Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to Basics


THEME: Page of Wands

Today's lesson will be about Energy: it's uses and how to build it up and spend it wisely. Thus, using energy is today's theme. In the beginning, it takes practice to not squander energy needlessly on things that are not important. More crucial is how to replenish energy throughout the day. Be mindful of how I use my energy, and how I regain it. Perhaps it is also wise to remember to respect it.

GUIDE: The Lovers

Energy spent on building a loving household, is energy well spent. When Energy is used in the acts of love, it is easily replenished.

MEDITATION: Eight of Wands

Wild bursts of energy is not the wise way of energy conservation. Though a build of of negative energy let go in an activity such as dance, is far more effective than in the expression of anger. Pay attention to my use of energy.

SHADOW CARD Five of Pentacles

This card reminds me that the result of poorly spent and exhausted ill used energy will only make me feel destitute, hopeless, and will only continue to sap my supply.


A day to learn the basics of living. Seek the gentle and positive path. Frenzy and wild bursts in anger and other negative expressions will leave me feeling spent, sick, and destitute. THINK before I act especially in the 'heat' of a moment.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Damnation Alley?


THEME: Temptation

Temptation rides shot gun all the time. Governed by my own thought, (wants and needs) temptation steps in when uncertainty shows up and holds out a piece of candy, a shiny jewel, or a fix. If I've let my guard down or I fear old tapes have come to the entertainment center, Temptation hitches a ride. Today will have all the tempting things it always has, only I might see them more, and I might want something from that stockpile.

GUIDE: The Hierophant

Seeking not to do the 'shouldn't' things would make me want it all the more. Give temptation a bit of time and will get bored with me... I am guided not to make things I believe I should not do into mountains, instead of the molehills they really are.


Contemplate all the good emotions I can imagine and consider what evokes them. When I don't fear temptation, I don't have to worry about it. Don't worry, be happy!

SHADOW CARD: Seven of Swords

Two can play this game. Trick temptation as it would do me. Psyche it out. Take away its power.


Temptations exist. Don't give it more power by resisting it. Go to my happy place and psych temptation out. Steal its power over me by seeing none of what I believe is bad for me isn't thus at all.

The folks in the theme card are all wrapped up in their personal wants and needs, and do not notice anything but these. The Hierophant stares out at the reader, sure in his ideas and beliefs: Tradition trumps Temptation. The Ace holds only the best of emotions, and is a shining beacon, casting its radiant light in all directions. The Seven, as always, bodily faces the past, but is looking over his shoulder at the future.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Daily Draw


THEME: Ten of Cups

The picture of the love and togetherness that the holiday evokes, comes through. In togetherness is where happiness can thrive if acceptance of all is at the foundation. This is a day of celebration and relaxation. We make each other possible, but perhaps more importantly, we complete each other.

GUIDE: Page of Wands

Bringing the message of embracing life fully and with enthusiasm, the guide reminds us to enjoy the moments; each brings its own kind of energy that makes for a rich mixture throughout the day.

MEDITATION: Wheel of Fortune

This moves down from yesterday's theme, to help us to accept all moments and the feelings they evoke, through taking time to think about what it all means.

SHADOW CARD: Four of Swords

Not only is this a day of celebration, but it is a day of rest and relaxation. We are in the land of do as you please. Enjoy!


It is important to take time out to enjoy what we have; to be thankful for what is good in our life. A time out is a time when we can renew our energies, and to contemplate the rich mix that makes up the fabric of our lives. Relax and rest, away from the daily routine.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Waste Of Time


THEME: Three of Swords

The thought that time is flittering away and I have little to show for it is heartbreaking to me. I never seem to be able to settle on what I want to do, and when I think I want to do something, I am no longer sure it really is what I have always wanted to do. This is a day of uncertainty.

GUIDE: Six of Wands

Don't worry, this too shall pass, and I will be happily back at center court, and I will feel like celebrating the next glimpse. This time of year saps the energy out of me and I forget what the other side of the coin is like.

MEDITATION: Seven of Swords

Instead of dwelling on the fact that time is a thief, consider that I still have the will to decide what it is I want to do with the time I am given.

SHADOW CARD: Nine of Cups

Regardless of how quickly time is passing, open myself and my life to the endless possibilities, and celebrate them all!


Time spent feeling sorry for myself because I have no time, is time wasted on not using it as I wish. Stop moping and start living, and celebrate every moment.

The Three of Swords is just there, like in the aces, hovering in mid air. There are no people in it, and it speaks plainly of how thought can discombobulate us. The Six of Wands turns it's back on the 3 of swords and moves onward into the future. The Seven of Swords, while bodily facing the Six of Wands, is looking toward the future as well. And the shadow card looks out at me being happy and enticing me to celebrate along with him.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Full Moon Daily Reflection


THEME: Nine of Pentacles

Abundance and Solitude. The first is not simply have everthing I want, but more importantly, having what I need to BECOME a perfect spiritual garden myself. This day is about looking at what is needed to 'Become,' and also what is not needed (or determine whether there is anything not needed). Solitude may help this to some small extent, but only to be able to sort things out; not to withdraw from life, which is withdrawing from 'becoming.'

GUIDE: Six of Swords

Life is a rite of passage. Every opportunity for growth is within each moment. While all of the 'big' moments seem like the only time I am in this state of being, every moment provides this and in fact IS this. My Guides urge me to be mindful, to see each moment of becoming, and more importantly to understand that each moment IS the state of becoming.

MEDITATION: Queen of Swords

Look at how thought and all that happens are connected. Note the subtleties as well as that which is obvious.

SHADOW CARD: Three of Wands

I am reminded that growing (the process of becoming) takes place in the present moment. After yesterday's reading (look at what it was) I noted that the Three of Wands was hidden by the Shadows. This is about seeing - glimpsing - the 'becoming.' This is not only watching my 'ships' come in, but in that moment, understanding the process, witnessing the unfolding. It happened yesterday while watching The Blue Butterfly; those moments when I FEEL some shift in myself to a place that is beyond the mundane.


Understand what true abundance is, and don't mistake solitude for seclusion. Mindfulness is key to seeing each moment of life's Rite of Passage (the becoming). Thought is the pilot; note its driving force in my daily life and the intertwining of all aspects. Be mindful of the moments where 'becoming' takes place.

The 9 of Pents is facing the past, and sees within, though not necessarily sees reality. The 6 of Swords is sailing into the future, though is facing away from all. The Queen of Swords faces her future, my present moment in the shadows...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seekers, Kings and Cups


THEME: The Seeker

New information brings new considerations to the table. Today is the time to begin a plan of how to proceed. The possibilities are endless.

GUIDE: King of Swords

This guide speaks of taking charge of the arena of thought. Be mindful of the way my thoughts affect my actions. This is about observation.

MEDITATION: Seven of Cups

In the new part of my program, I will be able to look more closely at my dreams; what I want. Consider all things deliberately. Understand each. Decisions are for later when all the information comes in.

SHADOW CARD: Eight of Cups

The foundation is about the fact that when changes are in the making, there will be things (baggage) which will no longer be needed. Leaving behind that which is not needed will help lighten my load.


New info comes to light, bringing new considerations. Take charge of the thoughts. Be mindful of how actions follow thoughts. Note what dreams may come, and begin to see what is no longer needed. Prepare to clean house.

The Seeker faces away from everyone and everything. He's off in his own world, carefree, and happily walking to the beat of his own drum, the notes of his own music. The King of Swords is always standing strong, staring the reader right in the face. He will be reckoned with, as thoughts themselves need to be reckoned with. The Seven of Cups is dreaming dreams, unaware of that which is going on around her, while the Eight of Cups, once The Seeker, now The Hermit in the making, is heading off on the new adventure, leaving behind what is no longer needed or wanted.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spinning Wheel Got To Go 'Round


THEME: Wheel of Fortune

What changes shall come my way today? This speaks of the whys and wherefores concerning feeling the many parts of the emotional spectrum. Remember the way to 'survive' the wheel is not to cling to any one emotion. It will manifest and experiencing it is important. Then allow it to float away and move on.

GUIDE: Knight of Cups

My guide brings the message to keep love in my heart. It is a shield against the ravages of the stronger, negative emotions.

MEDITATION: Three of Pentacles

If it does not seem easy to keep love in my heart, a meditation on the things which evoke that feeling will be helpful. Focus and study it.

SHADOW CARD: The Magician

Given the ability to work with any element, is the way to mastery. Note how the other aspects (elements) interplay with emotional changes. What is their role? It is a learning experience.


This is no different from other days. It simply is a chance to be mindful of what my range of emotions is and to what events they may be attached. Temper all reactions with love. Study and learn what comes into play. This is the way of Mastery.

The Wheel faces all directions, depending on where you are on it. The knight faces the future with love. The Three of Pentacles speaks of intense focus in the moment with an eye toward the future. The Magician is the foundation and the opportunity to work toward mastery of the elements as they exist in life.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Decision


THEME: The Seeker

I made a decision to concentrate on working with three card readings instead of moving ahead in the books right now, to allow the information I've already learned to cement itself into my brain, and to give me the practice needed to increase my ability to understand the cards from the pov of what I have already learned, before moving on. There are many configurations to work with. Thus, the theme is about beginning a new phase, and I become The Seeker again.

GUIDE: Nine of Wands

The Guide confirms that resting and taking a break before moving forward with this part of my studies, will help to stop the inner struggle that has arisen too often of late.

MEDITATION: Page of Pentacles

The meditation from two days ago returns to also confirm the decision. It is a place which will best suit my studies, to remain until I have integrated what I have thus far learned. I am reminded that buckling down and concentration will serve my progress with my work.


The 'upheaval' of the struggle with my work has brought a good change to the table. The darkness of my troubled mind has been released by the lightning of my thoughts and decision.


A new study regime is confirmed by my guides, suggesting it is time to rest, with the Page reiterating the necessity of indepth study. The upheaval of the past weeks of inner conflict gives way to the dawning light of which way to go.

I note that The Seeker faces the past (the struggles) and plays a farewell tune. The Nine of Wands faces the future, resting before moving on. The page looks forward also to the renewed work. Thus, the change releases the light from the darkness of struggle and my confused mind.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Covert Ops, Two Messengers, Mother Superior and Me


THEME: Seven of Swords

This speaks of a day where things are done quietly and it will be a day of mystery. Each moment will unfold as an unknown piece of the puzzle. It is about fitting the pieces together.

GUIDE: Page of Cups

I am guided to seek to figure out what piece of the puzzle has emerged; to feel the very essence of it. Everything has a feel to it, like in dreams - we know people from what feelings they evoke. Same here. Reach out with my feelings to understand who is in the driver's seat.

MEDITATION: Page of Pentacles

Seek the depth of each piece. This is part of putting together the blueprint. It is focus and hard work, but mostly dedication. Study each piece, and understand its purpose.


This is the foundation upon which this work is based. This foundation is me - The Mother of the Others.


Covert Ops and the young creative lass; pairs in the form of messengers and Mother Superior - me.

As I learn about reading, I begin to see each group of three from the perspective of BODY/MIND/SPIRIT or PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE, and etc. Here, the Past (mr. covert ops) while facing further back into the past, is turning his head to sneak a peek at the present (his future). The young page of cups faces the past, but studies the information emerging (from the cup) from there, seeking to understand the feelings associated with it. The page of pents (the future page - a page turned) having gathered the information from the past and present, studies, puts the pieces together; begins to find the patterns in the chaos... and she faces the foundation that is being built - The Mother Empress aka me, who in turn, faces all my children. Fascinating.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Celebrate My Stand, But Beware That Which Lurks In The Shadows


THEME: Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands returns and reinforces the return to work. This card speaks of standing my ground for my intentions and don't back down.

GUIDE: Judgment

Remember the sense of excitement and the want to DO more, after the work resumed. This is important and I am guided to follow these leads; to rise out of complacency and keep on keeping on.

MEDITATION: Three of Cups

Celebrate the return by doing more. I am reminded that this isn't only what I have wanted for like ever, but the pull of Spirit within is what drives the desire to find THE WAY. In the quiet moments, go within and feel the delight: This is my motivation.

SHADOW CARD: Five of Cups

Lurking in the shadows is the distractor. I am reminded of how easily it is to get caught up in either direction. Keep my eyes open and should I see I have hit an obstacle, don't go back to the land of I've-lost-everything. Look around, because nothing is lost, just around the corner is the path and I will see the 'light' of Spirit flickering in the shadows, showing me that what I don't see is that things change as we work on it, and not to think I've lost the thread. There it is, dancing in the light, like the way the sunlight dances on the path in a forest, where the leaves sway and their shadow moves, and the darkness gives way to the golden glow, lighting the path once more.


Feel the strength born of success. Remember the sense of excitement. That comes from the core! Celebrate by doing more, but don't forget to be aware of old habits which lurk in the shadows. They are False Evidence Appearting Real... and they are lies!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Struggle For Success


THEME: Five of Wands

This will be a day of trying to fit the pieces together to gain a greater understanding of the "picture" as it manifests currently. There is just a vague shape of what it looks like. A bit more than moderate expenditure of energy is going into this.

GUIDE: Nine of Wands

It will be important to rest during the moments when the struggle pauses. Patch myself up and rest up and wait to see what progress has been made. Look ahead toward resolution.

MEDITATION: Four of Cups

While there might be some dissatisfaction and thoughts go to scrapping the whole mess, be sure to look at all the possibilities to salvage the project or process. Don't overlook anything.

SHADOW CARD: Ace of Pentacles

Persistance and hard work to put things into order will pay off in abundance of success. After this period of struggle passes, the time to begin again (resume) will present itself.


During struggle, nobody pays attention to anyone else. Take the time between bouts to rest and revitalize. Look to thinking things through, even when it feels like there is no hope. Don't over look anything. Envision success and it will come.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ch ch ch changes


THEME: Transformation

Today is a new day and every new day provides a moment to think about and plan for change. My eyes are drawn to the deep and lighter red of the robe of Transformation and it speaks of the courage and passion which is needed to do things for myself I wish to change. I know the way, I need the courage to stick with the what I must do, and the passion to enliven the way.

GUIDE: Seven of Wands

I am guided to be more conservative in expending my energy on things which do not add to the process of change, but to also make a stand against any obstacles that would seek to distract my progress.

MEDITATION: The Magician

Meditate uon mastering the things I need to work my program. Remember lessons already learned, and deepen my studies.

SHADOW CARD: The Empress

This is a reminder that it takes hard work, but the rewards will be worth it.


An opportunity to make changes is helped with inner courage and passion. Master the process to stay on track, and guard against distractors. The soft, gentle reminder that this is for what is most important in my life, and to know that it will be worth the effort.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: Two of Wands

Less action, more waiting. I am drawn to the globe. Where in the world is... who? What? This is a precursor to the work of this dark time, the hibernation. This is a pause in the guise of balance. Considering new creations. Enjoy the quiet.

GUIDE: Seven of Swords

Keep your ideas to yourself - guard them until it is time to reveal the plans.

MEDITATION: Knight of Swords

Though my thoughts come and go quickly, I am reminded to be vigilant of those which leave impact. There are messages for me in them. There could be glimplses of light in them.

SHADOW CARD: Knight of Cups

Find the passion in these quiet days.
Clarified: The High Priestess Use intuition regards which way to go.


A pause as we ready ourselves for the quiet of winter. Keep ideas and plans close to the vest until all the plans have been worked out. Stay alert to messages coming in, but keep seeking to be passionate through the intuitive realm.


The theme faces left. THe guide, while facing left is looking back at the information coming in from the meditation. The shadow brings up the rear, facing right. All directions are covered. Interesting.