Saturday, August 2, 2014

Taking Action

I had such a breakthrough, and now, it feels like all I think about is taking action, yet, I'm uncertain of what to do. I can do readings, but what readings? What questions.

I decided to look through the books I have; specifically the Mary Greer book, "Tarot For Yourself." I believe that would be the one which guides one through doing  psychological work, which will lead to healing.

I believe that is what I need to do. How do I do anything, if I'm not first healed?  So, my plan is to try that. I will have to maybe meet with Joanna, to get help on how to use the cards for this.

I've looked for some spreads over in Aecletic Tarot forum, which might help.

I DO know that the Paradigm Shift/Passage posts were very important. We'll see.

Now,I'm going to look for the book.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Only Way Out Is Through

July 21, 2014 - The Only Way Out Is Through

THEME: 20 - Awakening (2+0=2 Priestess Influence)

I see a cavern in the rocks, and I feel that I will find awakening, only if I look at my darkness, and understand, as well as accept that part of myself. I seek wisdom of Kwan Yin to Guide me on this Quest.

GUIDE: 11 - Justice (1+1=2 Priestess Influence)

When journeying into my darkness, remember that my own lightness is with me, and balances out and harmonizes my core. There is no light without darkness, just as there is no darkness without light.


Contemplate and see with new eyes what I find. All is useful to my journey, all has brought me to where I stand today. But judgement of self is unnecessary and will not help. Seek objective examination.

SHADOW CARD: Four of Earth

Thus begins a deeper journey. To understand myself, and why I am the way I am, wil allow for creating a firmer foundation, a stronger structure, and an organized approach to living more beautifully which leads to awakening.


There is no time like the present to wake up; to seek to know more. A new phase comes when I begin work on myself and I have a huge storehouse of information and knowledge to work with. Don't allow the knowledge to be hoarded by the parts of me which hide in darkness.


The Priestess guides me to The Mysteries. Her presence is especially strong.


The deep purple of the Awakening Sky, tinged with the red and yellows at the entrance to the cavern, flows into the robes of Justice, and the Ace of Air, morphs these into the delicate light which is like a lantern, held aloft for the journey. All of these mingle in the Four of Earth to Color my World with the yellows, gold and reds of an bright Autumn day.


Awakening and Justice tand as two sides of one coin; the first facing away, the second turning to face me. The newly formed butterfly looks up into the ether, and the squirrel faces it all to receive the information which filters in and works to sort, analyze, and arrange in proper order.


Justice, a personal card, is my GUIDE.