Wednesday, June 30, 2010


"When she says she wants forgiveness
Such a clever masquerade
She's so good with her stilleto
You don't even see the blade..."*

~ ~ ~

Here I was, hanging with the Blades, as I affectionately thought of them. It made me think of a Vampire movie, and that gave the blood-thirsty element a different slant. I couldn't help think of something from another lifetime, "this is probably a bad idea, but I've already signed up for it." Who knows, I might learn a thing or two, if not about defending my life, at least about whether that part of my brain is tick-tocking away and the kind of integrity, or just how gritty I am.

It wasn't all pats on the back and handshakes, like that courtroom scene from "Alice's Restaurant" where the bad dudes think more of the litter bug once he reveals he also was in for creating a disturbance, but I got three squares and might even have a roof over my head come nighttime.

I was ushered back toward the inner realms of this kingdom, and had chance to meet the king's better half; at least from first appearances, it would seem. Yes, it was the same landscape, but rather more welcoming. Still the thunderheads swirled, but the rising sun shining through gave me cause for hope. Where the Queen was standing, I noted a beautiful, albeit, out of place outcropping of roses, encroaching onto the withering grass.

The Queen, dressed in the same colors as the king, is quite more regal looking, from her flowing gown and cloak, the inside of which held a pattern of transformative butterflies. While she is holding a sword, and not simply with ease, but with the promise that she could use it quite as well as any in the kingdom, she reaches out a welcoming other hand. She actually wears a crown, and her hair is bound. My first glimpse of her is in profile so it is hard to read her expression.

My one thought is, if she could hold her own in her relationship with this King, she's sharp (pun intended). Whether that is of wit, mind, or tongue, I will soon find out.


Here is a strong woman who is quick witted, is probably more logical in her approach to living than intuitive. I think she controls the kingdom with ease, and knows exactly what she wants, born of time spent in the school of hard knocks, which may make her less compassionate about other people's hardship.

*song for the Queen of Swords: Stilleto by Billy Joel

Monday, June 28, 2010

Daily Draw With A Twist

Daily Draw

THEME The Hermit

This speaks of a quiet day. I am drawn to the old Hermit's hooded head, and the staff which he holds with his left hand, and note the red feather attached to near the top. Even while we do have a few errands to run, it will be a day where I can take the time to contemplate the inner work I am doing; to review what I have done, and to learn more about manifesting the ideas which are coming into my life. Having just passed another Turn of the Wheel, I work with the information of the Solstice reading. It will be day for writing up the plans brought to light during that reading.


This is QUITE interesting. A place holder card from the pack, which I often use to separate the cards I've read so I can review them given the chance, ended up in the GUIDE spot (I had not realized that I didn't remove it today). It is a FIVE card spread card that came with the deck. I will do a five card spread after I finish doing this Daily, to find out about my guide.

The Question would obviously be: Which card is my Guide for today.



This is a happy sight. I have found a connection to The Magician which grows stronger with each day, and each time he comes to me in a reading. I see his smile first. I sense that he is happy to be here, that I will have the chance to meditate on my day with him; to meditate on him. His lessons are important for me. I have recently been planning on creating a sacerd space for my work; insight gained through many recent readings. The Magician has come to me in the Full Moon Reading of this Saturday past as the 'Blessing and Spiritual Direction' card. And the before that The Magician came to me as the 'Plant' in "The Growing" reading; teaching me about mastering the plan of creating a ritual I needed for my work. And the day before that in my daily draw, The Magician came, again, as my Meditation card. Today I will have time to meditate on how The Magician guides me, and to learn more about the ways of mastery, and the ways of magic. I remember that he was my first teacher as my journey began. I believe that this card today suggests to take time to contemplate how "magic works."

SHADOW CARD Ten Of Pentacles

This is a good and happy card to see here, for all I do in this day will be satisfying. This is about how the day will be completed, when the shadows grow long, I will be able to sit back and see the progress of my day. Happy Trails; Happy Endings.

What It All Means:

As the day begin in quiet solitude, I can take time to look at how my journey is shaping up, to seeking my Guide, and enjoy the mastery of meditation itself. Today is about the abundance of moving through the day mindfully, and watching my work taking shape.

~ ~ ~


The question is about My Guiding card for the day. The Emperor speaks of structure, and rules. But what are the rules for such situations. The card actually gave me instructions. That is plain enough. So The Emperor would suggest that I follow the structure of this card.

Card 2. THE STAR
Rituals R Us. Seeking knowledge as the light begins to shine on that which is sought. The Star shows that The Guide is found within ritual.

Appropriately, this card shows that I have tried to find my Guide by seeking other perspectives, and perhaps doing it the hard way, but that is the adventure, after all.

This speaks of strength coming from 'co-workers' which in this case, since the work is with my teacher, would be the Strength of The Hermit (Enlightenment and Guiding), The Magician (Mastery and the courage to follow my heart) and The Ten of Pentacles, the Gathering of all to find the prize.

Card 5: Temptation
This is quite interesting. My Guide is the Distractors, which this sojourn may well have shown me how easy it is to become distracted, drawn in. Yet, I see it as a good card from the Guidance point of view. It is always important to keep my eye on temptations that insinuate themselves in my life.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sharper Image


"Well there is a reward
To live and die by the sword."*

~ ~ ~

I must admit when I left The Peaceful Kingdom, I was feeling a bit melancholy. I would miss that place, and had made many friends, and learned quite many lessons. My thoughts were still on the abundant landscape of the Earth Suit when I suddenly felt the wind pick up, a coldness cutting through the air, as if I'd stepped across an invisible threshold.

Besides the change in weather, I noted, as well, that the lush green of the Peaceful Kingdom had become a drab, dying countryside. I was startled by the contrast and suddenly became alert to my surroundings. I searched the low hills and the road ahead for other travelers which I was sure were nearby. As the road curved around a sharp bend, I stopped in my tracks. The road had ended and there, in the brown tufts of lifeless grasses, a burly older man blocked my way, planted right where the road petered out. The wind sent his cloak swirling around him. His arms were across his chest, with a sword clutched in one hand. He wore a helmet with the black feathers, possibly those of ravens, standing straight up toward the darkening sky. There were thunderheads behind this man, who seemed implacable in his stance.

I would have liked to turn and head back from where I had come, but I sensed it might end badly for me had I done that, though, to be honest, I wasn't sure it still would not. That he was a warrior I was sure of, but was he a lone wolf? A wolfshead?

Suddenly his voice cut the silence, "Will you fight?"

"Me?" I asked, trying to hide that I had gulped at the very thought.

"With me." He said, plainly, though still challengingly.

For a brief moment, I thought he was throwing down the gauntlet directly to me. But he'd said with him, hadn't he? To stand with him. "I have no weapons," I said, which should have been obvious enough by my, now, haphazard garb, a chaotic collection of bits and pieces I'd picked up along the way, adding to my once almost pristine happy harlequin outfit. I might have looked like a bum to the uninitiated eye.

"Aye, nor armor." he gestured with his sword. "But that can be fixed." A young man scurried up to stand next to this man, arms filled with all a warrior would need. The young man walked halfway to me and dropped the belongings to the ground, then turned and scurried back. "Say you'll fight, and it's all yours."

I wasn't even about to ask what the consequences of conscientious objections would be, and I knew that I had in some unofficial (or perhaps a more official way than I realized) made a pact to accept all that came my way, and to learn from it. Slowly I picked up the selection of chain mail, boots, and even a matching tunic to this warrior's: a blue midi tunic, with a white cloud pattern at the hem, and a scabbard and sword and helmet of my own.

Thus began my tour of duty with the Suit of Swords, and, as I found out, invited by the king himself.

*song for King of Swords: By The Sword by Slash

Friday, June 25, 2010


THEME: The Magician

Today is all about Magic. It is about the ability to work with energies, release the light from the darkness. Through mastery, diligence, and love, the possibilities are endless. Find Magic and Ritual in each moment of the day.

GUIDE: Nine of Pentacles

There is richness and abundance through connection to All That Is. Find the peace in quiet moments of reflection on all things. Then let your spirit fly; release!

MEDITATION: Queen of Pentacles

This card is about meditation. It is about looking inward, finding wherein Spirit resides, and listening to the music of All That Is.


The foundation of life resides in the ritual of each moment. Learn to see the sacred in all action, approaching everything with the love, devotion and mindfulness.


Magic works when I seek to connect with All That Is in the quiet reflection of each moment, creating meditation in action, and allowing this to guide me to create rituals in all I do.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Daily Draw


THEME: The Emperor

As I look at the card, looking to his eyes, I ask "Oh wise one, what wisdom do you have for me, today?" I am drawn to his hands; one holding his sceptor, and the other clutching the arm of his throne. The hands are about doing. We put our thoughts into action with our hands. I am being urged to begin to put the ideas from two readings (my Summer Solstice and Break The Barrier) into action. Start organizing my plans for creating a sacred space, and structure my time to begin making room for the inner work. Make rules which I feel I can follow into action.

GUIDE: Eight of Pentacles

I am happy to see this card here because it speaks of how to manifest my theme. Become the apprentice and begin to learn and then create the things I will need to bring my plans into reality. It will be a way to also experience readings in action.

MEDITATION: The Magician

This also follows the theme and guide. I am drawn into the world of The Magician - into the way of mastering things of which the apprentice is the beginning. I am being reminded to keep my eye on the goal and to believe that "Magic Works."
The Magician shows the things to bring into creation, the symbols of my desire to bring ritual back into my realm.


An apt card for this moment. Here it could be a caution about two possibilities:

The first is how distractors can and will take me away from my path.

The second is to be aware that like all things, even my path can become an addiction, and to not be the 'fool' and fall off the cliff into the pit of single-minded focus, to the exclusion of everything else.

WHAT IT ALL MEANS: This is about putting into action the thoughts and plans I would like to see manifest, shown in the structuring, and organizing, following rules I set down for myself, and with work hard and focus, master the art of creation, being cautious of the double edged sword of temptation: either being distracted by other things, or allowing my work to become the end in itself, and losing sight of the goal.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


Theme for the day: THE EMPRESS

This day shows the promise of being filled with nurturing, giving birth to new ideas - it IS a day where the Earth is honored; The Mother, Gaia, as the Wheel turns, and the longest day of the year shines the light upon us.

Guide for the day: KNIGHT OF PENTACLES

I am guided by courage, virtue and honor. My eye is drawn to the full armor and it speaks of being 'protected;' caring for and protecting myself, which follows the Theme of nurturing.

Meditation for the day: THE MOON

I am reminded that there is always a light with which to find my way, above and below, as I see the moonlight reflected in the pool. Again, this follows the Theme of feeling safe, through seeing there is always help, and it is always around me.


With eyes that see a strong front of nurturing, I am reminded not to forget that this is a dualistic world and distrators abound. It is when I 'let my guard down' that I am most vulnerable.

What It All Means: There is an interesting progression here, from the Empress (The Mother on the Summer Solstice, full of Light) to the Knight of Pentacles, as the twilight sets in, and then to The Moon, where things seem hidden, and some are, to the darkness of becoming caught by and chained to The Distrators, addictions and other temptations. But remember, the cycle (wheel) goes ever around, and there is always change, and the release of light as when the moon briefly slips behind a cloud and then appears the next moment, sending us our night light.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's A Family Affair


"Lean on me
When you're not strong
And I'll be your friend
I'll help you carry on"*

~ ~ ~

To be somewhere long enough to be invited to dinner at a family home, brings a body to the rock of nostalgia. Ah. I remember evenings spent around a bountiful table, and laughter, and generations coming together, to celebrate and be thankful for what we have.

I arrived at the manor house of the elder of the family, and found him sitting happily as his two grandchildren gathered around him, offering him the gifts they had brought just for him. Even the dog looked up expectantly for that hand to frisk his head. The love that I saw there was of the most genuine kind. Behind them, I could see the stately home, with exquisite growth of old and new bushes and trees. In the courtyard, the parents stood for a moment of loving togetherness, enjoying the gift of family and each other.

My first impression of this card was that this is completeness, the full range of family, a happy gathering, full of potential. The evolution from one to two to three and four; the evolution from young to old; a timeline of life.

The image shows great richness and abundance here, in all aspects of life: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. This is domestic bliss. Within the arch that curves up over the scene, between the twilight of life (the grandfather) and the parents (The Lovers), ten pentacles sit upon the pedestal (as was seen in the Ace), now piled high with the experiences and achievements of a life well lived. Here is a living example of the potential come to fruition of the suit of Pentacles; of the Earth. Here is prosperity and contentment.

*Song for Ten of Pentacles: Lean On Me by Bill Withers

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Solitary Woman


"Spinning on the sacred wheel
Of this life, find what's real
Look beyond the form,
There burns the flame."*

~ ~ ~

One evening, passing by an estate that was at the edge of the Peaceful Kingdom, I was intrigued by the gate which barred entry onto the grounds. It was made of a beautifully curlicue-shaped iron; filigree held within gold trimmed panels, just below a golden arch of the gate, which held eight of the Kingdom's five pointed star insignia. This was just beneath a detail of more graceful filigree, topped by a ninth Pentacle. Just inside the gate, as I stood admiring the work, I saw a woman enter the garden, smartly adorned in a gown that was quite regal, though I must say that I also saw a transformed seeker in her manner of dress. It was like seeing a glimpse of myself in the future, having achieved many goals and now as easily communed with the wild side of life, as she does with those who inhabit the Royal Court. All of this while she appeared to be a woman of leisure, strolling through her domain. And it was a well cared for estate, filled with plentiful rose and, berry bushes bursting with flowers and fruit.

I watched as she reached out and picked one, tasting it. On her other arm, she wore a falconer's glove, and perched there was a magnificent specimen of bird. It was hooded. I wondered at her situation. I got the sense that she was, like the others of the Peaceful Kingdom, very learned. There was a sense of three aspects of teacher's I'd met upon my journey: Her careful movements, along with seeing her control of the exquisite falcon, spoke volumes of the mastery of the Magician, the first teacher I'd met. This blended equally with a sense of The High Priestess. She was very balanced, though this came more from a marriage of these two, perhaps due to her upbringing, and not pursued as a vocation. The third teacher I saw in her was The Hermit, for this woman stood alone, on her own two feet, and I knew she was quite capable of taking as good care of herself as she was of her estate.

For a moment, I sensed that the gate, in some way, was indicative of how easily she saw through the veil that was just beyond this life, which, for most others was thinnest only upon Samhain, [the New Year]. For her, this seemed more at her behest. Then that impression passed, fading as the sunset does, pulling the colors from the clouds almost imperceptibly, until there is just the rich deep hue of approaching twilight. When she'd gone deeper into her gardens, I wondered if I had not imagined, or perhaps, even dreamed her.

[insights] Solitary. Wealth, affluence and luxury. Mastery over the material realm [as Rachel Pollack put it: "Dreams made a reality through dedication, hard work and discipline."] Femininity.

*song for Nine of Pentacles: There Burns The Flame by Denean

Friday, June 18, 2010

School's In Session


One dream
One soul
One prize
One goal
One golden glance
Of what should be
One shaft of light
that shows the way...

~ ~ ~

Maybe there were several kids learning one trade, but it was no 'shop' class, this. I looked around the room, where I saw one very intently working boy, carefully tracing out the lines on a disk upon which he was working. The room was filled with tools of the trade, of course, but the attention of both the student and the master were very the epitome of apprenticeship. This I liked. No rooms filled with 50 kids, and I suspected no real homework, of which to speak. After all, the hours spent here were intensive. One subject; one intent. Here was deep focus and concentration.

This young apprentice had worked many long hours, and many days, shaping his life's work and honing his creative skills.

[insights] gaining new knowledge, productivity and learning creatively.

*song for Eight of Pentacles: A Kind Of Magic by Queen

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Season In The Sun


"Joy is just the thing he was raised on
Love was just a way to live and die
Gold is just a windy Kansas wheatfield
Blue is just a Kansas summer sky"*

~ ~ ~

I love the idea of working the land; of the symbiosis between the Earth and a person. And I suppose there is nothing more satisfying than seeing all your labor come to fruition in the abundant crops that flourish under the loving and tender care as a farmer. The Peaceful Kingdom is brimming with all manner of farms, every kind of fruit and vegetable imaginable bringing in a harvest fit for a king.

I walked into a farm where the owner was tending his crops. He had beautiful bounty in the neat rows of healthy growing plants. I could see many flowers with the buds of which ever fruit or vegetable would burst forth. The farmer looked very pleased as he surveyed his land. I asked if he needed help with anything. Working in the sun, was just what I needed. "She runs herself, no?" he said, smiling. I nodded in agreement. The Earth did her own work. "Perhaps during harvest," the farmer recommended my return. I agreed and wish him a good day as I continued on my way.

I was the traveler passing through, and could enjoy the moment with the farmer. That was worth a memory.

[First Impression] Robin's image reminded me more of a traveler, on a journey through the countryside. So I saw him as someone just passing by, taking a moment to enjoy the abundant crops the land was giving forth. I was surprised that she had depicted a farmer dressed so nicely, or so it seemed to my eye. Either way the image gave me the impression that it was a beautiful day for a walk.

[Insights] Here is material progress, born of skill and one who is handy with the tools of farming. Growth is achieved through hard work, however. There might be help in this card, that proves useful and obviously waiting for a plan to come to fruition. Robin also suggests that it might mean surprisingly good news.

*Song for Seven of Pentacles: Matthew by John Denver

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Peaceful Kingdom Aid


"What's mine is yours
What's yours is mine
The more you share,
The more the sun will shine."*

~ ~ ~

I was deep in thought as I wandered back into the center of the main courtyard, wondering how the down trodden could be helped to get back up on their feet. I was stopped short as I nearly bumped into a gathering of sorts. I looked up and saw that a group of people were standing arms raised, hands held out hoping to catch something. Then I saw him. A well dressed man, clad in the beautiful colors of The Peaceful Kingdom, and even before I understood what he was doing, I sensed hope in the air; a chance at something better. I watched as the man scanned the people and made eye contact with one person, leaning just slightly forward and extending his hand, dropped a piece glittering life-saving gold into that person's hand. The receiver excitedly clasped their prize to their body and turned and hurried away toward one of the food stalls lining the court. The man continued through several more giftings and then told those left wanting to return the same time on the morrow and there would be more.

I thought about the two poor souls I'd just left in the Darkness on the Edge of Town, and wondered if it would be possible for them to get this far. There was hope, and there was help if only people would rise up out of their self pity, or self loathing or whatever it was that held them prisoner. I felt better as I continued on my way. Perhaps I'd think of how to point the way, give them their own gingerbread house children's crumbs to follow to a new 'season in the sun.'

[Insights] Here is rewards, help, generosity, along with gratification. It is a two way street, gifts given equals gifts received. This was the kind of giving that was done with caring for others. It is the return of hope.

*Song for Six of Pentacles: What's Mine Is Yours from All Dogs Go To Heaven

Monday, June 14, 2010

Darkness On The Edge of Town


"Everybody's got a secret Sonny
Something that they just can't face
Some folks spend their whole lives trying to keep it
They carry it with them every step that they take
Till some day they just cut it loose
Cut it loose or let it drag 'em down
Where no one asks any questions
Or looks too long in your face
In the darkness on the edge of town"*

~ ~ ~

One thing always leads to another, and they seem to have to run their course. I wanted to get away from the old man on the hill, who turned his back on everyone and everything. So I walked, and headed toward the edge of town and I saw a darkness there that near broke my heart. A couple, maybe once, but now so far gone that they didn't even know the other was there. What crippled them more wasn't physical, no. It was the emotional desolation born of sucking the marrow out of dead bones, feeding the fear and depression that were leeching every ounce of energy that was left. And right behind them, a sanctuary, where they could get a warm blanket and a hot meal, but they didn't see. The light was caught in the black hole of the Nothingness that had nibbled away at their souls. Yes, I could give them a fist full of dollars, even point the way to the doors of this oasis in the desert of their despair, but they wouldn't see it. It's true, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink, or even see the life saving liquid.

[First Impression] Pain lives here, sadness, misfortune. It's drab, dark, dreary, where sickness and destitution grow, in a cold and unfeeling world. There is loss (of self and others) and loneliness.

[Image] The scene takes place outside a Sanctuary, of some sort. There are two shells of what might have once been substantial people. They likely were a couple, but now, don't even notice each other. There is great pain and misfortune. It is the winter of their discontent, and the sanctuary is closed, or there is no obvious way inside. They have reached that point in degradation when all awareness of helping themselves and each other, or even understanding that they can, is gone, like dust in the wind.

*song for Five of Pentacles: Darkness On The Edge of Town by Bruce Springsteen

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's Mine, All Mine.


"Money makes the world go around,
The world go around,
The world go around...
That clinking clanking sound..."*

~ ~ ~

You wouldn't think in this Peaceful Kingdom that there would be any bitterness, or anger, or selfishness. Everyone had what they wanted, need, and there was a harmony in the way things seemed to work. I loved walking the streets during the day watching the people work at their trades, and the laughing, and sense of fun here.

On a perfectly fine morning as I was walking down one of the main pathways, passing all the beautifully decorated and freshly painted houses, I came upon an odd, and out of place small castle-like home. It was drab, and gray, without color or warmth. I asked who lived there, and someone said it was The Miser. That struck me as strange. People had all they needed and wanted and in their midst was a miser? I climbed up to the top of a neighboring house and saw an old man sitting in a small battlement of the Miser's house. His back was to the street, and I saw him clasping a large gold pentacle tightly to his body, and another one sitting upon a crown he wore, and two others beneath his feet. He had the most unfriendly countenance of anyone I'd seen here. He refused to look at anyone or anything around him, and was sitting atop his riches, guarding them so nobody would take anything from him. I thought it would be very unlikely that anyone would, let alone anyone could, since his house was a fortress, locked to the outside world.

As I walked away from his unfriendly world, I was troubled. How did anyone here in this place grow to be so bitter? But then there were all kinds of folk in any given place wasn't there?

[first impression] oh dear; not at all a happy card. Segregation lives here; on who is locked in. He actually reminded me of Hamlet's father for some reason. He was ghostly; just a shadow of a man now. He and all that was his was drained of the color of this Earth kingdom. He appeared tattered, but not because he was poor financially, but rather because he was bereft of spirit. He was the epitome of anger, born of greed. All his riches didn't make a bit of difference. He would never been happy.

*song for the Four of Pentacles: Money, Money, Money from Cabaret

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Three To Get Ready


"Sunrise come
I climb the ladder
New day breaks
And I'm working on a dream."*

~ ~ ~

Most of the time I'd seen the peaceful kingdom in the prime of twilight, but I remembered the smells and the quality of life working in concert with the day too, when I first entered the realm. Rising early one morning, the aroma of baking bread tickling my senses, urging me up and out into the daily hustle and bustle. I bought a nice hunk of freshly baked peasant bread and walked lazily from shop to shop, watching one or the other of the kingdom's people, busily tending their daily work. On the way back, I noticed, high up above an intricately sculpted archway to the inner court, a man perched on a ladder, leaning against a rise of one side of the arch, chisel in hand. Above him, coming to life at his craftwork, was a magnificent eagle, the white tips of its feathers, taking shape with each tap of his hammer. His concentration was perfect, and I could see him thinking through each moment as his work took shape. Thoughts of Michelangelo, high on his scaffold in the Sistine Chapel came to mind. I could almost hear someone asking, "Bonarate, when will you make an end?"

[First Impression] Deep concentration and focus; a marriage of creativity and hard work. Here was a master craftsman.

[Image] Close up view of a worker, an artist, literally carving out his living. Mastery of his art. An elder man dressed in brown pants, blue shirt, wearing a green bandana on his head, with a white feather. The cuffs of his shirt, red with gold trim.

He is working on an immense sculpture, the feathers of a magnificent eagle, one of Earth's free creatures. A red banner, with three gold penatcles hangs just beneath the tips of the wings, golden tongues of sculpted flames reaching down toward the ground, like the rays of sun streaming through the clouds.

*song for Three of Pentacles: Working On A Dream by Bruce Springsteen

Friday, June 11, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection



As I look at this card, my eye is drawn to the hub, then rises up to the top bright yellow slice and settles on the small ball riding into that slice of emotion. Change is constant and each moment can be a new opportunity to learn.


I notice the Hermit's cloaked head and the lantern held aloft above. Take time for self reflection and just being in solitude and quiet. Listen to the sounds of the day and just be there in the moment.

Card Three: THE SUN

I always notice the giant sun first, and it always tells me it's a sunny day, no matter what. Keep in mind the playful celebrations I seek. Have fun. "It's a new day with no mistakes in it yet." says Anne of Green Gables.

Shadow Card THE TOWER

Here is the release of light from darkness where epiphanies are born in change.

What It All Means Knowing life is ever changing, go with the flow but take a moment to reflect on each change and find the fun in the day. If it is a bumpy ride, just turn it into bumper cars, spinning around the amusement park track. Enjoy and be happy when you can, but take solace that if you don't like a moment, it will pass, and you'll be in the next before you can say lickitysplit.

Song for the Day: Changes by David Bowie

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two For The Show


"I have a dream
A fantasy
To help me through

And my destination,
It makes it worth the while
Pushing through the darkness
Still another mile

I believe in angels,
Something good in everything I see"*

~ ~ ~

I feel myself floating up through the veil that separates the dream world from the daylight. My hands are clasped around the string of a giant balloon, and just when I think I might lose the balloon to the night, I'm dancing across a length of rope, suspended above the land, far below. I am me, but not me. Poised above the Peaceful Kingdom, I am young, wrapped in the swirling cloak of childhood. Here, part of the Land Of Pentacles circus, I balance myself, way up in the air, above the clouds, where boat birds, or bird boats, fly across the moon. It is thrilling as I balance on this golden rope with a disk in each hand, connected within infinity. As I do my trick, beautiful music floats up from my flute which is tied to a cord hanging around my neck. I know if I wanted to, I could rise right up off the rope and happily sail around, dancing, tip-toeing atop the peaks of the clouds. I don't want this to end, and so I dream on.

[my first impression] when I first saw this card, I saw right away that it was quite different. It had the sense of the Element Air. It was as if the scene was taking place within the land of dreams. Initially, I thought it was a rather precarious situation, where care was needed, but then I suddenly saw perfect balance in the moment. There was a dualism and it strayed further away from the earthy colors, as if it held a blend of all the Elements. I always associate red with the South, and fire, and blue with water, and the west. It seemed to be pure fantasy, with bird boats riding the thermals.

*song for Two Of Pentacles: I have A Dream by Westlife

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Numero Uno


I remembered there was a place I wanted to visit when I was first traveling through the Peaceful Kingdom. It was a garden, the entrance marked by a huge golden disk with a silver pentagram etched into the face of the disk. It was attached on either side to a elegantly beautiful Oak, and had vines with berries intertwined through the points of the star. The pathway beyond this was of the darkest, richest soil, lined on both sides with an abundance of the most beautiful flowers. A tunnel of trees covered the path, at the end of which was a pedestal. It reminded me of a Roman or Greek column, the top flat, perhaps an altar for any who might visit this garden. Beyond the pedestal I could see the mountains, always misty, since the first time I'd seen them. I knew that walking the path would bring me closer to the Soul of this kingdom.

First Impression - Here was the sense of singular focus upon all things Earth. My eye was drawn down the pathway right away, feeling very inviting in its beauty, but also in its solitude. There is great abundance grown here, giving one a place for deep meditation; a sacred place. Over all, there is much peace here. The Huge Pentacle suspended just above the path is warm and rich in color. It is beautiful to look at.

*song for Ace of Pentacles: Passage Through Life; Music by Kitaro

Monday, June 7, 2010


"Ancient Mother
I hear you calling
Ancient Mother
I hear your song"*

~ ~ ~

"Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecete, Demeter, Kali, Inanna." She swayed slightly as she repeated the chant, many times. There was a sense of the very Earth beneath my feet, vibrating. I was mesmerized by her dedication and devotion to the singular point of the disk held aloft in her small hands. She was so young, yet, within this moment - for it was the first I had seen her - it felt as if she was as ancient as the Ancient Mother to whom she sang in between her chants. Her voice was like the sweetness of honey, pure, honest, and dreamy.

Not wanting to disturb this meditation and personal celebration, I remained silently back, then quietly, in my own revery, I turned and followed a trail back toward the castle. I was reminded of a blend of The High Priestess, and The Star, both of whom seemed to be a great influence for the reverence of this novice, training in the service of The Mother, for whom her family stood.

Image - This is the daughter of the king and queen, and sister to the knight in this Land of Pentacles. She is a shining example of Spirit manifesting purity and dedication in childhood. She stands barefoot, nothing between her and her connection to the Earth, holding the pentacle of her faith, which shines its light out to the Universe. The Wheel of the year is represented in the 8 beams of light from the disk. Her tunic is all the earth colors of her family. On its belt hangs the book she carries with her. She is a student, when not attending her duties in the community.

Insights - Within the innocence of a child, manifests the purity of faith, not because she must, but because she wants to embody the living qualities with which she communes daily. She represents scholorship, studiousness, the essence of the methodical way, deliberate, and dedicated to her path.

*song for Page of Pentacles: Ancient Mother by Robert Gass

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Knight In Shining Armor


"I'll reach out my hand to you,
I'll have faith in all you do
Just call my name
And I'll be there...

...I'll be there to protect you
With an unselfish love I respect you
Just call my name and I'll be there."*

~ ~ ~

I slept in a room last night! After breaking the fast, I set out to explore the Land of Pentacles. There were many fields in various phases of working the land for a bountiful harvest. Between the mountains to the North, and the edge of the kingdom to the south, I traveled through fields, woods, across meadows with beautiful wildflowers. Approaching a newly plowed field I saw a young knight, in full armor, upon his trusty steed; both stock still, as if frozen in time. He beckoned to me, and greeted me as the son of the King and his Lady Queen. He'd been told that I was visiting. He offered to show me around, asked if I needed anything. He had a horse brought over so I could ride with him. As we retraced me morning journey, he told me what field would harvest which bounty. This was certainly an industrious kingdom.

First Impression Looking at the card, I felt as if it was paused in time. Like the other two (especially The Queen) it was a quiet and gentle card. It was literally down to 'Earth' and quite grounded, while portraying a knight within a wealthy family domain.

Image Here is a young man (the son of the King and Queen), completely covered in armor - showing only the outer qualities of this Earthy suit. What lay beneath the armor could well be a very different person, filled with wild passions, but always careful to present the correct demeanor when out in public. He is surrounded by Nature and the worked lands which he will inherit one day. He is proud of his position, while at the same time, retaining his composure. The lands show the gradations from a newly plowed field, to wild flower meadows, to cultivated lands which lead into forests, and finally to misty mountains; the progression of growth (evolution). His horse is dressed in the richness of the lush greens and purple and gold of the kingdom.

insights Within any moment of daily life, he has learned to take time to gather his thoughts, and to meditate upon plans for his world. The armor shows his station, but hides who he is at heart. Yet there is a sense of poise, wealth - born of hard work - and the peaceful manner born of inner spiritual wealth and work. This is a very dependable young man; reliable, responsible, practical, trustworthy, solid and honorable; always willing to help.

*song for Knight of Pentacles: I'll Be There by the Jackson 5

Friday, June 4, 2010

Daily Draw

Deck: Robin Wood

Card One:
Theme of the Day - STRENGTH
A gentle power, exuding quiet strength. Approaching the day with Energy that is not overbearing. In all situations, be assertive without aggression. Remember, love equals Strength of Spirit.

Card Two:
Guide for the Day: - THE EMPRESS
It seems that The Empress remains my Guiding Source. There is mothering, and nurturing here, which brings a consciousness of health issues and I work to structure a daily routine for well being. All is guided by the gentle hand of love.

Card Three:
Meditation of the Day - JUDGEMENT
The foundation of the day is meditation of the wholeness in the completed journey, while stepping further into the next phase.

Card Four:
The Shadow Card - THE EMPEROR
Husband to my Guide, I am brought more intensely to planning, structuring, and implementing these in my day; following the rules which I have set for myself, always with an eye on Mastery, which enhances my courage.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lady Of The House


"Open mine eyes that I may see
Glimpses of truth thou hast for me
Open mine eyes illumine me
Spirit Divine"*

~ ~ ~

I'd been given two of the baskets and instructed to follow the trail further until I came upon a small clearing. I was to bring them to one I came upon along the path. I had enjoyed my time with the king and felt a bit reluctant to leave, but the night air was wonderfully cool, and the fire flies were winking at each other, as I walked. I was humming a song when I saw the flickering of more lanterns just ahead.

Sitting upon a grapevine throne was a beautiful woman. At first, when I entered the clearing, I thought she might be sleeping, but I saw her smile, open her eyes, and look happily up at me. "How wonderful to see you!" she said, and I thought that the King might have come along, quietly behind me. But she was speaking to me. She thanked me for the baskets and showed me where to set them down. "Please join me for some refreshments," she said. There were all manner of baked goods, and wineskins filled with sweetened tea.

She reminded me of The Empress, though there was a greater gentility here. I felt a quiet and gentle sense within her presence, and saw that, in fact, there were other creatures who found solace in her company, as I spied two sweetly sleeping bunnies, nestled into the folds of her beautiful satin gown.

We sat and talked for a long time, as she told me about this Peaceful Kingdom in the Land of Pentacles. She asked where I came from, and where I was going, and she suggested that I might spend some time here. "Perhaps a fortnight." While I knew it sounded like a great idea, I got the sense that even if I hadn't, at her suggestion, I'd have thought it was regardless. That is the effect she seemed to have, I suspected, on pretty much everyone. I agreed. On the morrow I would meet other members of the Court and then the towns people.

~ ~ ~

First Impression: Quiet contemplation; a gentle Lady, intent on inner work.

Insights: Abundance, and fertility are immediately notable. As are maternal, and nurturing born of a balanced Spirituality. Like the Empress, she also lives comfortably in both the Natural world and that of the Royal Court. Her work Ethic, is likely akin to The Emperor. All creatures great and small not only feel thus, but are safe within her presence. Acceptance of individuals is something which she has cultivated, ensuring that all find a home within her Domain. She is the perfect balance for the King of Pentacles.

*Song for Queen of Pentacles: Song of the Soul by Cris Williamson

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Modified Celtic Cross Robin Wood Style

Celtic Cross Reading
June 1, 2010

1. Significator - JUDGEMENT

Quinessential Crone! My transition from my previous (haphazard) approach in spiritual work/life to a new (dedicated) approach. My search for a teacher has ended with finding my teacher, in the form of Tarot. I am no longer aimless.

2. Situation/Concern - TEMPTATION

In all aspects of life, as I make this transition from the old to the new, temptation has been a constant, drawing me away from my focus. My addictions (to disaster thinking; to running away from myself, to panic, to starting things and becoming bored with them, leaving them unfinished,) impede my progress in my inner work.

3. Cross or Block - STRENGTH

Strength (of spirit) is the 'cross' which allows movement forward, helping to bring my work back into focus from the temptations which might block me.

4. Below you, to build on - THE TOWER

Perhaps the most important foundation for me (because of previous meetings with this card) is my coming to understand that there is constant change and not to live in and fear the past so intensely. Knowing that there is always a choice in how to see a situation; go with the flow of change. (First time I have seen this card without disaster thinking, but acceptance).

5. Above: What has bearing - CHARIOT

With what is below, The Chariot provides the ride to moving forward as things change. It keeps me heading in the right direction.

6. Recent Past - EMPRESS

The recent (past few months) has put me into the 'driver's seat.' I am the Empress: mothering, nurturing and caring for myself.


With continued dedication, reforming old habits into new habits a permanent transformation is in progress; one that will change the very fabric of my life.

8. You right now - EMPEROR

With the success and continued progress, I see the wisdom in staying with the structure needed to walk my path; Follow the rules I've set for myself. The plan as it was created works; if it is not broken, don't fix it.

9. Environment - HANGED MAN

I am in a place (internally and personally) which is opposite to how I have been. I am seeking Enlightenment - new ways, and perspectives allow greater vision. I have the full support from those who surround me. They do not have to believe in what I'm doing to support me, and I have to see that the support is there, none-the-less.

10. Hopes/Fears - TEMPERANCE

Moderation allows for a calm affect, and this gives me the ability to keep working; to keep going and not run out of steam. My biggest fear is old tapes regarding not finishing what I start. But Temperance sets the pace that makes it all possible.
'Slow and steady wins the race.'

11. Final Outcome - THE STAR

The Star brings the light of belief in myself after the darkness of feeling unable to find my way. The progress of Illumination, like Temperance, is slow - I need to keep my eye on the goal, now brightened with success of the past two months, and keep believing in the fulfillment of our life-long dream with the understanding that change is at the foundation of life, but with structure, we perservere. This gentle progress brings the deepening of my path; rediscovering and recreating ritual in my life. Living the dream!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Peaceful Kingdom


"knock and the door will open
Seek and you will find
Ask and you'll be given
The key to this world of mine."*

~ ~ ~

I'm on a main road, now. No more cozy wooded pathways. These are well trod, looking-for-all-the-world like the dusty, old west highways that lead into places like Dodge City, or Tombstone. Instead, the view up ahead holds the spires and battlements of a castle. King Arthur's Court, anyone? Thoughts of Brigadoon dance through my head. It is really quite exciting. Maybe I am ready for people; not just the one-on-one meetings and places.

I pass beneath a huge archway, squared and cobbled, heading in toward the main courtyard, along with a collection of other folk. The hustle and bustle of the inner area is enlivening. Continuing toward the second archway, I wonder if I might not be stopped and turned away. At that moment, a man, dressed in the colors of the banners which hang from the walls, steps up to me and two others. "You'll do," he says, and ushers us inside, up a never-ending stairway, down a corridor, and finally into a great hall. One guard speaks to another and leads the other two forward, and I am pulled out a side exit, leading me back downstairs, but to a different entryway. "Just follow the path until you get to the vinyard." He hands me a few empty baskets.

The wilderness had returned as I head down the footpath. I had not noticed the time passing but night has fallen, and I use a lantern to continue on my way. The area is as alive with night life, as the courtyard had been with people. I even hear the hoot of an owl.

Lost in thought, I only see the elder gentleman sitting in the I enter beneath old gnarled grapevines, crisscrossing over the path. Lanterns are hanging from a few old trees. He smiles at me as I enter his little sanctuary. "Baskets, good, good." he comments. Suddenly I realize that this man, cloaked in richly colored, and fur-lined robes is royalty. In fact, beneath a grape-leaf wreath is a crown. Before I have a chance to stumble over my words, he gesturs with his bearded chin. "Pick the grapes."

A line from a movie comes to me. "Is he how you thought he would be? He certainly isn't how I thought he would be." And I pick grapes and commune in a most unlikely way with the man who is king. I understand then that peace within any place begins at the top. If you treat others with respect, and kindness, and even gentility, it creates its own flow of like sensitivies.

He is completely at ease, and I know, sitting in the throne room, he would be likewise. I have no doubts that he is completely in control, both of himself, and of his domain as well. This in indeed is a peaceful kingdom.

~ ~ ~

First Impression: A merry old soul. A warm, soothing, friendly card. A man at home in Nature, able to blend the richness of his position with the Natural wonders of Life. This manifests a spiritual and material richness. He is the picture perfect father figure; a steady, reliable, earthy, and yes, helpful man. He enjoys his pleasures and riches, and comfort is paramount in his own world. World leaders could learn a thing or two from him.

*Song for King of Pentacles: "Welcome To My World" sung by Elvis Presley