Friday, February 25, 2011

It's In The Cards


February 24, 2011

THEME: Four of Cups

This is very interesting. I have felt I am resisting my 'routine,' one which I set in place. I am unsure why I would do this. Though, I suspect it is my nature. The question arises: If something is my nature, do I follow it? I feel, having begun studying the Way as Pema Chodron discusses in her books [The Path of the Spiritual Warrior - A Shambhala Teaching] of approaching life, that the first step is to study myself. To learn [about] myself. This theme reflects who I am and could begin or be part of the information which brings me face to face with myself. No judgment; just seeing.

GUIDE: Eight of Wands

Great energy awaits my use, even as I am uncertain of where or how to spend it. Being aware is enough. Remember, part of the journey is to observe the energy of the feelings.

MEDITATION: Five of Wands

Struggle; part and parcel of life. This is specific to the struggle to idenfify myself - to define who I am.


The foundation speaks to the realm of inner work. The emotions, energy and struggle to define the path. The need to decide on what my path should look like. Like life, the way shifts constantly. Again, who I am is the key to successfully navigating the 'rocky road' of living.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Were I to think back a year ago today, usually I wouldn't remember many specifics. While it is a day of the celebration of my love life; of my marriage, it also is the day I joined AT! So it is also my anniversary. My reading has the singular focus on the former, but I can also see where tradition plays quite a role in what the past year has brought into my life; a tradition which, now, I can claim as my own.

THEME:   The Hierophant

Today is a day of traditions. It is a day when all celebrate love and each couple celebrates with their personal traditions which they have developed over time. Celebrate our love with our traditions.

GUIDE:    Page of Wands

The energy is good today; the day is a vacation from the daily world. Let love guide how our energy is used.

MEDITATION:    Three of Wands

Today, in each moment, is where our love florishes. Look toward the rewards which loving affords. Rejoice in the love and how that makes the day feel.

SHADOW CARD:   Transformation

Love is one of the great transformers. This is the foundation of the meaning of today: How our love transforms us constantly.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Advice on Helping Others


THEME:   The Hanged Man

To help others, I must seek to thinking as they do. Thus, be flexible in how I see the situations. New perspectives will expand my understanding of things as they currently are and what must be done to help change those things which will only harm us in the long run.

GUIDE:   Seven of Wands

Allow my approach to be open and ready for all eventualities. Maintain a strong energy front.

MEDITATION:  Page of Wands

Seek to work with energy conservation. Learn to control the way I do things so I can be the greatest help when needed.


Strive for balance between the practical and the Spiritual in my work. Intuition will be a great ally.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm Back!


I did a reading last night about my feelings with not doing a daily draw. I was going thru a withdrawal, and I wanted to return. During the time when I was trying to work with one card a week, I began working with sitting meditation. The result of the reading last night showed me how the two traditions can work together, and are, in fact, very useful to each other. Today's draw speaks directly to this decision.

THEME:   Six of Wands

This is about coming back to a 'way' of doing; returning in triumph and it is also about moving forward with my work.

GUIDE:   Two of Swords

There may be residual confusion about the process, but remaining balanced will help me to 'see' my way through, with my inner sense - intuition.

MEDITATION:    Eight of Wands

The energy from the excitement of this return is enhanced as doors open and opportunities present themselves. THIS is like the 'opening - out breath' stage of Tonglen. It is vast, like the universe. Use this as my guide in meditation.

SHADOW CARD   Four of Swords
The foundation is about resting the mind - letting go of the heaviness of thought during meditation. This affords my work in sitting meditation to go forth.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Money Makes The World Go Around

Four of Pentacles

My first meeting with this card was my first indication that all was not right in the Peaceful Kingdom. But it has many sides, and I have seen quite a lot more since. 
Looking at the image I see an old man sitting, coveting one thing, seeking to gather as much of it as he can. This represents clinging to something to the exclusion of all else.

The Pentacles are about work, and Spiritual endeavor; about the Earth, and things in the external world; the idea of abundance.

FOURS represent structure, stability, foundation, work, reality, organization, manifestation. Practical attainment, tangible results, crystalization, coagulation. Stagnation, logic, reason. Power and control. Discipline. The material world and the physical universe.

Corresponding Major Arcana
The Emperor

The Four of Pentacles is about maintaining Status Quo. The ideas of possession of things, balanced budget, financial security, are key words for this card. Beware of being too conservative. Fear of taking risks that a person may lose what they have comes into play here. Learn to delegate rather than doing everything yourself.
Fours can also represent a person who is an 'emotional black hole,' seeking affection, attention, all things from those around them, but rarely giving in return.
It seems I have a lot to work with this week.
As CF would say, 'Remind you of anyone?'

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Week At A Time


I had not put together the whole of the 'new adventures in reading,' when I decided to change. I suppose a day at a time will be the real guide. Should I need to draw another card before a week is up, then I will. But I think, to really learn about the cards, Temperance for a week [especially these days] will serve the better good.

I think sitting and working with a card for a week will allow me to get a better sense of the true meaning of the word, and the way it can impact my daily routine. I am combining [or hope to] my draw with beginning 'sitting meditation.' So Temperance begins the new approach.

In truth, it is a perfect card for this time. Between the weather's constant assault, and the pending move to the Apple Orchard District, to help care for my father, I'd say, keeping the idea of Temperance in my mind will benefit my sanity as well as allowing me to replenish my energy.

It also makes it easier for me to really see when and where I am not Temperate. I seek not to judge myself, but simply to observe what pushes my buttons. Unfortunately (is it?) it seems almost everything pushes them 'in these austere and uncertain days.'

The plan will be to draw on Sunday morning, and work with each card for a week. The question is whether I should work just with the Majors for now, or with the whole deck. Perhaps, this is another question for the cards?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The New Reading Way

Today I decided that the 'theme' Daily Reading was not helping me right now. So I asked the cards what type of daily reading would be best for me right now. I was thinking in terms of spreads, numbers of cards to work with. This was done with the same kind of 4 card (3 plus shadow) spread I used with the Theme/Guide/Meditation/Shadow cards.

This is what the cards told me today:

CARD ONE The Hermit

This speaks of using the cards from a meditative perspective. Consider a single card draw to contemplate throughout the day.

[of course, this leaves me with certain cards that may have me running around like a chicken without a head].

CARD TWO Nine of Swords

This guides me to not feed into my fears and cause greater difficulty. Consider the cards from more than just the 'image.' This is a card from the NINE perspective. What does Nine mean to me?

Spirituality comes to mind first. In 'Plain and Simple' nines can indicate: near the end of a phase; summing up before completion of a cycle. Preparation for the transition. Dreams. Bringing matters to a close. Creative Energy. Compassion, wisdom, understanding, service, mysticism, courage, and mastery. Corresponding Major: THE HERMIT.

CARD THREE Queen of Cups

The good, and loving mother. Queens are mother figures; mature women: myself - The Crone Joan. Personal Power. Represent a new level of understanding and awareness.

Situations and Advice of Queens:

This Queen offers the opportunity to turn inward and examine feelings about a matter. My hunches and intuition are reliable guides. Pay special attention to dreams and psychic perceptions.

Key words: Emotions, sensitivity, otherworldliness, intuition, perception, choice based on sincere feelings. Imagination. Remembrances. Visions. Dreams, kindness, psychic ability, empathy, Sixth Sense, sympathy, affection. Introspection, artistic creativity. Gentleness. Mystery. Occult interests. Prophecy, divination, mysticism, psychology, counseling. Atmosphere. Love of music and art. Generous. Stirrings of the heart.


Cunning, slyness, and Trickster. Competitive, cocky. Plays outside the rules. Wins at all costs. Beware the aspects of self that have a different agenda than the 'Driver.' Once aware of their presence, my point of view can turn to use their energy.


With the exception of The Hermit and the Five of Swords [interesting slip, calling it the Five of Words... hmmmm], I've taken the information from the PLAIN and SIMPLE book, and written down the keys and situational advice. Looking at the information of the Nine of Swords [the realm of thought] and the Queen of Cups [the realm of emotions], using the first card as the motif, with the others as clarifiers, in this case, the single card as a meditation is a good way to work with and learn more about the cards. The Hermit is about taking time to consider, contemplate, and examine at a greater depth, a single idea, matter, or problem, or question.

The nines, in this case, speak of bringing the Three Card Theme/Guide/Meditation plus Shadow card readings to a completion for the time being. The new cycle begins.

The Queen confirms the opportunity of turning inward to examine feelings, in particular, about the card of the day.

The Five of Swords brings in the 'be aware' aspect of how any work will still have those trickster parts that may be distracting, confounding, but also will shed light on a specific pot hole.

Perhaps the next step is to consider choosing the card from a fanned layout, rather than off the top of the deck. The answer may be 'in the cards.'

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rabbit Medicine

Rabbit Medicine

Today I asked a question of what message Rabbit brings me, since I saw a rabbit at dusk on the 22nd of January. I looked for information on Rabbit Medicine, and now I seek to understand how Rabbit Medicine is guiding me here and now.

THEME: Strength

This speaks of the gentle, loving strength of no-action, to understand the dynamics of the situation (which is likely our move to the Apple Orchard District).

GUIDE: Nine of Swords

Do not fear no-action. It does not help move a situation forward. Fretting only wastes energy unnecessarily, and does not add to how to use the time contructively (getting medic alert, for instance, and gathering other information needed).

MEDITATION: Four of Wands

This is also part of the dance of life. Contemplate the structure of things (use of energy for example) so there is balance between work and rest.

SHADOW CARD: Four of Swords

Rest is clarified for the Meditation. Use the cycle of no-action to build up reserves of energy. The body and mind need this kind of break. Seek the greatest way to rest for the work ahead.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Watch and Wait


THEME: Two of Wands

My gaze is drawn to the red rim of his hat, noting that he is looking out toward the world. My eye is then caught by the globe held in his hand. This speaks of having the courage to wait and watch; to take the time to balance my energy. It is a time to practice being in each moment as it flows by.

GUIDE: Seven of Cups

As I wait, I can consider how I will feel about each moment; consider the options which are possible in each moment. Will I react to feeling how I always feel in certain situations? Will I cling to certain beliefs about an event? There is always choice.

MEDITATION: King of Cups

Seeking to accept a feeling about something, but to be willing to let it go after observing it, acknowledging it, is the way of the Spiritual Warrior. Contemplate the embrace of accepting continual change, while remaining still within.

SHADOW CARD: Page of Cups

Remain curious. This is the stance of the Spiritual Warrior. Learn my own emotions.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


In the middle of the night, awake, and unable to work out some problems, I did a full celtic cross reading. At the 'where I am right now' position, the TEMPTATION [devil] card came up. So this morning, I did my daily draw with the question, 'what is my temptation?' in mind, while shuffling.

THEME:  The Hermit

It would be my greatest tendancy to disappear - to step back away from life, but not into inner work; rather into another part of myself - an other - who does not have my responsibilities.


To pretend that I am spiritual?

GUIDE:  Nine of Wands

Seek not to feel that I am wounded and that I stand between rounds of a battle. Spending time looking toward the future for any reason takes me out of being in THIS moment, and much is missed when my mind and energy is else where.

MEDITATION:  Six of Swords

Contemplate the journey in the here and now - do not cling to victories of the past - nor to the losses; and do not think that I know what lies ahead, either. Be cognisant of who I am and what I think and feel right now, and then let it go as I open into the next moment.

That was right on my mind as should being in this reading. This is an extreme time of upheaval. Seek not to spend time moping over any moment, or I'll miss the present moment, that can teach me how to get through it all.

Even as we are tumbled from the heights of our santuary, the light is released from the darkness in which we'd been living in that very moment. Lean into the upheaval. Seek to accept the experience and then the next one, and the one after that.

Friday, January 14, 2011


THEME: The Chariot

For forward movement to gain the best results, find a balance between all those involved. Seek harmonious negotiations and approach aspects creatively.

GUIDE: Page of Wands

Energy conservation in any activity takes practice. Controlling the amount of Energy coming in and going out is akin to dieting; but the Energy needed to go forth physically is conserved differently than Energy needed on an emotional and mental level. Study the various way the whole being uses energy.

MEDITATION: Three of Swords

Sometimes it is important to cut to the heart of the matter. Consider how to diplomatically maneuver thinking in such a way as to achieve the goals, but be frank about the 'heart' of the matter.

SHADOW CARD: Six of Pentacles

Remember that all things done in concert with others require a give and take. Be generous with praise to encourage forward movement.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Vacation


THEME: Four of Wands

Today is about my lover and me. We celebrate time together; a quiet time just for us. This is a 'mini' vacation, where we do what we want and be who we are; not worrying about the world outside.

GUIDE: Two of Cups

I am guided to renew the togetherness of my lover and myself; to toast our vacation and to toast the freedom to be and do what WE want.

MEDITATION: Page of Pentacles

With time off from outside considerations, I can contemplate my inner journey, put into motion the things I've been thinking about doing. This is a day to begin and/or resume work on the goals I have in mind for my inner journey.

SHADOW CARD: Ten of Cups

This is about the family I have built, as opposed to the family into which I was born. Dream more about the way things will be when we are just us.


Danace the dance of life with my lover and life's companion. Take time for my own inner work, and concentrate on continuing to create the perfect way of life.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reinventing the Wheel


THEME: Wheel of Fortune

Most days bring many feelings, and so, too, will this day. There are many volatile situations at this time. Work not to get stuck in any one spot.

GUIDE: The Star

The Star is my Guide today, and speaks about honoring my path. Balance myself between the mundance and the Spiritual Dance. Use all my senses for a fuller experience of life and respect myself and others for we are all connected.

MEDITATION: Six of Swords

Move forward in thinking about the plans and readying myself so the action which follows thought will keep things in motion, going in the right direction. Consider the best way to achieve the plan.

SHADOW CARD: Seven of Pentacles

As I progress, be sure to take a moment here and there to assess the way things are moving. Be alert for obstacles and for pitt falls and adjust my plans accordingly.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Time Out


THEME: Nine of Wands

I take a breather today so I can resume the struggle tomorrow. This is about stepping back and keeping still. It is readying myself for the 'next round;' Perhpas stratagizing and considering what needs to be done, and thinking of better, more efficient ways to do it.

GUIDE: Temptation

When I feel tempted to hide from what life is giving me, turn toward what things may come instead of turning away from them. Lean in to it, and accept it and find that soft tenderness in the fear, or the anger, or whatever I might be feeling or thinking about it.

MEDITATION: King of Pentacles

Consider the idea of making myself at home in all situations, with all thoughts and feelings, working with that which I least want. Recreate it from the big and monsterous thing it appears to be, to a small and loving and cuddly 'thing.'

SHADOW CARD Knight of Cups

Let love be my guide. Move into all moments with an open heart and an open mind.

Further Thoughts

As I was laying out the cards this morning, I suddenly realized that I was unsure if I'd actually pulled the shadow card from the bottom of the deck or if it had also been from the top of the deck.

Thus, after I looked at each card, and wrote about it, I also looked at what I'd laid down 'thinking' it was the shadow card, but not paying attention and just pulling it from the top.

The Star brings her influence to me, urging me to experience everything with all five senses. Open myself up (as the King recommends) to every moment.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

In This Moment


THEME: Queen of Cups

Be a compasionate being, especially with myself. Let my heart shine through in what must be done. Find the soothing and quiet places when I need to step back to take a breather.

GUIDE: Strength

The greatest kind of strength is the soft and tender strength. Approach that which needs to be tamed (even within myself) with love and compassion.

MEDITATION: Eight of Pentacles

Focus on the task in each moment. Live in the moment and not in what I believe lies ahead, nor in the past. Be Here Now!

SHADOW CARD: The Magician

Work to master the moment. The most efficient way to learn is to be balanced and be present to the the moment. Wasting energy on an unknown future, or on a past which no longer serves our progress, robs us of this moment.

Some interesting things

I note that there are two eights and a one. Eight and eight equals 16, and 16 plus 1 equal 17, which when reduced is 8. The Eights are the place to seek clarification.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How To Make Friends and Influence Myself


Today, within the pages of the book I am reading, there was a recommendation to make good friends with myself. Again, I am faced with how do I do this? I used my daily draw for this question.

THEME: The Hermit - 9

It begins with going within. Shine a light upon my inner world and examine myself, but without judgement. Observe myself in all aspects and identify all my feelings, thoughts, attitudes. Don't judge them, but ask myself if they are necessary and ask myself why and why not, and then move on.

GUIDE: Ten of Wands

When looking within, seek not to do this while carrying the worries and thoughts of the day with me. Seek not to be distracted by other things. Sit when I have the time to look at what I have found. Make a list of my thoughts, feelings, and attitudes, ways and actions, and then sit later and go over the list to understand them. Remember that carrying outer burdens while doing this exercise will not allow me to give complete attention to my task. Let go of burdens for this time and task.

MEDITATION: Two of Wands

Contemplation for this exercise require balance between doing and keeping still and waiting and watching.

SHADOW CARD: Six of Pentacles

The foundation for this requires time be taken. Give myself time. Put off other leisure things to do this. However, remember the entire process happens not just in meditation, but in each moment. Just observe, then sit and consider what information I have gathered about myself.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Clinging 101


THEME: Four of Pentacles

Clinging 101. Today I will find people [myself included] tending to cling to the thoughts, situations, and feelings of the past year. Clinging to things keeps me from living in THIS moment. A Quest goes nowhere if I remain mired in the moments of yester year. Enough is enough of this goblin mud!

GUIDE: Six of Wands

Move forward, but don't forget to bring your mind with you. Mindful living is the only way to progress.

MEDITATION: Page of Pentacles

Contemplate upon what I wish to achieve. Envision the way to achieve it, then proceed.

SHADOW CARD: Six of Swords

The foundation is the realm of thought. Without clinging to the specifics, journey forth with lessons of the steps before this one guiding and lighting the way.


Holding onto the past will not afford forward movement. Consider what is to be done and allow lessons learned to guide me.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Endings and Beginnings


THEME: Ten of Wands

A good cautionary word to begin the year: beware of over burdening myself, trying to take care of everything at one time; trying to rush to put all my New Year's ducks in a row. As in all things, there will be times when I have too much coming in to handle the whole load, especially by myself. We seek to enter the new year, leaving the old, unnecessary things behind. Still, there are things that do carry over, simply due to the fact that they are unfinished, and all things have a beginning, middle and an end. Not everything ends on a schedule. Life has its own flow which does not follow the calendar of our species.

GUIDE: Six of Cups

I am being given a gift on this day: a chance to see things differently; to feel differently about the many things I have been dealing with; to not see them as burdens but as part of the Quest. I have awakened to find I've been on it from the start.

MEDITATION: Seven of Cups

This is a good day to reflect upon what I want to do when each moment arrives. It is my choice how to react. Dream of how I want to BE and then seek to BECOME.

SHADOW CARD: Ten of Cups

I want everyone to have what they need and want, but each person is responsible for creating their own happiness. I tend to mine, and each 'other' must tend to theirs. I am not responsible for how someone else chooses to react to life.


I head into the new year with some of the burdens of last year, as they are part and parcel of the natural flow of life. I am given the opportunity to choose what I want, and let go of that which does not serve me personally, nor the better good. Consider what I want, to create a better way of living.

It is interesting that the reading begins and ends with a TEN. Ten speaks of endings, which of course flows into the next beginning... reduced they are natural beginnings. I note that in the beginning there are burdens, but these evolve to become the perfect ending, as each thing is worked out, or completed, and we can sit happily in our rockers on the porch, looking out at the world, allowing it to go by, while we take 'ten' to enjoy the roses.