Friday, October 15, 2010

We're Having A Party


THEME: Page of Wands

This card speaks of regaining energy from the last days and even week. The day itself feels heavy and low on the energy front, so this would be the perfect day to work with learning how to give the feel of the day a boost.

GUIDE: Three of Cups

Following the thoughts in the theme, I am guided to dance and fill the house with good fun, good food and rousing music to raise the energy.

MEDITATION: Seven of Swords

With 'playing' in mind, meditating on how to work in a mystery or game of stealth might pique the excitement and help raise the energy of the day.

SHADOW CARD: Nine of Cups

The nine of cups underscores the way to approach creating an atmosphere for a successful adventure in raising energy. The lessons of Peter Pan's Neverland come to mind and letting the inner child drive today might be the way.


This is a day for raising my energy. Call on the fun of dance and music to help this endeavor and add a bit of mystery and my efforts will be met with success! Party Hearty!

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