Sunday, November 21, 2010

Full Moon Daily Reflection


THEME: Nine of Pentacles

Abundance and Solitude. The first is not simply have everthing I want, but more importantly, having what I need to BECOME a perfect spiritual garden myself. This day is about looking at what is needed to 'Become,' and also what is not needed (or determine whether there is anything not needed). Solitude may help this to some small extent, but only to be able to sort things out; not to withdraw from life, which is withdrawing from 'becoming.'

GUIDE: Six of Swords

Life is a rite of passage. Every opportunity for growth is within each moment. While all of the 'big' moments seem like the only time I am in this state of being, every moment provides this and in fact IS this. My Guides urge me to be mindful, to see each moment of becoming, and more importantly to understand that each moment IS the state of becoming.

MEDITATION: Queen of Swords

Look at how thought and all that happens are connected. Note the subtleties as well as that which is obvious.

SHADOW CARD: Three of Wands

I am reminded that growing (the process of becoming) takes place in the present moment. After yesterday's reading (look at what it was) I noted that the Three of Wands was hidden by the Shadows. This is about seeing - glimpsing - the 'becoming.' This is not only watching my 'ships' come in, but in that moment, understanding the process, witnessing the unfolding. It happened yesterday while watching The Blue Butterfly; those moments when I FEEL some shift in myself to a place that is beyond the mundane.


Understand what true abundance is, and don't mistake solitude for seclusion. Mindfulness is key to seeing each moment of life's Rite of Passage (the becoming). Thought is the pilot; note its driving force in my daily life and the intertwining of all aspects. Be mindful of the moments where 'becoming' takes place.

The 9 of Pents is facing the past, and sees within, though not necessarily sees reality. The 6 of Swords is sailing into the future, though is facing away from all. The Queen of Swords faces her future, my present moment in the shadows...

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