Monday, June 21, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


Theme for the day: THE EMPRESS

This day shows the promise of being filled with nurturing, giving birth to new ideas - it IS a day where the Earth is honored; The Mother, Gaia, as the Wheel turns, and the longest day of the year shines the light upon us.

Guide for the day: KNIGHT OF PENTACLES

I am guided by courage, virtue and honor. My eye is drawn to the full armor and it speaks of being 'protected;' caring for and protecting myself, which follows the Theme of nurturing.

Meditation for the day: THE MOON

I am reminded that there is always a light with which to find my way, above and below, as I see the moonlight reflected in the pool. Again, this follows the Theme of feeling safe, through seeing there is always help, and it is always around me.


With eyes that see a strong front of nurturing, I am reminded not to forget that this is a dualistic world and distrators abound. It is when I 'let my guard down' that I am most vulnerable.

What It All Means: There is an interesting progression here, from the Empress (The Mother on the Summer Solstice, full of Light) to the Knight of Pentacles, as the twilight sets in, and then to The Moon, where things seem hidden, and some are, to the darkness of becoming caught by and chained to The Distrators, addictions and other temptations. But remember, the cycle (wheel) goes ever around, and there is always change, and the release of light as when the moon briefly slips behind a cloud and then appears the next moment, sending us our night light.


  1. This is a very interesting style of daily draw. It holds alot of information and insight.

    Glad to see you're beginning to work with the cards-exploring.

    :) Leigh

  2. Thank you! It is what I learned from reading The Guiding Hermit's blog. I really liked how he did this, except, I don't work with the dignity's part.

    Yes, I'm reading lots, and have not had time to post a spread for "Breaking Through Barriers" yet, but it's very interesting, and my Daily Draw for today follows it wonderfully!

    I've been actually experimenting a lot with figuring out how each card would speak differently from different places, like going through the part of my deck I'm actually using for readings, and doing daily draw after daily draw practice sessions, four cards at a time. :)