Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mabon Daily Draw Reflection

Daily Draw

THEME: Eight of Swords

My eye is drawn to the rays of the sun coming up from behind the clouds; I am beginning to understand there is a possibility that I am not stuck. If I just move, I will see that I do not have to be, in fact, imprisoned in the clutches of fear, and will be able to work my way out of this rut.

GUIDE: Two of Swords

So, I have moved, and am sitting upon - where I do not know - but I am guided to feel balance returning. I must face my fears in order to maintain this balance, and continue to work my way out of this rut.

MEDITATION: Page of Pentacles

Like the young novice, I know if I meditate upon the symbol of my faith, I will find my way with eyes wide open to the core of my spirit being, and can continue to study, and work.

SHADOW CARD Five of Wands

I must understand, as with all things, there will be a struggle to find my place again. If I work with all aspects, assure all aspects that there is a place for each of them, then all the pieces will fall into place.


My imprisonment is self-created, and in that understanding, I begin to find balance. Keep the faith, and meditate on my purpose, and this will help me work through this current struggle.

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