Thursday, July 29, 2010

Suit Review for Wands

Using the spread I created for the first two Suit Reviews:


1. What have I learned from The Wands?

Knight of Wands - The control of energy and its uses

2. Where does my strength lie?

Five of Wands - Finding the patterns in the chaos.

3. What area needs more work?

Nine of Wands - waiting, patience, especially under duress.

4. What do I understand most?

Ten of Wands - Becoming overburdened.

5. What puzzles me most?

Four of Wands - Combining forces; unification.

6. What magical attributes does the Wands teach?

Seven of Wands - How Energy enhances bravery, against all odds

7. Who is my greatest teacher?

King of Wands - In a word, the Magician within the King.

8. What helps me communicate better?

Page of Wands - Practice

9. What will help with self-control?

Queen of Wands - Allowing the Feminine aspect to drive.

10. What will enhance spiritual evolution?

Ace of Wands - Mastery of Energy in all of its aspects.

11. How can I use my Will better?

Eight of Wands - approach this from the 3rd level (Cosmic) Majors point of view.

12. What will enhance my creativity?

Six of Wands - Triump and continued success. The more I do, the more I can do.

13. How do I expend energy carelessly?

Two of Wands - If I do not wait for the right moment, the use of Energy is wasted.

14. What other element complements my work?

Three of Wands - Water normally an contrary element for Fire, complements it by tempering the excessive use, thus waste, of my energy.

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