Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fly Like An Eagle


"Fly like an Eagle
Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly like an Eagle
Till I'm free."*

~ ~ ~

It didn't take me long to wish for, if not the serenity of the Peaceful Kingdom, at least the sense of joy. I could see the toll on the human spirit when living only in the realm of the intellect. It reminded me of people who would drink too much coffee during the day and by evening, they'd be squirrely, almost running around in circles. The difference was these folks honed the intensity, and savored it like a fine brandy.

Early the next morning, while many of the citizens were busy with chores, I set off to check out the lay of the land. Across a field, I saw someone running a merry chase, after nothing in particular. As I drew near, I saw it was a young woman, dashing along, sword held in both hands, the morning sun glinting off it. Her hair, long and even while clasped back, blew freely behind her. While she was the picture of satisfaction I'd seen in many of her clansmen, she was also exuding that elusive joyous quality I'd been hoping to find in anyone here.

She wore the colors of the kingdom, and her boots, like the helmet of the king and knights, had wings rising out from the rim. I had to wonder if perhaps she might actually take off of her own accord.

Who was this lithe creature? It would not take me too long to find that she was the daughter of the king and queen, and sister of the number one knight. I guess their cutting edge was a conditioning rather than innate part of their being.


Grace, dexterity, diplomacy, intelligence (or intelligence work aka, spying), service done in secret, or secrets uncovered. Also, vision, and agility, often with an edge of danger.

*song for Page of Swords: Fly Like An Eagle by The Steve Miller Band

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