Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Moon Reading


The Dark of the Moon spread is not intended for looking outward on a situation, or for readings with a specific question in mind. Instead, its purpose is to look inward, and give you insight into your own life. An example of what this spread gives you would be the answer to, "Where is my life at now?"


1: Releasing. Things you should be letting go of in your life:

THE SUN - First, when I looked at this card, my mind was a blank. I might even had said, 'Huh?' It seemed to me that this card just didn't suit the position. To me, The Sun is about celebration, playing, fun. The idea of letting go of the playing and fun, and celebrations led me to think this might point to letting go of things that are frivolous.

I thought more about it, and considered that if the card also was about completion, what have I completed? It was at this point that I felt I wanted to use a clarifier card.

The High Priestess was the clarifier card. My first thought was that The High Priestess is about intuition. What block my intuition. First to mind was the masculine stronghold. Then came the crux: how about letting go of my distaste and dislike for the physical me. Accept myself - celebrate me. So let go of anything that is the antithesis of that.

2: Retaining. Things you should be holding close to you.

THE HANGED MAN - Another one of those 'hmmmm' cards for me. But I thought about the fact that I should hold close my ability to see things from all sides. And also, hold close to my inner work.

3: Receiving. Things that are coming into your life.

TRANSFORMATION [death] This seemed more to the point, and the title I'd given the card myself, told it all. My world is transforming me. The process is always evolving.

4: Surroundings. How the world around you is affecting you.

QUEEN OF PENTACLES - I had to think about what my surroundings really are. I had to consider how The Queen related to how the world around me affects me. There are good things and not so good things. As a whole, it is good, even getting better. With fuller purpose my environment takes on a more positive perspective. Life must go on though. Is it perfect? No. Is it unbearable? No. It is good for what it is.

The Queen is about abundance and practicality. Is my world peaceful? sometimes. Am I close to Nature? More than not... more than I have been.

5: Giving. What you should be giving to others.

JUSTICE - This felt like a no brainer: I should be giving fair treatment to others. Mostly to my partner who puts up with all my crap.

6: Beginning. Something new that will begin soon.

SIX OF PENTACLES - This to me means charity. But we are speaking of inner work, the inner world, so I charity from the true standpoint didn't fit, imo. However, what is about to begin is my meeting with the CUPS suit. It will be a far gentler suit (I think) than the SWORDS have been.

7: Your lesson. What you should be learning at this point.

FIVE OF PENTACLES - Right away I thought about the fact that I needed to learn to find the help I can't see is right here, under my nose. Learn to see the good that is there also. The first seems to fit more, but the latter, does hold water also. (too bad, I couldn't find an 'earth' metaphor :) ).


  1. Just a quick Hanged Man thought, especially in that Retaining position - is it possible that where you are now is where you're supposed to be, at least for now?

    Great spread! By serendipitous chance, I used it this month as well. May I link to your post from mine?

  2. Greetings Manda :) I like that thought about The Hanged Man a lot! I think it's a very apropos for my current situation. So that would be retaining via maintaining? :)

    Yes, please feel free to link my post with yours. I am honored.