Thursday, June 17, 2010

Season In The Sun


"Joy is just the thing he was raised on
Love was just a way to live and die
Gold is just a windy Kansas wheatfield
Blue is just a Kansas summer sky"*

~ ~ ~

I love the idea of working the land; of the symbiosis between the Earth and a person. And I suppose there is nothing more satisfying than seeing all your labor come to fruition in the abundant crops that flourish under the loving and tender care as a farmer. The Peaceful Kingdom is brimming with all manner of farms, every kind of fruit and vegetable imaginable bringing in a harvest fit for a king.

I walked into a farm where the owner was tending his crops. He had beautiful bounty in the neat rows of healthy growing plants. I could see many flowers with the buds of which ever fruit or vegetable would burst forth. The farmer looked very pleased as he surveyed his land. I asked if he needed help with anything. Working in the sun, was just what I needed. "She runs herself, no?" he said, smiling. I nodded in agreement. The Earth did her own work. "Perhaps during harvest," the farmer recommended my return. I agreed and wish him a good day as I continued on my way.

I was the traveler passing through, and could enjoy the moment with the farmer. That was worth a memory.

[First Impression] Robin's image reminded me more of a traveler, on a journey through the countryside. So I saw him as someone just passing by, taking a moment to enjoy the abundant crops the land was giving forth. I was surprised that she had depicted a farmer dressed so nicely, or so it seemed to my eye. Either way the image gave me the impression that it was a beautiful day for a walk.

[Insights] Here is material progress, born of skill and one who is handy with the tools of farming. Growth is achieved through hard work, however. There might be help in this card, that proves useful and obviously waiting for a plan to come to fruition. Robin also suggests that it might mean surprisingly good news.

*Song for Seven of Pentacles: Matthew by John Denver

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