Saturday, January 29, 2011

The New Reading Way

Today I decided that the 'theme' Daily Reading was not helping me right now. So I asked the cards what type of daily reading would be best for me right now. I was thinking in terms of spreads, numbers of cards to work with. This was done with the same kind of 4 card (3 plus shadow) spread I used with the Theme/Guide/Meditation/Shadow cards.

This is what the cards told me today:

CARD ONE The Hermit

This speaks of using the cards from a meditative perspective. Consider a single card draw to contemplate throughout the day.

[of course, this leaves me with certain cards that may have me running around like a chicken without a head].

CARD TWO Nine of Swords

This guides me to not feed into my fears and cause greater difficulty. Consider the cards from more than just the 'image.' This is a card from the NINE perspective. What does Nine mean to me?

Spirituality comes to mind first. In 'Plain and Simple' nines can indicate: near the end of a phase; summing up before completion of a cycle. Preparation for the transition. Dreams. Bringing matters to a close. Creative Energy. Compassion, wisdom, understanding, service, mysticism, courage, and mastery. Corresponding Major: THE HERMIT.

CARD THREE Queen of Cups

The good, and loving mother. Queens are mother figures; mature women: myself - The Crone Joan. Personal Power. Represent a new level of understanding and awareness.

Situations and Advice of Queens:

This Queen offers the opportunity to turn inward and examine feelings about a matter. My hunches and intuition are reliable guides. Pay special attention to dreams and psychic perceptions.

Key words: Emotions, sensitivity, otherworldliness, intuition, perception, choice based on sincere feelings. Imagination. Remembrances. Visions. Dreams, kindness, psychic ability, empathy, Sixth Sense, sympathy, affection. Introspection, artistic creativity. Gentleness. Mystery. Occult interests. Prophecy, divination, mysticism, psychology, counseling. Atmosphere. Love of music and art. Generous. Stirrings of the heart.


Cunning, slyness, and Trickster. Competitive, cocky. Plays outside the rules. Wins at all costs. Beware the aspects of self that have a different agenda than the 'Driver.' Once aware of their presence, my point of view can turn to use their energy.


With the exception of The Hermit and the Five of Swords [interesting slip, calling it the Five of Words... hmmmm], I've taken the information from the PLAIN and SIMPLE book, and written down the keys and situational advice. Looking at the information of the Nine of Swords [the realm of thought] and the Queen of Cups [the realm of emotions], using the first card as the motif, with the others as clarifiers, in this case, the single card as a meditation is a good way to work with and learn more about the cards. The Hermit is about taking time to consider, contemplate, and examine at a greater depth, a single idea, matter, or problem, or question.

The nines, in this case, speak of bringing the Three Card Theme/Guide/Meditation plus Shadow card readings to a completion for the time being. The new cycle begins.

The Queen confirms the opportunity of turning inward to examine feelings, in particular, about the card of the day.

The Five of Swords brings in the 'be aware' aspect of how any work will still have those trickster parts that may be distracting, confounding, but also will shed light on a specific pot hole.

Perhaps the next step is to consider choosing the card from a fanned layout, rather than off the top of the deck. The answer may be 'in the cards.'

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