Friday, June 18, 2010

School's In Session


One dream
One soul
One prize
One goal
One golden glance
Of what should be
One shaft of light
that shows the way...

~ ~ ~

Maybe there were several kids learning one trade, but it was no 'shop' class, this. I looked around the room, where I saw one very intently working boy, carefully tracing out the lines on a disk upon which he was working. The room was filled with tools of the trade, of course, but the attention of both the student and the master were very the epitome of apprenticeship. This I liked. No rooms filled with 50 kids, and I suspected no real homework, of which to speak. After all, the hours spent here were intensive. One subject; one intent. Here was deep focus and concentration.

This young apprentice had worked many long hours, and many days, shaping his life's work and honing his creative skills.

[insights] gaining new knowledge, productivity and learning creatively.

*song for Eight of Pentacles: A Kind Of Magic by Queen

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