Monday, June 28, 2010

Daily Draw With A Twist

Daily Draw

THEME The Hermit

This speaks of a quiet day. I am drawn to the old Hermit's hooded head, and the staff which he holds with his left hand, and note the red feather attached to near the top. Even while we do have a few errands to run, it will be a day where I can take the time to contemplate the inner work I am doing; to review what I have done, and to learn more about manifesting the ideas which are coming into my life. Having just passed another Turn of the Wheel, I work with the information of the Solstice reading. It will be day for writing up the plans brought to light during that reading.


This is QUITE interesting. A place holder card from the pack, which I often use to separate the cards I've read so I can review them given the chance, ended up in the GUIDE spot (I had not realized that I didn't remove it today). It is a FIVE card spread card that came with the deck. I will do a five card spread after I finish doing this Daily, to find out about my guide.

The Question would obviously be: Which card is my Guide for today.



This is a happy sight. I have found a connection to The Magician which grows stronger with each day, and each time he comes to me in a reading. I see his smile first. I sense that he is happy to be here, that I will have the chance to meditate on my day with him; to meditate on him. His lessons are important for me. I have recently been planning on creating a sacerd space for my work; insight gained through many recent readings. The Magician has come to me in the Full Moon Reading of this Saturday past as the 'Blessing and Spiritual Direction' card. And the before that The Magician came to me as the 'Plant' in "The Growing" reading; teaching me about mastering the plan of creating a ritual I needed for my work. And the day before that in my daily draw, The Magician came, again, as my Meditation card. Today I will have time to meditate on how The Magician guides me, and to learn more about the ways of mastery, and the ways of magic. I remember that he was my first teacher as my journey began. I believe that this card today suggests to take time to contemplate how "magic works."

SHADOW CARD Ten Of Pentacles

This is a good and happy card to see here, for all I do in this day will be satisfying. This is about how the day will be completed, when the shadows grow long, I will be able to sit back and see the progress of my day. Happy Trails; Happy Endings.

What It All Means:

As the day begin in quiet solitude, I can take time to look at how my journey is shaping up, to seeking my Guide, and enjoy the mastery of meditation itself. Today is about the abundance of moving through the day mindfully, and watching my work taking shape.

~ ~ ~


The question is about My Guiding card for the day. The Emperor speaks of structure, and rules. But what are the rules for such situations. The card actually gave me instructions. That is plain enough. So The Emperor would suggest that I follow the structure of this card.

Card 2. THE STAR
Rituals R Us. Seeking knowledge as the light begins to shine on that which is sought. The Star shows that The Guide is found within ritual.

Appropriately, this card shows that I have tried to find my Guide by seeking other perspectives, and perhaps doing it the hard way, but that is the adventure, after all.

This speaks of strength coming from 'co-workers' which in this case, since the work is with my teacher, would be the Strength of The Hermit (Enlightenment and Guiding), The Magician (Mastery and the courage to follow my heart) and The Ten of Pentacles, the Gathering of all to find the prize.

Card 5: Temptation
This is quite interesting. My Guide is the Distractors, which this sojourn may well have shown me how easy it is to become distracted, drawn in. Yet, I see it as a good card from the Guidance point of view. It is always important to keep my eye on temptations that insinuate themselves in my life.

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