Wednesday, June 30, 2010


"When she says she wants forgiveness
Such a clever masquerade
She's so good with her stilleto
You don't even see the blade..."*

~ ~ ~

Here I was, hanging with the Blades, as I affectionately thought of them. It made me think of a Vampire movie, and that gave the blood-thirsty element a different slant. I couldn't help think of something from another lifetime, "this is probably a bad idea, but I've already signed up for it." Who knows, I might learn a thing or two, if not about defending my life, at least about whether that part of my brain is tick-tocking away and the kind of integrity, or just how gritty I am.

It wasn't all pats on the back and handshakes, like that courtroom scene from "Alice's Restaurant" where the bad dudes think more of the litter bug once he reveals he also was in for creating a disturbance, but I got three squares and might even have a roof over my head come nighttime.

I was ushered back toward the inner realms of this kingdom, and had chance to meet the king's better half; at least from first appearances, it would seem. Yes, it was the same landscape, but rather more welcoming. Still the thunderheads swirled, but the rising sun shining through gave me cause for hope. Where the Queen was standing, I noted a beautiful, albeit, out of place outcropping of roses, encroaching onto the withering grass.

The Queen, dressed in the same colors as the king, is quite more regal looking, from her flowing gown and cloak, the inside of which held a pattern of transformative butterflies. While she is holding a sword, and not simply with ease, but with the promise that she could use it quite as well as any in the kingdom, she reaches out a welcoming other hand. She actually wears a crown, and her hair is bound. My first glimpse of her is in profile so it is hard to read her expression.

My one thought is, if she could hold her own in her relationship with this King, she's sharp (pun intended). Whether that is of wit, mind, or tongue, I will soon find out.


Here is a strong woman who is quick witted, is probably more logical in her approach to living than intuitive. I think she controls the kingdom with ease, and knows exactly what she wants, born of time spent in the school of hard knocks, which may make her less compassionate about other people's hardship.

*song for the Queen of Swords: Stilleto by Billy Joel

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