Friday, July 2, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: The Magician

As my gaze settles on a single point in the image, I note the lamniscate, and know that the day will be filled with infinite possibilities. It is a day to master each step, to master minfulness in each moment. It will be and feel more active today. As ever, I'm happy to have another opportunity to focus and work on the lessons The Magician holds for me.

GUIDE: The Sun

The energy of the Sun enhances the today's theme energy and I am guided to celebrate my life, my day, my playing. Let The Sun Shine In!


The light remains and releases from captivity by darkness. Change is onstant. See the release of the moments which keep me in the dark - embrace the changes. Every moment is irrevocable change because we can't return to the past, though we can learn from it.


I saw the moon in the morning sky today. The wildness can emerge in the light of day and the ripples of action become clearer.


Following the sequence of cards I can see the cycle of how energy flows through the day, from The Magician's Mastery of it, enhanced by the Sun's more powerful Energy, through the release of Energy through the upheavals that cause the darkness to crumble and explode out of it's prison, where vision becomes softer, in the soft glow of The Moon's embrace, which then returns to the work of The Magician, and the cycle goes on infinitely, like the Turning Of The Wheel of the year goes on forever.

I will experience many cycles within the day, and have been given a chance for that to be done with mindfulness.

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