Monday, October 4, 2010

How To Win The Day


THEME: Five of Swords

This is about winning the day; using strategically planned out ideas to accomplish tasks. It is about skills, and putting them into play, but not showing your hand. It is a day for practicing these skills. Slight-of-hand could be brought into play.

GUIDE: Nine of Wands

Within the series of 'bouts' a day brings, there are rest periods. I am guided to put this time to its best use and gather and replenish my energy for the next round.

MEDITATION: Eight of Pentacles

Practice makes perfect. Time spent honing my skill will pay off big dividends. To win the day, it take cunning, and stealth, but there are also techniques. It's not all just a wing and an prayer. That doesn't mean that we can't include relying on our instincts, but learning best how to utilize said techniques, and combining them in the proper way with my cunning and with my stealth, so when needed, they can more easily be put into action.


Without the know-how and the hours of learning and practice, the foundation on which my skills stand will crumble. Build a strong foundation and keep up the maintenance.

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