Saturday, July 17, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME The Seeker

There is a sense that I am finally back to being myself. I began this journey right here, though, now I have gone through much. It is obvious that I will see things in a very different way, or perhaps not. Truth be told, this reflects a sense of relief, that things, for the moment are status quo. I am transforming, and with the sun shining, and a six day hiatus before we're back in that gerbil wheel running around in circles again, I feel like things are back to normal. Thus, I'm jauntily walking along, as I had been; wiser, having learned. But still, with a happy heart that sees optimistically again. Yes, I must be ever vigilant as I enjoy this merry day, this I know. Things, after all, change on a dime. But for today, I will be happily seated in the shoes of The Seeker who set out one hundred and five days ago (meeting myself for the first time) and continue to meet and greet new folks, and pow wow with old friends and acquaintences. In other words, this will be a fairly normal day, comparatively speaking.

GUIDE: King of Swords

It is the stance I am drawn to here. That, how-dare-you-come-into-my-world-and-think-you-have-a-chance-to-do-anything-more-than-what-I-want. Stand firm on using this day for rest and recouperation. Keep those stormy clouds at bay, behind me, but always be at the ready to slay dragons should they swoop down into my realm.

MEDITATION: Queen of Swords

A United stand is seen here, but I am reminded to be more genteel, and let the feminine do the driving. We don't want brawls in the door yard today. Meditate on my strength, use my intellect and be ever the gracious Queen of my realm.


It doesn't matter how long this respite will be. Enjoy standing in the bright light of the sun, and play and celebrate the peace and momentary freedom. In truth, regardless of the way anything turned out, we are heading into a lull. Things worked out the way they should have (Where ever we go, there we are, not to mention, we are precisely where we are meant to be), and today we celebrate (our independance day, from the machines which not only threatened, but took more away from us than should be permitted).

WHAT IT ALL MEANS: Enjoy a return to peace and joy, and stand firm against attacks from the enemies, united with my significant other, and celebrate these days of freedom. Live in THIS moment, not in a future of our twisted imaginations.

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