Friday, October 22, 2010

Theme For A Full Moon

Herne's Moon In Full

THEME: The Hermit - Earth

The current card which I am studying in the 'Spirit' card position (from Tarot For Yourself exercise), steps into place. This is a day of action born of Spirit awareness. The Elder, stands at the top of the path which leads to enlightenment, holding his lantern high for others to see the way. It will be a day where glimpses of 'The Light' will suddenly break through the shroud of the darkness of the unknowing ones.

GUIDE: Ten of Wands

Within the moments of light, I will see what burdens me, and weighs down my own progress. I am guided to make note of these moments that I may release what is no longer needed which I carry with me; the thoughts, dreams, worries of the past, present and future.

MEDITATION: Six of Pentacles

Find the balance in what is given and what is received. Share wisdom gleaned from the glimpses and listen for the nuggets of truth from All That Is around me.

SHADOW CARD: Five of Wands

There is a struggle to remain mindful. This takes place within self. Learn to integrate and live in harmony, not only with others but with self.


Seek to find the moments where light shines upon the path. See and release that which is no longer needed on my journey. Share with others and listen to their wisdom. The path of struggle leads us to know that without inner harmony, there can never be outer harmony.

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