Saturday, October 2, 2010

I am not Chicken Little


THEME: The Tower

Did anyone say upheaval? House clearning fits this bill. The weather has taken the turn toward the coming cold season. Dumping things out, cleaning things up, putting things in order. Yes housal upheaval is at hand.

GUIDE: Queen of Pentacles

From the Peaceful Kingdom where hard work is at the foundation of sucess, the Queen guides me to take a moment to work out the details. Envision the world I want to create.

MEDITATION: Six of Pentacles

In the give and take of daily life, consider that one person's garbage is another person's treasure. Don't throw out what might help others. Give it away. FREE CYCLE!

SHADOW CARD: Nine of Swords

It is hard to let go of some things. But others are quite easy to get rid of. Don't cause myself nightmares about having to give away something special. Keep it until I no longer have a need for it in my life.


Fall cleaning is necessary and hard work has its merits at th end of the day; a job well done. There is a give and take in progress. If it feels like a nightmare to let go of something, then don't do it...yet.

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