Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two For The Show


"I have a dream
A fantasy
To help me through

And my destination,
It makes it worth the while
Pushing through the darkness
Still another mile

I believe in angels,
Something good in everything I see"*

~ ~ ~

I feel myself floating up through the veil that separates the dream world from the daylight. My hands are clasped around the string of a giant balloon, and just when I think I might lose the balloon to the night, I'm dancing across a length of rope, suspended above the land, far below. I am me, but not me. Poised above the Peaceful Kingdom, I am young, wrapped in the swirling cloak of childhood. Here, part of the Land Of Pentacles circus, I balance myself, way up in the air, above the clouds, where boat birds, or bird boats, fly across the moon. It is thrilling as I balance on this golden rope with a disk in each hand, connected within infinity. As I do my trick, beautiful music floats up from my flute which is tied to a cord hanging around my neck. I know if I wanted to, I could rise right up off the rope and happily sail around, dancing, tip-toeing atop the peaks of the clouds. I don't want this to end, and so I dream on.

[my first impression] when I first saw this card, I saw right away that it was quite different. It had the sense of the Element Air. It was as if the scene was taking place within the land of dreams. Initially, I thought it was a rather precarious situation, where care was needed, but then I suddenly saw perfect balance in the moment. There was a dualism and it strayed further away from the earthy colors, as if it held a blend of all the Elements. I always associate red with the South, and fire, and blue with water, and the west. It seemed to be pure fantasy, with bird boats riding the thermals.

*song for Two Of Pentacles: I have A Dream by Westlife

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