Friday, June 11, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection



As I look at this card, my eye is drawn to the hub, then rises up to the top bright yellow slice and settles on the small ball riding into that slice of emotion. Change is constant and each moment can be a new opportunity to learn.


I notice the Hermit's cloaked head and the lantern held aloft above. Take time for self reflection and just being in solitude and quiet. Listen to the sounds of the day and just be there in the moment.

Card Three: THE SUN

I always notice the giant sun first, and it always tells me it's a sunny day, no matter what. Keep in mind the playful celebrations I seek. Have fun. "It's a new day with no mistakes in it yet." says Anne of Green Gables.

Shadow Card THE TOWER

Here is the release of light from darkness where epiphanies are born in change.

What It All Means Knowing life is ever changing, go with the flow but take a moment to reflect on each change and find the fun in the day. If it is a bumpy ride, just turn it into bumper cars, spinning around the amusement park track. Enjoy and be happy when you can, but take solace that if you don't like a moment, it will pass, and you'll be in the next before you can say lickitysplit.

Song for the Day: Changes by David Bowie

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