Saturday, July 3, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: The Tower

There is a great release of light from the darkness. My attention is brought to the lightning and the resulting burst of fire as the light breaks free. All the elements are brought together here, in a turbulant moment. This reminds me that change is the foundation upon which we stand, as each moment marches on toward that which is brought in by the change. Be in the moment, and go with the flow of the changes in the day. Learn the lessons in the opportunities of each moment.

GUIDE: Four Of Pentacles

To successfully work through changes, it is important to not cling to any given aspect, be it a feel good change or a no joy change, and even that which leaves no mark upon the emotional landscape of the inner world. Let go when the change completes so you don't become stuck in a rut.


I am brought back to the carefree moments before beginning this journey, and am guided to meditate on being open to all that lies ahead; to walk joyously, listening to the music in my heart, but to also be mindful of where I am going.

SHADOW CARD: The Chariot

The possibilities are endless, and forward movement is always possible, when we remember the lessons of this day. This is a day of high energy, balance and harmony.

What It All Means:

Within the fact of constant change, following the advice to not cling to given emotion, once the purpose is served, I can return to the fresh newness each moment affords, being mindful even as I play, making forward movement, not only possible, but assured.

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