Sunday, October 24, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: The High Priestess

I was just thinking, while shuffling, that I had not seen The High Priestess in a reading for a long time. Ask and I shall receive? How interesting!

I feel a freedom in her. The kind of freedom which comes from living with mastery in both the material world and through the intuitive approach from the Spiritual world. She combines both in her approach to all she does, thus this day will be about living each moment through wisdom and knowledge born of a balance between the material and the Spiritual: a perfect blend.

GUIDE: Seven of Cups

With the theme evolving from my written words, the seven of cups brings me to the 'dreamtime' but not sleeping dreams as much as day dreaming, and fantasies about how life would be, were it perfect. Then work to create this way of living. Don't just dream about what I want, but envision how to achieve it... what steps would be taken to get from here to there.

MEDITATION: Ace of Swords

And, almost as if to demonstrate the mastery of this possibility; of this dream, the Ace of Swords flies in from yesterday's THEME, landing in the domain of this spread, which the Swords command. To achieve the things I envision above, it takes a clear mind; an uncluttered mind. Focus on the idea and work out the plan.

SHADOW CARD Eight of Cups

Just a reminder however, that while building the perfect way of living, some things must go the way of the junk heap... yes, like it or not, some things must be left behind. But we can work it out, from the song of the same name.


Learn to live in balance, in all aspects of life. Create the ideal blue print in my dreams, and use the sharpness of an uncluttered mind to build it, taking the time to clear out what is not needed in my Future World.

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