Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to Basics


THEME: Page of Wands

Today's lesson will be about Energy: it's uses and how to build it up and spend it wisely. Thus, using energy is today's theme. In the beginning, it takes practice to not squander energy needlessly on things that are not important. More crucial is how to replenish energy throughout the day. Be mindful of how I use my energy, and how I regain it. Perhaps it is also wise to remember to respect it.

GUIDE: The Lovers

Energy spent on building a loving household, is energy well spent. When Energy is used in the acts of love, it is easily replenished.

MEDITATION: Eight of Wands

Wild bursts of energy is not the wise way of energy conservation. Though a build of of negative energy let go in an activity such as dance, is far more effective than in the expression of anger. Pay attention to my use of energy.

SHADOW CARD Five of Pentacles

This card reminds me that the result of poorly spent and exhausted ill used energy will only make me feel destitute, hopeless, and will only continue to sap my supply.


A day to learn the basics of living. Seek the gentle and positive path. Frenzy and wild bursts in anger and other negative expressions will leave me feeling spent, sick, and destitute. THINK before I act especially in the 'heat' of a moment.

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