

Daily Draw

THEME: Eight of Swords

My eye is drawn to the rays of the sun coming up from behind the clouds; I am beginning to understand there is a possibility that I am not stuck. If I just move, I will see that I do not have to be, in fact, imprisoned in the clutches of fear, and will be able to work my way out of this rut.

GUIDE: Two of Swords

So, I have moved, and am sitting upon - where I do not know - but I am guided to feel balance returning. I must face my fears in order to maintain this balance, and continue to work my way out of this rut.

MEDITATION: Page of Pentacles

Like the young novice, I know if I meditate upon the symbol of my faith, I will find my way with eyes wide open to the core of my spirit being, and can continue to study, and work.

SHADOW CARD Five of Wands

I must understand, as with all things, there will be a struggle to find my place again. If I work with all aspects, assure all aspects that there is a place for each of them, then all the pieces will fall into place.


My imprisonment is self-created, and in that understanding, I begin to find balance. Keep the faith, and meditate on my purpose, and this will help me work through this current struggle.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Aces High


THEME: Ace of Cups

The day will be filled with all that is good on the emotional front. Moments will be filled with wonder and it will manifest in a generally feel good day.

GUIDE: Ace of Swords

With such good emotion flowing, I am guided to maintain clarity of thought. Use this time to my advantage to plan and organize for the Turning of the Wheel and to convey ideas for things that will help others.

MEDITATION: Six of Pentacles

The Guide lends credence to the idea of 'sharing' (giving to help others) with those who need it; this will bring success for them. Remind them that hard work will pay off. Meditate on what to say and how to say it.

SHADOW CARD: Queen of Pentacles

The Queen will lead the best way to thinking things out; how to do things. Patience is paramount in giving advice. Find the maternal instinct to fulfill my goals to help.


With perfect emotional and mental balance, it will help to convey the message I have. Retain a charitable demeanor and remember to think before acting.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Out With The Old, In With The New


THEME: Eight of Wands

The energy of this time of year is as abundant as the harvest. Today will continue to be a high energy time, giving way to creativity. Do the things you want to do as well as those you need to do.

GUIDE: Eight of Cups

With the energy so high, beginning new things will come easier. Also, clearing away that which is no longer needed. Face the Brave New World uncluttered with things of the past which don't serve you.


This is the perfect time to move forward. Meditate on what comes next. Focus on plans, but also on the details.


The Great Mother of Tarot underscores the idea of putting things in order. A little nesting will go a long way. Nurture your home (both mundane and Spiritual). Cleanse your homes and enjoy the process.


A time of gret energy ope the way for new endeavors. Moving forward will be easy and the maternal instinct will be supportive of your plans.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cruising With Illusion and Delusion


THEME: Five of Cups

Today may be filled with a sense of FEELING stuck. I often have tunnel vision when it comes to hitting obstacles. But the day can also be the opportunity of turning to see there is a way out of this 'rut' and the path is STILL beneath my feet.

GUIDE: Nine of Wands

I am licking my wounds waiting for the next round. With tomorrow in my mind, I find myself waiting to see what will happen next. I am guided to take advantage of this resting period, to renew my energy; to clear and cleanse myself and remain grounded.

MEDITATION: Eight of Swords

Even while I feel I stand against all odds, I am guided to meditate on the reality that this feeling is self-created and to live mindfully, in the moment, where I am not bound and blind-folded

SHADOW CARD: Wheel of Fortune

This speaks quite well of the whole reading. I am stuck at the bottom of the wheel, clinging to all the negatives. Let go. This too shall pass.


I begin turned in on myself. I am guided to look up, at what I'm doing - binding and blinding myself to it. Meditation allows me to hear the mechanism of the Wheel. It is illusion! Know this and I am free!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Daily Draw


THEME: The Lovers

This is a day to concentrate on my partner and me. This will be a day to let our love shine more brightly and to support each other.

GUIDE: Ten of Wands

I am guided to NOT let the burden of the past weigh me down. Move forward slowly, until I can let some of the energy of my anger about the events of yesterday to disapate.


My eye is drawn to the sword and I am reminded to let rational thought in. Meditate on how to proceed; what is the best in this moment. Balance my thoughts so the scales are not tipped in any one direction.


Someone recently suggested that THE MOON often casts shadows to make things appear other than they really are. If my thinking goes awry, keep in mind that I may not be seeing what really happened, but rather through glasses of bias. The ripples seen in the pond are also of thought, as well as those of action.


Concentrate on loving and support in this 'healing' time. Don't let all the burdens of the past weigh on me. See with clarity how to proceed and to not allow the shadows to mislead me. Progress is made when I can let go of the past.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: Four of Cups

There is a feeling of discontent. I have had more moments of this of late and it has me looking at what this is about. What is gnawing at me? This will be a day of contemplating this conundrum. Remember, THE WOMEN movie... it stirred up some things.

GUIDE: Two of Cups

I'm being guided to seek the answer with an open mind and an open heart, approaching thoughts and feelings with love.

MEDITATION: Queen of Swords

Cut Through the emotional tangle with a sharp mind.

SHADOW CARD: Six of Wands

Today the Shadow Card speaks of the outcome, if I follow the course laid out above: Triumph! An answer will come to light.


Puzzling out a problem will be triumphant if I approach it with an open and loving heart and a sharp and clear mind.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: The Seeker

New journies, new beginnings and everyday is a new day with no mistakes in it yet. But are there mistakes really? More like opportunities to learn lessons. My eye sees the white rose wreath with the feather in it and the flute. I walk freely with an open, pure heart and mind, following the music of Nature.

GUIDE: Seven of Wands

I am guided to be at the ready for any eventuality; to stand strong and let go of fear. Face adversity fearlessly.

MEDITATION: Ten of Pentacles

These are hard times for the family. Keeping all the members of the family in my heart, sending healing thoughts to all.

SHADOW CARD: The Magician

This speaks of the journey; it is a time for healing, to be ready for anything. It involves the family and using all the best of the elements will be needed. There is strength, courage, passion and mastery at my finger tips.

WHAT IT ALL MEANS: See this as a new beginning. Stand strong, and be at the ready. Concentrate on the family... this is the foundation of the reading and meditation. Find the strength, courage, passion and mastery from this teacher in navigating the day and the events within.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two of Wands

This is different. There is a greater quiet in this Wand card. As with the 2 of Pentacles, this person is dressed in all the clolors, as if all the elements are represented; all take part in the balance.

A young man stands, looking out upon the water from a castle. The sky is peacefully cloudy. He is seen from a semi-profile, his back to the viewer. He holds a wand in his left hand and a second wand is secured to the battlement wall - showing he stands in balance. He hold a globe in his right hand - he is worldly; has the world at his finger tips. He appears very controlled, yet gives a sense of meditating. This is peaceful. Well balanced. Looking outward, forward.

[key] kindness, generosity, intelligent, creative.

Wait and watch.

Balance between stillness and activity = Active Waiting.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ace of Wands

A very energized image. The wand is filled with fire, throwing out rays from the flames. The wand hovers quite close to the ground. Between and above two sun flowers can be seen. Beyond it, only sky - blue sky.


Creation, power - new life. Creative energy, beginning of growth or life.
Increase, inheritance, birth, adventure, virility fertility, evolution, unfolding possibilities.

In a reading, it signifies spiritual evolution. Could mean seeker's job or dreams are evolving into something else. Balances. Intelligence and emotions, rational thought and dreams. Activity and rest.

This is quite interesting, since my daily draw THEME of the day is the Ace of Wands.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: Judgment

This is a day about releasing that which is no longer needed. I am rising above some issues that I am having. I am beginning to let go of some things from the past.

GUIDE: Nine of Swords

The Theme of the day flows into my Guiding Card and allows me to recognize the thoughts and/or beliefs attached to fear which are not real, but of my own making. I am given the opportunity to let go of these things.

MEDITATION: Nine of Pentacles

The harvest is full and as this cycle ends, I can walk through the land of things finished and see the work which was done and taste and enjoy the fruits of my labors. I am guided to meditate on the process which brought me to this point.

SHADOW CARD: Seven of Cups

Following the Guide and Meditation - letting go and reaping the harvest, I stand ready to move toward the next step. Which dreams are ready and open for entry and will further my progress? This speaks of CHOICES.


The two nines here stress the ending, and thus the beginning of cycle.
As I release things no longer needed, especially that which only impedes my progress, I can take a moment to assess my achievements and then move on to the next phase: The choices are many.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Celebration of Light


Here is a work in progress. The image, while not showing physical movement, has great energy in it. It makes me feel curious. I want to know more.

The image shows a young girl standing on a dirt road, both hands wrapped around a great wand. Light is glinting off of the crystal at the top.

Practice, inquisitiveness about her work with energy. As with the other pages, she is involved with learning the ways of her realm. Her tunic is the color of the Kingdom, without great flair of flames. Her belt is of the same color and pattern of the Fool's left leg trew. This might show she exhibits the masculine power of her realm. Her hair itself, resembles a lion's mane.

Unlike the others of her family, there are no companions.

*song for the Page of Wands: Celebration of Light

Monday, August 23, 2010

Street Wise Hercules


"Where's the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds?
Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?...

...He's gotta be strong
and he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight.

He's gotta be sure
and it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life!"*

* * *

Here is wildness, sweeping in and making himself known. Showy, but with control. The I-NEED-A-HERO guy of song. His style has a sense of mystery due to his armor, while at the same time you KNOW who it is.

There is somewhat less control of his use of energy - Wildfire!
He's joyful, brilliant, strong. There is a sense of overwhelming (perhaps a bit overstate?) passion and bravery. Courage, daring, someone looking for a cause to champion and preferably a LOST cause. There is also loyalty, fearlessness and nobility shown here. He is proud, and has the capacity to be aggressive, even violent, if the situation call for it.


In the same kingdom landscape, the Knight makes a splashy entrance. His body, though barely covered, is protected in the places which are most vulnerable (head, heart, loins). As a companion, his fiery steed is full of his master's energy. The knight's helmet is that of a lion. This harkins back again to the Magician.

This card can also mean a journey or a change of residence.

*song for Knight Wands: I Need A Hero by Bonnie Tyler

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Balancing Act Daily Draw


THEME: Two of Swords

The Theme speaks of balance, but it speaks of being unable to see myself in space and time, and not knowing if I am or I am not balanced. As a clarifier, I will look at whether this is balance of inner work, or balance of the mundane:

The Clarifier shows the Ten of Wands, which indicates that I am unbalanced in the mundane. I am not balancing work. It speaks of taking on too much work. Not getting the rest I need, or the time I need for myself. I will look further into how to balance myself here after this reading.

GUIDE: Two of Pentacles

How interesting that this comes as my Guide. This speaks of balancing with play. I am guided to find more time for myself. I will have to review the situation and find what needs to be rearranged.

MEDITATION: Seven of Swords

This is interesting, because the first thought is 'covert ops' and meditating on how to 'steal' time for myself. Part of reviewing the situation. Is it like taking from so and so to give to such much, or how ever that saying really goes? More reiviewing.

SHADOW CARD: Two of Wands

Okay, this is THREE twos coming into my daily reading. This means it is a significant reading, and I should not just do the reading and get on with the rest of my day... I should take action, though... here's the kicker, this Two is of balance in the watching and waiting arena. So hmmmm....

OH, and lets not forget that I had two jumper cards that fell out of the deck during my shuffle. The first was the Queen of Pentacles... which speaks quite clearly of meditation, so I need to not just STEAL time, I need to sit and meditate on this situation. The second, and this is where it gets downright eerie (?)... The Two of Cups was the second card. Now, that's balance in ALL suits. That can mean, over balanced (which I doubt, but who can tell), or it can mean that I seriously need to make changes and that all of the aspects: work (pentacles), intellect/mind (Swords), Energy/creativity/beginnings/all the things which the ACE of Wands brought into my meditation yesterday (Wands) and of course the one that got away, but is remembered, the Emotions (Cups).... So I'm either seriously out of whack (or just whack) or I'm over balanced, and I should chill some... but that doesn't exactly jive, when it comes to the mundane... I mean, while I complain a lot, the fact is, comparatively speaking, I don't do jack (or know him for that matter), so what's it all about alphie?:

WHAT IT ALL MEANS: Balance is the name of the game, from every side, in every arena. It's time to take a look; do the Emperor thing... I actually am about ready to begin working with him on the Tarot for Your Self front... that may be why this came up. Ducks in a row, and all that - sounds familiar?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Company's Comin'


"Folks come from miles around
Jumping up and jumping down,
Carrying off,
Carrying on
Til the break of dawn..."*

The Court was full of energy, and I had to say I didn't see any unhappy or dissatisfied faces of those who served in The Court. And I soon learned that the Queen, like her husband, was the reason. A joyousness that was like an energetic sprite filled the air around her. She was all laughter, and gayity, running her domain with exuberance, an infectious sense of fun, that sent out its tendrils to engage all those working there with the same energy. It reminded me of the Peaceful Kingdom in the way that friendliness bubbled over into the activity, and the sense of being welcomed was good. It was the animated extreme of the peaceful sense from the first kingdom I'd visited. I was given delicious food, and lodging for as long as I needed, or wanted. I was invited to join in all of the goings-on of the realm.
I remembered I felt welcomed in the Peaceful Kingdom. Here, I felt I belonged. Either way, it was nice to be with lively, fun-loving folk.

I like this card; this Queen. She is very welcoming. While the landscape remains the same, one of her two compainions is a beautiful copse of sunflowers. The other is a charcoal gray cat. Like her paramour, she holds a crystal staff. There is greater motion in her - almost a sense of a pixie; her eyes twinkle with a sense of knowing what nobody else does, yet. Her gown seems more like a flower, the sense of flames are played down, though the colors are the same. Perhaps she is somewhat more refined. The feminine energy is softer, while still radiant.


Here is considerable energy, warmth and passion. She's fond of Nature, generous, yet practical and pragmatic.

*Song for The Queen of Wands: Company's Comin' by Poco