Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Daily Draw Reflection


THEME: Two of Wands

Less action, more waiting. I am drawn to the globe. Where in the world is... who? What? This is a precursor to the work of this dark time, the hibernation. This is a pause in the guise of balance. Considering new creations. Enjoy the quiet.

GUIDE: Seven of Swords

Keep your ideas to yourself - guard them until it is time to reveal the plans.

MEDITATION: Knight of Swords

Though my thoughts come and go quickly, I am reminded to be vigilant of those which leave impact. There are messages for me in them. There could be glimplses of light in them.

SHADOW CARD: Knight of Cups

Find the passion in these quiet days.
Clarified: The High Priestess Use intuition regards which way to go.


A pause as we ready ourselves for the quiet of winter. Keep ideas and plans close to the vest until all the plans have been worked out. Stay alert to messages coming in, but keep seeking to be passionate through the intuitive realm.


The theme faces left. THe guide, while facing left is looking back at the information coming in from the meditation. The shadow brings up the rear, facing right. All directions are covered. Interesting.

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