Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cruising With Illusion and Delusion


THEME: Five of Cups

Today may be filled with a sense of FEELING stuck. I often have tunnel vision when it comes to hitting obstacles. But the day can also be the opportunity of turning to see there is a way out of this 'rut' and the path is STILL beneath my feet.

GUIDE: Nine of Wands

I am licking my wounds waiting for the next round. With tomorrow in my mind, I find myself waiting to see what will happen next. I am guided to take advantage of this resting period, to renew my energy; to clear and cleanse myself and remain grounded.

MEDITATION: Eight of Swords

Even while I feel I stand against all odds, I am guided to meditate on the reality that this feeling is self-created and to live mindfully, in the moment, where I am not bound and blind-folded

SHADOW CARD: Wheel of Fortune

This speaks quite well of the whole reading. I am stuck at the bottom of the wheel, clinging to all the negatives. Let go. This too shall pass.


I begin turned in on myself. I am guided to look up, at what I'm doing - binding and blinding myself to it. Meditation allows me to hear the mechanism of the Wheel. It is illusion! Know this and I am free!!!

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