Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Modified Celtic Cross Robin Wood Style

Celtic Cross Reading
June 1, 2010

1. Significator - JUDGEMENT

Quinessential Crone! My transition from my previous (haphazard) approach in spiritual work/life to a new (dedicated) approach. My search for a teacher has ended with finding my teacher, in the form of Tarot. I am no longer aimless.

2. Situation/Concern - TEMPTATION

In all aspects of life, as I make this transition from the old to the new, temptation has been a constant, drawing me away from my focus. My addictions (to disaster thinking; to running away from myself, to panic, to starting things and becoming bored with them, leaving them unfinished,) impede my progress in my inner work.

3. Cross or Block - STRENGTH

Strength (of spirit) is the 'cross' which allows movement forward, helping to bring my work back into focus from the temptations which might block me.

4. Below you, to build on - THE TOWER

Perhaps the most important foundation for me (because of previous meetings with this card) is my coming to understand that there is constant change and not to live in and fear the past so intensely. Knowing that there is always a choice in how to see a situation; go with the flow of change. (First time I have seen this card without disaster thinking, but acceptance).

5. Above: What has bearing - CHARIOT

With what is below, The Chariot provides the ride to moving forward as things change. It keeps me heading in the right direction.

6. Recent Past - EMPRESS

The recent (past few months) has put me into the 'driver's seat.' I am the Empress: mothering, nurturing and caring for myself.


With continued dedication, reforming old habits into new habits a permanent transformation is in progress; one that will change the very fabric of my life.

8. You right now - EMPEROR

With the success and continued progress, I see the wisdom in staying with the structure needed to walk my path; Follow the rules I've set for myself. The plan as it was created works; if it is not broken, don't fix it.

9. Environment - HANGED MAN

I am in a place (internally and personally) which is opposite to how I have been. I am seeking Enlightenment - new ways, and perspectives allow greater vision. I have the full support from those who surround me. They do not have to believe in what I'm doing to support me, and I have to see that the support is there, none-the-less.

10. Hopes/Fears - TEMPERANCE

Moderation allows for a calm affect, and this gives me the ability to keep working; to keep going and not run out of steam. My biggest fear is old tapes regarding not finishing what I start. But Temperance sets the pace that makes it all possible.
'Slow and steady wins the race.'

11. Final Outcome - THE STAR

The Star brings the light of belief in myself after the darkness of feeling unable to find my way. The progress of Illumination, like Temperance, is slow - I need to keep my eye on the goal, now brightened with success of the past two months, and keep believing in the fulfillment of our life-long dream with the understanding that change is at the foundation of life, but with structure, we perservere. This gentle progress brings the deepening of my path; rediscovering and recreating ritual in my life. Living the dream!


  1. Awesome! I really have to try a Celtic Cross again. It has been so long. Is this in the Robin Wood Tarot Book?

    This was such a nice reading for you. I can really relate to position 10 and Temperance. I always fear that I will just quit. But I have learned that if I don't look at everything like it was a race, I am less likely to burn out.

  2. Thank you! I really loved doing this reading. I've been working with 3 or 4 card smaller spreads. This was really different. I got the specifics of how to approach the spread from Robin's book. It was very clear and concise, and I found the cards that came up were very easy for me to interpret. I didn't look at the meanings in Robin's book, only the how to for the spread.

    Yes! I'm am always starting things and leaving them unfinished. But there is a qualitative difference in my life since I started learning Tarot.

    In my review reading, Temperance came out as the card I understood the most. I think that really helped me to keep in mind, like you said, how not to burn myself out.

  3. Shire, this is an excellent interpretation. I am not(generally) a fan of the Celtic Cross spread, but you've done a wonderful job with it. Your understanding of the qualities of the Majors has given you a good basis to take it a step further in reading intuitively. From personal experience, I think the 2 do go hand in hand alot of the time.
    Off to read more entries! Great job!

    :) Leigh

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  5. Greetings Leigh! :) Thank you so much for your words! This was the first time I'd done the Celtic Cross, and in Robin's book, she approaches this paritcular reading in a different way, where you read each card first and then lay it in position. My general impression of readings, is the spread is laid down and the cards are turned over one at a time, and the reading commences. There was something about how she recommended this spread be worked that was really excellent, especially for someone new to readings. And chosing the significator, not from the courts, but rather from which ever card came first, I thought made more sense than choosing a significator according to likeness to a court.

    I loved doing this reading. AND my breakthrough with The Tower was amazing! I was thrilled and have not seen it through my old tapes since.