Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Numero Uno


I remembered there was a place I wanted to visit when I was first traveling through the Peaceful Kingdom. It was a garden, the entrance marked by a huge golden disk with a silver pentagram etched into the face of the disk. It was attached on either side to a elegantly beautiful Oak, and had vines with berries intertwined through the points of the star. The pathway beyond this was of the darkest, richest soil, lined on both sides with an abundance of the most beautiful flowers. A tunnel of trees covered the path, at the end of which was a pedestal. It reminded me of a Roman or Greek column, the top flat, perhaps an altar for any who might visit this garden. Beyond the pedestal I could see the mountains, always misty, since the first time I'd seen them. I knew that walking the path would bring me closer to the Soul of this kingdom.

First Impression - Here was the sense of singular focus upon all things Earth. My eye was drawn down the pathway right away, feeling very inviting in its beauty, but also in its solitude. There is great abundance grown here, giving one a place for deep meditation; a sacred place. Over all, there is much peace here. The Huge Pentacle suspended just above the path is warm and rich in color. It is beautiful to look at.

*song for Ace of Pentacles: Passage Through Life; Music by Kitaro

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