Thursday, September 30, 2010

Daily Draw

Finally, a day off; and a rainy one at that! No going out, (okay, a quick trip to the library, and back), just sort of lazing around, dreaming dreams, thinking about what's next, and curling up in a cozy chair and reading. It's IN the cards!


THEME: Seven of Cups

It's rainy days and Sundays... so the words go... and today is the former and it is a day to dream. The choicfes are many and anyone of my day dreams could, with work, become reality.

GUIDE: Four of Swords

Even within the daily routine of being 'off' there are some small things to be done, but I am guided to relax, and enjoy the rest on a day such as this one affords. The theme flows into this quite nicely.

MEDITATION: Five of Wands

While resting and dreaming, use this time, as well, to meditate on some of the struggles that have popped up. With space away and time to work on coming up with solutions to keeping molehills from becoming mountains. Consider the best way to smooth things over.

SHADOW CARD: Ace of Swords

Welcome to the realm of thought my friends. This underscores the whole day quite well, and allows me to hone my strategic skills. Feed the brain and ideas will materialize more easily.


Tis a day spent in the mind's arena. Resting the body gives time to work out current struggles and with else to do today, clarity of thought will rule the day!

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