Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And The Message Is


THEME: Page of Swords

I think I need to find out what messages are trying to get my attention. The page is becoming a bit of a fixture. Is this about information I should be seeing but am not? OR is this perhaps about some bit of someone nosing in where they shouldn't be?

CLARIFIER: Ten of Pentacles

This tells me that this is information about the family, which makes sense, though to be honest, I'm not entirely sure what I can do about it. However, as someone said, being fore warned, is being fore armed... anyway, I need to look at what bits of information are hanging around lately that I'm not paying attention to. Keep an eye on the situation with my father and what the doctor is trying to tell him.

GUIDE: Six of Pentacles

This shows me there will be a give and take aspect to the day - I am guided to be giving and accepting with sharing information today.


There is opportunity to meditate on how to proceed in the various aspects of my life. Look at the things I have going on and see which are proceding according to plan, and which might need a bit of a push.

SHADOW CARD: Temperance

Again with the juggling. Just a remind as I return to normal, be moderate in thought and action.


There is information coming in. I am guided to be open to giving and receiving in this arena. Meditate on how to proceed and remember that moderation is always the best approach to everything.

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