Saturday, January 8, 2011

In This Moment


THEME: Queen of Cups

Be a compasionate being, especially with myself. Let my heart shine through in what must be done. Find the soothing and quiet places when I need to step back to take a breather.

GUIDE: Strength

The greatest kind of strength is the soft and tender strength. Approach that which needs to be tamed (even within myself) with love and compassion.

MEDITATION: Eight of Pentacles

Focus on the task in each moment. Live in the moment and not in what I believe lies ahead, nor in the past. Be Here Now!

SHADOW CARD: The Magician

Work to master the moment. The most efficient way to learn is to be balanced and be present to the the moment. Wasting energy on an unknown future, or on a past which no longer serves our progress, robs us of this moment.

Some interesting things

I note that there are two eights and a one. Eight and eight equals 16, and 16 plus 1 equal 17, which when reduced is 8. The Eights are the place to seek clarification.

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