Tuesday, July 6, 2010


"Wild boys falling far from glory,
reckless and so hungered
On the razor's edge you trail...

...Wild boys
Never lose it
Wild boys
Never chose this way
Wild Boys
Always shine"*

~ ~ ~

The Kingdom of Swords is a place of great motion and movement. It is almost frenetic. This is especially so as I watch the knights parry and practice. While there is no doubt here is a fearless warrior (The Knight of knights - the king's son) - perhaps even somewhat reckless, there is a sense of watching a superhero riding into action.

The young heir to the throne, astride a beautiful pegasus, charges ahead, his sword capturing the lightning of the storm laden skies, showing a sene of one blazing the trail to the enemy.

The clouds roil around him. What can be seen of his clothing, shows that it is akin to that of the rest of the kingdom. Like his father's, this knight's helmet shows the wings of great birds, in silver instead of black. Do we also see a likeness to Mercury, Carrying his message of war?

I had no delusions that he was where he was, not because he was the son of the Royal Family, but because of his proficiency in all things to which he put his hand; and that I would make a poor showing in the same arena. Still, I was thrust into training to become a defender of this realm.

[Insights] Here is the manifestation of devotion and passion for the student in the art of defense. Strategizing is second nature, and the intellect rules. This card is about being heroic and brave. It is about the ability to find practical solutions to a problem.

Song for Knight Of Swords: Wild Boys by Duran Duran

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