Friday, October 29, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: Seven of Cups

A day of dreaming about how I want to manifest my emotions in a more positive way, presents itself. What dreams do I seek? What would I like to make a reality? The day is open to life's ever changing opportunities and possibilities.

GUIDE: The Queen of Pentacles

Her peace and gentle way speak of taking time to choose action and words. Be like the snail and the race will likely be won.

MEDITATION: Four of Swords

Rest is important... a rest - get away - from all the crap that my negativity likes to manufacture. Step back into my quiet, safe place to reflect on how to achieve my goals. Take a mental break from the world. Dream. Take time to witness the changes in the Natural world.

SHADOW CARD: Five of Swords

After the dream finds the desired goal, be creative in the planning process to make it a reality. Don't be afraid to go outside the box to get what I want.


Dream a little dream and take the time to think through the logistics... Enter the sanctity of Sanctuary and ponder with creative - go outside the box - to find the way that makes me happy.

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