Monday, October 18, 2010

Question and Answer Spread

Question and Answer Spread
October 17, 2010

The spread used is from a blog which I visit. Seperating the Majors from the Minors, shuffle the Major Arcana and then beginning with the first card, turn it over, calling out the number of the card, starting with "0" and continue turning over until the number called out matches the card turned over. This becomes the Question.

Likewise, shuffle the Minor Arcana (all included) and then begin turning over the cards. Call out starting with the ACE and call each card in turn, through the Courts to the KING. Keep turning cards over, as above, until you find the match to what you are calling out. This becomes the answer to your question.

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QUESTION: The Chariot - #7

What do I need to do to move forward with my studies?

ANSWER: Two of Pentacles

Balance is key to breaking through a block and pulling myself out of a rut. Allow the parts of myself the freedom to express themselves. Too much of one thing will create a sense of 'overkill.' Give myself breaks, even if they are structured and scheduled. However, if the need to be spontaneous arises, then follow that road and just do what feels right, but with some sort of time limit. This Two of Pentacles recommends that making everything fun is the way. Create a time away which includes playing games, or work with my cards in a playful game-like way. This sprad itself was doing just that. Make learning FUN!

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