Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reinventing the Wheel


THEME: Wheel of Fortune

Most days bring many feelings, and so, too, will this day. There are many volatile situations at this time. Work not to get stuck in any one spot.

GUIDE: The Star

The Star is my Guide today, and speaks about honoring my path. Balance myself between the mundance and the Spiritual Dance. Use all my senses for a fuller experience of life and respect myself and others for we are all connected.

MEDITATION: Six of Swords

Move forward in thinking about the plans and readying myself so the action which follows thought will keep things in motion, going in the right direction. Consider the best way to achieve the plan.

SHADOW CARD: Seven of Pentacles

As I progress, be sure to take a moment here and there to assess the way things are moving. Be alert for obstacles and for pitt falls and adjust my plans accordingly.

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