Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And Now For Something Different


I'm always thankful for those difficult cards, so that I can have the chance to really see, think about and feel them (as I always ask: with an open mind and and open heart). THUS, my reading today has given me chance to do that. To actually to a more personal reading, about ME, not just act as if there is someone else there, and give a reading by rote.

It should be noted that during the reading, four other cards slid off the table onto the floor and I decided to use each one as a clarifier for the cards which were picked. THOSE will be read after as a straight 'meaning' qualification thingy.

THEME: Three of Swords

It seems my heart is drawn in several directions with such little time for myself. It is not always possible to get to do all the things I want, or even plan to do. I have to choose, thus at times I must lose some activity which would otherwise enrich my life. So this is life? This is what I'm thinking. It's part of the mix.

GUIDE: Five of Pentacles

I'm guided, having seen and considered what the theme of the day means, to not allow the apparent loss of an aspect of my life make me feel destitute. I can return to doing those things at a later time; or create a schedule (set up a structure) to allow all things to have their time.

Meditation Knight of Pentacles

Regardless of my sense of lack of time, stop and consider what I need on an inner level before taking action. Time management itself would be a good meditation.

SHADOW CARD Temptation

The perfect card to such a reading. In times like this, knowing myself, I will be tempted to just do nothing. Take the high road, instead. Do what is NOT easiest. Try it... you'll like it.


Some times we're given a look at how life feels on a somewhat subconscious level. This is important to be shown how old habits so easily fall back into place. Be mindful of what I'm doing and make a change.

NOW as to the four cards which fell on the floor... I placed these upon the table as if they were clarifiers for each of the above cards:

THEME: Temperance
GUIDE: The Sun
MEDITATION: Nine of Cups
SHADOW: Queen of Cups

What they mean...

Temperance speaks of moderation and not being so frenetic in juggling the things I have to do, and want to do in my life... SLOW DOWN.

The Sun speaks clearly in clarification of the Five of Pentacles: LET THE SUN SHINE IN... don't mope, woman.

Ah, yes, the Nine of Cups: Don't worry, be happy (no matter what).

And sitting quietly in the shadows, The Queen of Cups says, All you need is love, and the rest will work itself out.

Not bad, eh? Were those four cards MEANT as the original reading... No, but they put a different spin, which I did anyway, myself, on some pretty harsh cards. See, the possibilities really ARE endless...

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  1. I'm really enjoying your blog. I just recently started my own tarot blog and your insights have been very helpful.

    I'll be visiting often.