Thursday, October 21, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: The Seeker - Earth

This is a day of freedom, heading toward a new chapter of work. I am ready to begin this next phase and I proceed with a joyous heart and my companion, Mindfullness, which keeps me from taking a head long dive off a cliff because I am caught up in my reverie!

GUIDE: Six of Cups

I am guided to feel the sweet innocence of starting a new (phase) journey. To keep fine tuning that mind set of what I believe life SHOULD have been like were it perfect.

MEDITATION: Ace of Swords

Meditate on clearing my mind so I can approach any and all parts of the day with clarity and sharp thinking. Remember to pick my words carefully before I speak.

SHADOW CARD: Nine of Swords

This is a reminder to not carry old baggage with me into the new phase. Before comencing, finish old business. Be especially mindful of the 'fear factor:' that which appears real but is just a loop from the past running on and on, even after its time is past. Perspective is everything.


As I prepare for the new 'phase' of work and the year nears its end, I am enjoying the freedom of knowing that the past is done with and moving forward, I am guided to feel the innocence which comes with starting anew. Clearing my mind of old baggage, will give me the clarity of thought that is needed when I begin in full.

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