Friday, June 4, 2010

Daily Draw

Deck: Robin Wood

Card One:
Theme of the Day - STRENGTH
A gentle power, exuding quiet strength. Approaching the day with Energy that is not overbearing. In all situations, be assertive without aggression. Remember, love equals Strength of Spirit.

Card Two:
Guide for the Day: - THE EMPRESS
It seems that The Empress remains my Guiding Source. There is mothering, and nurturing here, which brings a consciousness of health issues and I work to structure a daily routine for well being. All is guided by the gentle hand of love.

Card Three:
Meditation of the Day - JUDGEMENT
The foundation of the day is meditation of the wholeness in the completed journey, while stepping further into the next phase.

Card Four:
The Shadow Card - THE EMPEROR
Husband to my Guide, I am brought more intensely to planning, structuring, and implementing these in my day; following the rules which I have set for myself, always with an eye on Mastery, which enhances my courage.

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