Monday, July 5, 2010

How To Live Life Beautifully


THEME: The World

I smile to see that my Theme from yesterday has become my Theme for this day. I see the body of the dancer, suspended in mid dance, a picture of joy, renewed and celebrting the birth of newness. The day is ahead, and I sat outside for a few moments before reading to witness the bloom of this new flower opening and spreading its wings. The dance of life is joyous and the theme for this day will be the joy of newness. Each moment will be brand new, and the opportunity to do things in a new way exists. Dance with mindfulness into each new moment.

GUIDE: Eight Of Pentacles

My gaze rests upon the apprentice, who works with great concentration, and rises up to admire all the finished pieces which he has done. I am guided to focus on each task which I do, to give it my full attention, and step back, then to admire a work well done. Seek to feel as if each moment, each task is being done for the first time, experience each moment, each movement with full awareness.


Love is all you need, and working with another, sharing life with another is a gift and a blessing. Loving is the greatest of all blessings, and in each moment of the day, it should be done with love. Let your love flow, like a mountain stream, the words suggest. Meditate upon this most important feeling and see through the lenses of love all that is there.

SHADOW CARD: Temperance

I am reminded to temper my actions with moderation, bringing the ability to balance myself in the journey that is this day. Stand with one foot in the deep waters of the hidden mysteries, and one foot on the ground of the everyday world, allowing the energy to flow freely between both. Be mindful when juggling tasks, so that each moment can be experienced fully.


Walk through the day, knowing each moment is brand new, being mindful of how I work at each task, fully experiencing the movement which goes into everything that is done, bringing the richness of love to all I do, remembering moderation allows for perfect balance, and feel the energy flow between the known universe and the unknown universe in which I live. Today is a good day to live fully, in awareness.

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