Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two of Wands

This is different. There is a greater quiet in this Wand card. As with the 2 of Pentacles, this person is dressed in all the clolors, as if all the elements are represented; all take part in the balance.

A young man stands, looking out upon the water from a castle. The sky is peacefully cloudy. He is seen from a semi-profile, his back to the viewer. He holds a wand in his left hand and a second wand is secured to the battlement wall - showing he stands in balance. He hold a globe in his right hand - he is worldly; has the world at his finger tips. He appears very controlled, yet gives a sense of meditating. This is peaceful. Well balanced. Looking outward, forward.

[key] kindness, generosity, intelligent, creative.

Wait and watch.

Balance between stillness and activity = Active Waiting.

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