Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Peaceful Kingdom Aid


"What's mine is yours
What's yours is mine
The more you share,
The more the sun will shine."*

~ ~ ~

I was deep in thought as I wandered back into the center of the main courtyard, wondering how the down trodden could be helped to get back up on their feet. I was stopped short as I nearly bumped into a gathering of sorts. I looked up and saw that a group of people were standing arms raised, hands held out hoping to catch something. Then I saw him. A well dressed man, clad in the beautiful colors of The Peaceful Kingdom, and even before I understood what he was doing, I sensed hope in the air; a chance at something better. I watched as the man scanned the people and made eye contact with one person, leaning just slightly forward and extending his hand, dropped a piece glittering life-saving gold into that person's hand. The receiver excitedly clasped their prize to their body and turned and hurried away toward one of the food stalls lining the court. The man continued through several more giftings and then told those left wanting to return the same time on the morrow and there would be more.

I thought about the two poor souls I'd just left in the Darkness on the Edge of Town, and wondered if it would be possible for them to get this far. There was hope, and there was help if only people would rise up out of their self pity, or self loathing or whatever it was that held them prisoner. I felt better as I continued on my way. Perhaps I'd think of how to point the way, give them their own gingerbread house children's crumbs to follow to a new 'season in the sun.'

[Insights] Here is rewards, help, generosity, along with gratification. It is a two way street, gifts given equals gifts received. This was the kind of giving that was done with caring for others. It is the return of hope.

*Song for Six of Pentacles: What's Mine Is Yours from All Dogs Go To Heaven

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