Thursday, September 30, 2010

Daily Draw

Finally, a day off; and a rainy one at that! No going out, (okay, a quick trip to the library, and back), just sort of lazing around, dreaming dreams, thinking about what's next, and curling up in a cozy chair and reading. It's IN the cards!


THEME: Seven of Cups

It's rainy days and Sundays... so the words go... and today is the former and it is a day to dream. The choicfes are many and anyone of my day dreams could, with work, become reality.

GUIDE: Four of Swords

Even within the daily routine of being 'off' there are some small things to be done, but I am guided to relax, and enjoy the rest on a day such as this one affords. The theme flows into this quite nicely.

MEDITATION: Five of Wands

While resting and dreaming, use this time, as well, to meditate on some of the struggles that have popped up. With space away and time to work on coming up with solutions to keeping molehills from becoming mountains. Consider the best way to smooth things over.

SHADOW CARD: Ace of Swords

Welcome to the realm of thought my friends. This underscores the whole day quite well, and allows me to hone my strategic skills. Feed the brain and ideas will materialize more easily.


Tis a day spent in the mind's arena. Resting the body gives time to work out current struggles and with else to do today, clarity of thought will rule the day!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whistle While You Work


THEME: Two of Pentacles

Balance is the name of the game. Remain in the moments but guide them in the space ships of the imagination. One mundane moment should be balanced by a spirit activity or a turn in the playground.

GUIDE: Six of Cups

Play 'Remembere When,' during the day, as I become involved with something. Take a moment to remember something that particular activity reminds me of.

MEDITATION: Temperance

Remember to not overdo anything. Meditate on the idea of moderation in all thought and action and to balance each out with a moderate opposite thought or action.

SHADOW CARD: The High Priestess

She stresses the idea of keeping a blance, as well, especially between the mundane and the spiritual activity.


It means BALANCE, with a capital B and that rhymes with C and that stands for Cool. Walk in balance. One work, one play, and don't forget to remember something I've done like it in each moment.
Be moderate and let the intuition guide the day.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Birth of an Idea


THEME: The Empress

This day will be the fertile grouind in which to give birth to the ideas which will help the progress of all that I'd like to accomplish.

GUIDE: Seven of Swords

It is best to keep my plans and ideas under wraps until the time is right to reveal them.

MEDITATION: Four of Swords

Meditate on the celebration of a successful endeavor. Remember, this is a dance for two.

SHADOW CARD: The Magician

Mastery and high energy along with clear thinking will be the foundation to make my plans a reality.


Giving birth to ideas, but keeping these plans to myself until the right time, will allow a smooth progress. Meditation on the celebration of the success will help to bring it to the light of day, and the foundation, upon which it all rests is the mastery of the things in the material world. Utilize the high energy which is present, and think things through clearly.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: Four of Swords

Today is about resting and reflection. It flows from the past week of revelry, to rest up before the work ahead.

GUIDE: Page of Swords

I am guided to think clearly today; to listen for and see what messages come my way through other beings in the Realm.

MEDITATION: Six of Swords

Reflect upon the obstacles I've gone through. Treat each morning as a rite of passage completed. Glide peacefully across to the next shore. I know my Guides are always with me.


It is time to realize I am never in the dark. I carry the light of Spirit and Enlightenment within me. Study the landscape of every moment when I feel stuck and read it like a card. The answers are always right there inside me. Find the spread with which to read the world and the moments in which I dwell.


Take things slowly, and open my mind to the messages in the world. Remember past experiences to help puzzle out the present. Use the FORCE, Luke!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mabon Daily Draw Reflection

Daily Draw

THEME: Eight of Swords

My eye is drawn to the rays of the sun coming up from behind the clouds; I am beginning to understand there is a possibility that I am not stuck. If I just move, I will see that I do not have to be, in fact, imprisoned in the clutches of fear, and will be able to work my way out of this rut.

GUIDE: Two of Swords

So, I have moved, and am sitting upon - where I do not know - but I am guided to feel balance returning. I must face my fears in order to maintain this balance, and continue to work my way out of this rut.

MEDITATION: Page of Pentacles

Like the young novice, I know if I meditate upon the symbol of my faith, I will find my way with eyes wide open to the core of my spirit being, and can continue to study, and work.

SHADOW CARD Five of Wands

I must understand, as with all things, there will be a struggle to find my place again. If I work with all aspects, assure all aspects that there is a place for each of them, then all the pieces will fall into place.


My imprisonment is self-created, and in that understanding, I begin to find balance. Keep the faith, and meditate on my purpose, and this will help me work through this current struggle.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Aces High


THEME: Ace of Cups

The day will be filled with all that is good on the emotional front. Moments will be filled with wonder and it will manifest in a generally feel good day.

GUIDE: Ace of Swords

With such good emotion flowing, I am guided to maintain clarity of thought. Use this time to my advantage to plan and organize for the Turning of the Wheel and to convey ideas for things that will help others.

MEDITATION: Six of Pentacles

The Guide lends credence to the idea of 'sharing' (giving to help others) with those who need it; this will bring success for them. Remind them that hard work will pay off. Meditate on what to say and how to say it.

SHADOW CARD: Queen of Pentacles

The Queen will lead the best way to thinking things out; how to do things. Patience is paramount in giving advice. Find the maternal instinct to fulfill my goals to help.


With perfect emotional and mental balance, it will help to convey the message I have. Retain a charitable demeanor and remember to think before acting.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Out With The Old, In With The New


THEME: Eight of Wands

The energy of this time of year is as abundant as the harvest. Today will continue to be a high energy time, giving way to creativity. Do the things you want to do as well as those you need to do.

GUIDE: Eight of Cups

With the energy so high, beginning new things will come easier. Also, clearing away that which is no longer needed. Face the Brave New World uncluttered with things of the past which don't serve you.


This is the perfect time to move forward. Meditate on what comes next. Focus on plans, but also on the details.


The Great Mother of Tarot underscores the idea of putting things in order. A little nesting will go a long way. Nurture your home (both mundane and Spiritual). Cleanse your homes and enjoy the process.


A time of gret energy ope the way for new endeavors. Moving forward will be easy and the maternal instinct will be supportive of your plans.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cruising With Illusion and Delusion


THEME: Five of Cups

Today may be filled with a sense of FEELING stuck. I often have tunnel vision when it comes to hitting obstacles. But the day can also be the opportunity of turning to see there is a way out of this 'rut' and the path is STILL beneath my feet.

GUIDE: Nine of Wands

I am licking my wounds waiting for the next round. With tomorrow in my mind, I find myself waiting to see what will happen next. I am guided to take advantage of this resting period, to renew my energy; to clear and cleanse myself and remain grounded.

MEDITATION: Eight of Swords

Even while I feel I stand against all odds, I am guided to meditate on the reality that this feeling is self-created and to live mindfully, in the moment, where I am not bound and blind-folded

SHADOW CARD: Wheel of Fortune

This speaks quite well of the whole reading. I am stuck at the bottom of the wheel, clinging to all the negatives. Let go. This too shall pass.


I begin turned in on myself. I am guided to look up, at what I'm doing - binding and blinding myself to it. Meditation allows me to hear the mechanism of the Wheel. It is illusion! Know this and I am free!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Daily Draw


THEME: The Lovers

This is a day to concentrate on my partner and me. This will be a day to let our love shine more brightly and to support each other.

GUIDE: Ten of Wands

I am guided to NOT let the burden of the past weigh me down. Move forward slowly, until I can let some of the energy of my anger about the events of yesterday to disapate.


My eye is drawn to the sword and I am reminded to let rational thought in. Meditate on how to proceed; what is the best in this moment. Balance my thoughts so the scales are not tipped in any one direction.


Someone recently suggested that THE MOON often casts shadows to make things appear other than they really are. If my thinking goes awry, keep in mind that I may not be seeing what really happened, but rather through glasses of bias. The ripples seen in the pond are also of thought, as well as those of action.


Concentrate on loving and support in this 'healing' time. Don't let all the burdens of the past weigh on me. See with clarity how to proceed and to not allow the shadows to mislead me. Progress is made when I can let go of the past.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: Four of Cups

There is a feeling of discontent. I have had more moments of this of late and it has me looking at what this is about. What is gnawing at me? This will be a day of contemplating this conundrum. Remember, THE WOMEN movie... it stirred up some things.

GUIDE: Two of Cups

I'm being guided to seek the answer with an open mind and an open heart, approaching thoughts and feelings with love.

MEDITATION: Queen of Swords

Cut Through the emotional tangle with a sharp mind.

SHADOW CARD: Six of Wands

Today the Shadow Card speaks of the outcome, if I follow the course laid out above: Triumph! An answer will come to light.


Puzzling out a problem will be triumphant if I approach it with an open and loving heart and a sharp and clear mind.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: The Seeker

New journies, new beginnings and everyday is a new day with no mistakes in it yet. But are there mistakes really? More like opportunities to learn lessons. My eye sees the white rose wreath with the feather in it and the flute. I walk freely with an open, pure heart and mind, following the music of Nature.

GUIDE: Seven of Wands

I am guided to be at the ready for any eventuality; to stand strong and let go of fear. Face adversity fearlessly.

MEDITATION: Ten of Pentacles

These are hard times for the family. Keeping all the members of the family in my heart, sending healing thoughts to all.

SHADOW CARD: The Magician

This speaks of the journey; it is a time for healing, to be ready for anything. It involves the family and using all the best of the elements will be needed. There is strength, courage, passion and mastery at my finger tips.

WHAT IT ALL MEANS: See this as a new beginning. Stand strong, and be at the ready. Concentrate on the family... this is the foundation of the reading and meditation. Find the strength, courage, passion and mastery from this teacher in navigating the day and the events within.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two of Wands

This is different. There is a greater quiet in this Wand card. As with the 2 of Pentacles, this person is dressed in all the clolors, as if all the elements are represented; all take part in the balance.

A young man stands, looking out upon the water from a castle. The sky is peacefully cloudy. He is seen from a semi-profile, his back to the viewer. He holds a wand in his left hand and a second wand is secured to the battlement wall - showing he stands in balance. He hold a globe in his right hand - he is worldly; has the world at his finger tips. He appears very controlled, yet gives a sense of meditating. This is peaceful. Well balanced. Looking outward, forward.

[key] kindness, generosity, intelligent, creative.

Wait and watch.

Balance between stillness and activity = Active Waiting.