Thursday, June 24, 2010

Daily Draw


THEME: The Emperor

As I look at the card, looking to his eyes, I ask "Oh wise one, what wisdom do you have for me, today?" I am drawn to his hands; one holding his sceptor, and the other clutching the arm of his throne. The hands are about doing. We put our thoughts into action with our hands. I am being urged to begin to put the ideas from two readings (my Summer Solstice and Break The Barrier) into action. Start organizing my plans for creating a sacred space, and structure my time to begin making room for the inner work. Make rules which I feel I can follow into action.

GUIDE: Eight of Pentacles

I am happy to see this card here because it speaks of how to manifest my theme. Become the apprentice and begin to learn and then create the things I will need to bring my plans into reality. It will be a way to also experience readings in action.

MEDITATION: The Magician

This also follows the theme and guide. I am drawn into the world of The Magician - into the way of mastering things of which the apprentice is the beginning. I am being reminded to keep my eye on the goal and to believe that "Magic Works."
The Magician shows the things to bring into creation, the symbols of my desire to bring ritual back into my realm.


An apt card for this moment. Here it could be a caution about two possibilities:

The first is how distractors can and will take me away from my path.

The second is to be aware that like all things, even my path can become an addiction, and to not be the 'fool' and fall off the cliff into the pit of single-minded focus, to the exclusion of everything else.

WHAT IT ALL MEANS: This is about putting into action the thoughts and plans I would like to see manifest, shown in the structuring, and organizing, following rules I set down for myself, and with work hard and focus, master the art of creation, being cautious of the double edged sword of temptation: either being distracted by other things, or allowing my work to become the end in itself, and losing sight of the goal.

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