Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Trickster


"Robin Hood, what a crook,
Gave away what he took.
Charity's fine,
Subscribe to mine,
Get out and pick a pocket or two..."*

! ! !

"Let the games begin," seemed to be the morning wake-up call here. Instead of calisthenics, exercises were about different levels of practice, not only of sword play, but of strategic maneuvering. Sometimes there were teams competing against each other, and then there were individuals who were focusing on the many ways a sword could be used specifically, working their way down the line of dummy enemies, slashing, and stabbing, and adding fancy footwork, to avoid being slammed with the swinging bags which hung from tree limbs, to provide a moving target.

Perhaps the most interesting of all was the game I'd call 'deception.' In the world where armies ruled, where defense, and offense were highly touted and honed skills, the rule seemed to be for the individual gamer to plan and execute an attack on their opponent. The object of the exercise was to steal the weapons from the enemy, and, it seemed, at the end of the day, the one with the most swords won.

I watched one particular Blade put his plan into action, and amazingly managed to beat the others time after time, day after day. Was he breaking the rules, in some way? Probably, but within the kingdom, it seemed his kid had achieved the highest of honors for his ability to dupe the others, leaving a trail of disappointment in his wake. Should I admire this? Something told me, in this world, it was something of which to be proud. It would not be so in the Peaceful Kingdom. But as the saying goes, alls fair in love and war. I had to admire his nerve and his skill.

The five aspect shows clearly that here are people who are unaware of another, and of what has been taken from them. There is a definite happiness and satisfaction in the face of the thief.

None here wears the blue of the suit, which would imply infiltration, or intrusion; unknown, until it is too late and the goods have become someone's booty.


deception, trickery, sneaky, thievery

Song for The Five Of Swords: Pick A Pocket Or Two from Oliver Soundtrack

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