Saturday, June 12, 2010

Three To Get Ready


"Sunrise come
I climb the ladder
New day breaks
And I'm working on a dream."*

~ ~ ~

Most of the time I'd seen the peaceful kingdom in the prime of twilight, but I remembered the smells and the quality of life working in concert with the day too, when I first entered the realm. Rising early one morning, the aroma of baking bread tickling my senses, urging me up and out into the daily hustle and bustle. I bought a nice hunk of freshly baked peasant bread and walked lazily from shop to shop, watching one or the other of the kingdom's people, busily tending their daily work. On the way back, I noticed, high up above an intricately sculpted archway to the inner court, a man perched on a ladder, leaning against a rise of one side of the arch, chisel in hand. Above him, coming to life at his craftwork, was a magnificent eagle, the white tips of its feathers, taking shape with each tap of his hammer. His concentration was perfect, and I could see him thinking through each moment as his work took shape. Thoughts of Michelangelo, high on his scaffold in the Sistine Chapel came to mind. I could almost hear someone asking, "Bonarate, when will you make an end?"

[First Impression] Deep concentration and focus; a marriage of creativity and hard work. Here was a master craftsman.

[Image] Close up view of a worker, an artist, literally carving out his living. Mastery of his art. An elder man dressed in brown pants, blue shirt, wearing a green bandana on his head, with a white feather. The cuffs of his shirt, red with gold trim.

He is working on an immense sculpture, the feathers of a magnificent eagle, one of Earth's free creatures. A red banner, with three gold penatcles hangs just beneath the tips of the wings, golden tongues of sculpted flames reaching down toward the ground, like the rays of sun streaming through the clouds.

*song for Three of Pentacles: Working On A Dream by Bruce Springsteen


  1. Ah...caught up at last! I've enjoyed reading your journey and the ways you've expressed the representations of the keys and elements of the cards.
    One question, why did you start with Pentacles and the Court(shudders) Cards? (I'm intimidated by the Courts-need to work on that) One of the things I've always attached to Pentacles and the process of manifestation is that even though they represent the element of earth, the other elements are an integral part of manifesting the whole. So I'm not surprised to see your references to the elemental and color associations here!

    :) Leigh

    ps- I also commented back in your Celtic Cross post on 6-1.

  2. Greetings Leigh! Being new to Tarot, I followed Robin's deck structure, and the next card after the Majors was the King of Pentacles. It was also the next chapter (Pentacles) in her book, after the Majors. I only noticed recently that apparently other decks begin the suits/minors with the Aces, and if I'm thinking right, with Wands (?)

    I'll be interested to see which is the next suit Robin actually works with next.

    Oddly, I really liked the Courts of the Pentacles. Either I'm really in synch with Robin's way of thinking, or she's a brilliant artist and I had no problem seeing what her intention was and the feeling of the cards.