Monday, January 10, 2011

Time Out


THEME: Nine of Wands

I take a breather today so I can resume the struggle tomorrow. This is about stepping back and keeping still. It is readying myself for the 'next round;' Perhpas stratagizing and considering what needs to be done, and thinking of better, more efficient ways to do it.

GUIDE: Temptation

When I feel tempted to hide from what life is giving me, turn toward what things may come instead of turning away from them. Lean in to it, and accept it and find that soft tenderness in the fear, or the anger, or whatever I might be feeling or thinking about it.

MEDITATION: King of Pentacles

Consider the idea of making myself at home in all situations, with all thoughts and feelings, working with that which I least want. Recreate it from the big and monsterous thing it appears to be, to a small and loving and cuddly 'thing.'

SHADOW CARD Knight of Cups

Let love be my guide. Move into all moments with an open heart and an open mind.

Further Thoughts

As I was laying out the cards this morning, I suddenly realized that I was unsure if I'd actually pulled the shadow card from the bottom of the deck or if it had also been from the top of the deck.

Thus, after I looked at each card, and wrote about it, I also looked at what I'd laid down 'thinking' it was the shadow card, but not paying attention and just pulling it from the top.

The Star brings her influence to me, urging me to experience everything with all five senses. Open myself up (as the King recommends) to every moment.

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