Saturday, October 9, 2010

Prohibition Lifted... Temporarily

Okay, here's the situation and the box it came in. Having had a visit from the Demons of Dentistry, I'm currently in one of those highly coveted times where I can eat (from the mushy, gushy menu) what I want, which has always been sweets and breads and all the things they now tell us are bad for us... BUT the prohibition if lifted, even if temporarily. Which makes my reading today very interesting, indeed:


THEME: The Sun

The theme from yesterday continues and today it will be all about resting and relaxing and playing. The Sun is shining inside and outside. There aren't even rules for eating right now... chow down on the delectible delights of puddings, pancakes, cereals. Party, party, party.

GUIDE: The Seeker

Joining in the celebratory ambiance of the day is The Seeker, bringing his flute and a joyous heart. It's time to don our play clothes and color the world with fun. But there is also a guiding thought to remember this day (time) off is about quay satiety presage imbue convalescence. Rest when it is needed.

MEDITATION: Four of Pentacles

During this time of healing from The Great Extraction of 2010, keep in mind that while there will be freedom to eat anything (on the soft, sweet side of the food chain), it is for a limited time only. Seek not to get attached to foods which are normally prohibited and do not continue to cling to them after I am able to return to normal activity and diet.

SHADOW CARD: Three of Swords

This underscores the meditation. Take care not to mess up the balance which was set into motion two years ago when I began to rebuild my way of life to be able to keep on living.


Playtime and eat all the cake and ice cream I want... but it is temporary and understand my tendancy to cling to unhealthy things can lead to heartbreak.

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